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Ryan Seacrest

Drops a $10,000 Tip

7/9/2010 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about spreading the wealth ... TMZ has learned Ryan Seacrest dropped more than $50,000 on a super-fancy dinner in Sardinia last night ... including a $10,000 tip!

Our top sources in Sardinia -- yeah, we've got those -- tell us Seacrest and his chick Julianne Hough attended an ultra-ritzy dinner at the famous Billionaire Club for some kind of a business dinner. 

We're told Seacrest picked up the check for everyone involved in the sit-down -- which included several people at multiple tables -- and the grand total came out to just over $41,000 ... plus the $10k tip.

As for what "business" was being discussed -- sources tell us it may have been linked to the fact that Ryan's radio deal is up at the end of the year ... or possibly a deal with CBS. 


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Dude i would rather freakin give the money to a charity instead of waste it on some rich idiots who only care bout themselves!

1562 days ago


AWWW, they are cute together!!

1562 days ago


For everyone who's saying he's gay - no clue, don't care. What you all seem to NOT be taking into consideration for any "uncomfortable" look on either of their faces are that they are on a BOAT, which is probably rocking back and forth. Maybe Ryan's seasick?

*sighs* I just opened a whole new can of worms up with that didn't I? *sighs*

Next, the tipping thing. How do we know he didn't tip 10K AFTER the service charge? Waiters and waitresses are WOEFULLY underpaid, some OWE money after a pay period because they have to pay so much in taxes, and when they have a sucky day and it effects their service? They get dinged by tips that help them live.

Of course, some people DO just suck at serving.

1562 days ago


I've heard that this dude is the hardest working man in Hollywood. Earning lots of dough, then toss in a big dose of generosity...hell, I say Right On!! (btw, tip isn't out of line; musta been an attention-grabber so we'd read the article. (um, er, well, it worked!)

1562 days ago


They make a cute couple. I wish them the best.

1562 days ago


Her former boyfriend Chuck Wicks must be pretty pissed off. He dated her for over a year without any holiday and now only after 2 months with an other guy she is in Italie. This smells folks!

1562 days ago


That's a 25% tip based on the total. It's a little higher than the 15-20% norm but still within range. It just sounds exorbitant because it was the tip for a $41,000 bill.

1561 days ago


Barock Obama I'm sure you made a typo & realize it's 25 not 20 hun unless you're as stupid as your name sake.

1552 days ago


He's an idiot. They don't expect tips like that in Europe -- it's considered rude to overtip...and that was the mother of all overtips. He's just a cultural retard.

I'm also trying to decide what's more gross -- Julianne dating Seacrest, or Cameron Diaz (or Kate Hudson) dating A-Rod. I guess hot blondes have a thing for colossal d-bags.

1536 days ago


When you make as much money as Ryan, why not pick up the tab? I'm sure everyone else there could have picked it up too but why try to fight off Seacrest and all that money?

1517 days ago


He should tip more and buy more dinners. This is the luckest no talent guy in hollywood.

1516 days ago

Iking Norwalk    

to all neigh sayers ..all of you are just f**ing jealous and go get a life. Being clean, orderly, have a ritual doesn't spell gay. Bottom line, if he gives generous tip.. no need to even comment whether he is showing off or not. Shame shame and eat all your hearts out.. plain and simple.. u guys are jealous and yeah.. don't you all wish you could be him.... NOT.. so too bad..

To those who didn't appreciate his generous tip.. yeah.. you are the ones who are nothing and eat your hearts out...

Not a fan of Ryan but I do appreciate his works,hi charitable donations,empathy to feel for others pain ( which brands him as gay to some ignoramus retards..) and if he will be the next billionaire and makes more money.. hoorah to him!

1476 days ago

gloria conrad    

Love TMZ

1427 days ago


Screw paying for everyone, could have given that money to charity. Those people won't give him a glance, if he were to lose everything. Wake up Ryan, keep your money to yourself.

581 days ago

anny b brooks    

good for ryan seacrest, he makes triple the presidents salary, and makes no major decisions just produces reality shows etc.,

422 days ago
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