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Lindsay Lohan: I Can't Be Alone in Jail!

7/12/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is scared of jail -- not because of the other inmates ... not because the food is crappy .... but because she cannot stand being alone and thinks jail will push her over the edge.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us Lindsay is climbing the walls because of the prospect of jail.  We're told she can't stand being confined to small spaces, and she can never be alone.

It's so bad that when Lindsay flew back from France in May, she asked a friend to fly from L.A. to Paris, just so she would have someone to fly home with her.

As we first reported, if Lindsay is locked up at Lynwood -- Paris' ol' stomping ground -- she'll be placed in a cell by herself ... and she doesn't think she can take it.



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Thomas K.    

Hmmm. Technically, I don't think you're supposed to enjoy jail.

1527 days ago


What is wrong with you people that you have so much hate within you?

1527 days ago


Lindsay is so out of touch reality, it's almost as though she thinks other people WANT to go to jail, or say "ok, no big deal".
NO ONE wants to go to jail - NO ONE, ya dummy.

1527 days ago

rainbow she needed someone to fly to Paris with her? Perhaps if she had stayed home she wouldn't be in this mess.

1527 days ago


Just ask for a cellmate. It's not as though she has any privacy left anyway.... Really, they're planning on a private cell for her (and other "high profile" inmates) only for safety (and liability) concerns, not as punishment. All she has to do is talk with that court-appointed psych guy about the problem. I'm sure they can find some nice person happy to be her roomie for a few weeks.

Maybe one of those "friends" who is always calling TMZ with updates can volunteer.

1527 days ago

Joe Blow    

Don't worry Lie-ho! You'll always have enablers like Madeline feeding your enormous ego and telling you that you can do no wrong! Well, that may not help you in the clink when Brunhilda wants a piece of your 80 pound soaking wet ass, but I guess it's the thought that counts. You just know that Lie-ho could blow up a school full of children and deny it, and that Madeline will stick up for her and call everyone here "jealous" or make lame insults about their user name.

"Joe Blow, you just blow!", damn Maddie, I already cut off your game there!

1527 days ago


Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

1527 days ago

myrna tyrna    

Look, it's either jail, a mental hospital, or an inpatient rehab. Even a deluded addict like her has GOT to realize that even with an appeal, she is not going to walk free until she does some time. And we all know that if she does manage to finagle a get-out-jail-free card, she's going to end up dead.

1527 days ago


Women In Prison movies are an underrated genre. Maybe Lilo can jumpstart her career with what she experiences in the slammer.

1527 days ago


Isn't there a saying "the idle mind is the devil's playground"? I think in this case, that is why she doesn't want to be alone, it's not that she "can't". Come on. Enough with the pity party, she just doesn't want to face her own demons. That is life, too bad! Welcome to reality Lindsay!!

1527 days ago


Another tantrum, can't get HER way? There will probably be something stupid like this everyday in the tabloids as she feeds them, I suspect. Attention addict too or one huge case of intellectual and emotional immaturity? It will be years before she can earn her credibility back as a professional after all this absurd behavior.

1527 days ago


Oh Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lindsay!!! You big friggin spoiled-rotten baby!!! "I'm skeered!" You should be! It seems even YOU can't stand to be alone with yourself...doesn't that tell you something? Jail is the consequences for your actions...whining, bitching, moaning, and throwing the "poor pitiful me" card out there while throwing a temper tantrum isn't going to glean you anything. That judge is already fed up with you...and you certainly aren't earning any points with her with this pathetic behavior. Grow the F up you big baby! I have NO pity for you! Other "common" people have had to serve much worse than you for the same things you've done. In my opinion you've gotten off light in light of your behavior, constant lying, and disrespect of the court and our justice system. I personally think you need to spend 90 days all by your lonesome and take a good look at the person you've become.

1527 days ago


some of these female celeb types think it's something other than jail. no rm service,no blackberry's, no shopping mall enclosed,no ****tails,no maid service,it's jail lindsay, you know punishment! you broke the law and laughed at the court system. the DOC is not to make your stay nice, it's jail.

1527 days ago


If she wanted to avoid jail, she should have respected the law and did what she was told. If she isn't able to avoid her fears, then she should be able to get over them pretty quickly. Jail will make her a stronger person and perhaps open her eyes.

1527 days ago

Joe Blow    

What is wrong with YOU, Madeline, and YOU Nicole, that you want to enable a drug addicted, alcoholic, lacking responsibility egomaniacal dip**** of a girl and try and defend her thumbing her nose at the law? Does she honestly have to kill someone until you stop, or will you try and defend that too? The girl has lied, cheated, stolen, and broken so many laws for the past few years now that I honestly can't see how any rational person can defend her without just being a blatant troll. You just don't get it.

And your name sucks, Madeline :)

1527 days ago
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