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Lindsay Lohan: I Can't Be Alone in Jail!

7/12/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is scared of jail -- not because of the other inmates ... not because the food is crappy .... but because she cannot stand being alone and thinks jail will push her over the edge.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us Lindsay is climbing the walls because of the prospect of jail.  We're told she can't stand being confined to small spaces, and she can never be alone.

It's so bad that when Lindsay flew back from France in May, she asked a friend to fly from L.A. to Paris, just so she would have someone to fly home with her.

As we first reported, if Lindsay is locked up at Lynwood -- Paris' ol' stomping ground -- she'll be placed in a cell by herself ... and she doesn't think she can take it.



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go home!    

how pathetic & sad. She needs to grow up and learn how to function. room her with alexis arlington.

1474 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Has Dimwit Lindsay ever had an IQ Test? I think she is retarded. That will probably be her next excuse for not going to Jail. How much are her parents getting paid for all their TV Interviews?

1474 days ago


Hmmmmm....usually what we 'fear' the most is what we may 'need' the most. Just sayin.

You gotta wonder why 'being alone' sends this girl into fits of panic. Perhaps the idea of confronting those inner demons is waaaaay too much for her?

1474 days ago


That must SUCK bad when you're such a freakshow that you cannot even STAND yourself! She sucks SO bad that if she had time alone, she would finally realize just how much she really does SUCK!!

I LOVE spending time alone to reflect, meditate, re-energize my spirit.

I guess that's b/c I'm thoughtful and accountable, something LL is oblivious to!

1474 days ago


Thats it!!!!!!!

Throw her in a cell with no windows, lock her up for 90 days and tada! She is dead!!!!!

No loss to anyone that the **** is gone

1474 days ago


Being sentenced to jail is like having to deal with grief:
I'd say LiLo is only in Stage 2.

The stages identified are:
1) Denial (this isn't happening to me!)
2) Anger (why is this happening to me?)
3) Bargaining (I promise I'll be a better person if...)
4) Depression (I don't care anymore)
5) Acceptance (I'm ready for whatever comes)

Hope she makes it to Stage 5 soon. She is better off getting herself humble and start making her changes now instead of making it worse for her and her future "image"....

We are watching a spoil celebritiy being chastised by God right in front of our eyes. LEARN folks.... LEARN. You play... you pay. If it a fearful thing to fall into the hands of God.

Please pray God will continue to do "whatever it takes" to save this "child" and help her grow in Him. What a testimony it will be. Give it time. It happens each and everyday in all of the jails, prisons and rehabs around the world!!!! Jesus saves and is in control of this world.... not the devil as most people think.

1474 days ago


Suck it up you rich bitch. No money can bail your butt out now.

1474 days ago


Lil Kim showing support for Lindsay

Free Lindsay

1474 days ago


Aw she won't be alone! Didn't her lawyer tell her that.

1474 days ago


I think that Lohan is acting and trying to gain public sympathy. I am sorry but I am tired of her escapades, she has always behaved like a spoiled child who has temper tantrums when she is told NO. I don't think she is fearful or scared, simply because with these stars they are not put in general population and she will be sheltered as Hilton was, what a circus Hilton's penalty became. If stars are going to break laws, they should expect to be treated like everyday citizens that break the law and there should be no special treatment.

1474 days ago


you know, people wouldnt hate on her so much, except for madiline and nicole, if she'd just take responsibilty and do the time without acting like a little spoiled baby. people stop smoking all the time, people go to jail all the time- even ones that tell the judge f**k you on their finger nails, so be a good little girl and shut your mouth for a change and just get it done. stop whining about it. you are just making it worse for yourself and your public image!

1474 days ago

Throwback kid    

This could be the best thing for her, maybe she will meet a big butch bulldyke inmate who can give her the love and attention she needs. Something Sam was unable to provide for her.

1474 days ago


She should have pulled a "Roman Polanski" and STAYED in France when she made up that 'lost my passport' scam. No extradition treaty w/ the US, she could have free and clear... so long as she never steps foot on American soil again. So she'd be a fugitive and not able to go to the US, but she'd be free. Probably worth it -- for Lindsay -- and thumbing her nose at the courts.

1474 days ago

Joe Krider    

Ms. Lohan doesn't deserve the vitriolic, diarreal discharge spewing forth from some (or even most) of the posters here. (And to think that they actually EAT with those mouths!) That said, she DOES deserve everything the Judge sentenced her to, and more. My sincere hope is that she get her act together, that she get out of L.A. and that she get as far away from her "family" as humanly possible, and that she lives long and prospers in a galaxy far far away, where we never have to hear about her again.

1474 days ago


Too bad - time to grow up.

1474 days ago
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