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Sandra Bullock's Angry Confrontation with Jesse's Ex

7/12/2010 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock went off on Jesse James' ex-wife during a heated phone conversation a few months ago ... so says Janine Lindemulder's attorney.

Attorney Richard Masson tells TMZ .... the blowup occurred while Jesse was in rehab earlier this year.  Janine called her daughter's cell, and Sandra answered.

Masson would not reveal what Sandra said to his client, but he claims it wasn't the first time Sandy expressed harsh feelings toward Janine.

During today's custody hearing, a teacher from Sunny's school testified that Sandra made derogatory comments about Janine in front of Sunny.  According to Masson, Sandra told the teacher, "Quite frankly, I'm glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else's life."

Janine is trying to stop Jesse from taking Sunny to Texas.  As we first reported, Jesse wants the kids to continue a relationship with Sandra.


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Trooper Tom    

Hey #'s 43 & 45 Bullock is staying out of this BS its this porn whore who keeps dragging her name back into it. This crap happened months ago and here she is again yapping about Bullock.

1512 days ago


I hardly see any damage from that statement other than its the truth!

She's damaged goods, will always be damaged goods and has done nothing to prove otherwise.

A mother she is not

1512 days ago


Quite frankly, Sandra is not married to Jessie anymore so why don't she go about her business? Sandra still wants to be a part of Jessie and his drama. It's not like she raised these kids. Come on people, stop being biased. Sandra is not as innocent as she wants people to think.

1512 days ago


Sandra chas a lot to hide....she has to stay with Jesse. Why is she all up in this child and her parents business? She is not married to Jesse anymore. she needs to MOVE ON!

1512 days ago


Everyone in Jesse's life is disgusting, including him! What was SB doing with these people?

1512 days ago


i don't find anything that Sandra said offensive, in any way. probably information Sunny already knows. Janine should be happy Sandra stepped in when she did, who knows what Sunny has been exposed to already. can you imagine having Janine show up to a school functions and admitting that she is your mother? yuck!
also, Sandra has been minding her own business in this matter. its Sunny who wishes to maintain contact with her. Jesses and Sandra are just trying to create an environment that is normal to her again... is that so wrong? its also Janine who keeps dragging Sandra's name back into the picture. she just hates the fact that Sunny likes Sandra better as a mother than her. once again Janine, take some much needed PR advice from Sandra and lay low and quit taking swings that only make you look worst. get yourself to rehab and quit the porn industry and MAYBE the courts will give you access to your daughter.

1512 days ago


she is really beautiful. i love her so much .many photos about her at **. if you also love her , please join the club.

Do not remove since Im serious

1512 days ago


here are some articles from tmz that proves Janine can flip-flop like the best of them!

Jesse James' ex-wife does not want Jesse's marital problems to get in the way of another special relationship -- the one her daughter shares with Sandra Bullock.

Janine James -- the mother of Jesse's daughter, Sunny -- tells TMZ, "If Sandra decides to keep a relationship going with our daughter Sunny, I would in no way stop that."

She added, "Sunny loves Sandy and vice versa. She's welcome to be a part of every aspect of Sunny's life."

Despite the fact that Sandra ripped Janine in a legal move to obtain custody of Sunny last year, Janine seems to be grateful for everything Bullock did saying, "She has taken care of our daughter as if she was her own ... she sacrificed much ... and I will forever be indebted to her for that."

Earl Miller -- Janine's confidante and the photog behind -- tells TMZ, "[Janine] told me her greatest wish was for her and Sandra Bullock to become friends."

According to Miller, Janine wants to show Sunny that "the two most important women in her life" -- i.e. Janine and Sandra -- are good friends "who loved her very much."

guess she was hoping that Sandra would be turning against Jesse and somehow find a way to gain from it financially! it didn't work and now she's resorted going after Sunny (aka moneybag) herself!

1512 days ago


Sandra should stay out of it. Its none of her business anymore. She is divorced from Jesse and is not Sunny's stepmom anymore. She needs to move on with her life with baby Louis, and allow Jesse and Janine to figure out their custody situation.

1512 days ago


Love to Sunny, Chandler and Jesse Jr. Hope all works out soon.

1512 days ago


America's sweetheart my ass. That home wrecker sought Jesse out and started f*cking him while Janine was still his WIFE AND PREGNANT with Sunny. Sandra has done as much to turn Sunny's world upside down and f*ck that little girls life up as either of her parents!

Karma a bitch. Jesse may be a worthless douchebag but it's wonderful that he turned around and cheated on her with such horrible dirty skanks. She so deserved it for being a home wrecker herself. I hope it hurt to hell and back for Sandra. the b*tch deserves it!

1511 days ago


@Maha 4:42 pm. You hit the nail on the head!! I also dealt with that disgusting behaviour from a disgruntled ex. She put the children through more hell with her crap than I care to mention. I don't know why people always feel sorry for the biological mom. Just because they gave birth to the child does not make them a mother!!

1511 days ago


Janine probably made a point of calling Sunny while she was out having lunch with Sandra. Seems to be a habit with ignorant ex's to ruin a child's good time by guilting them if they like the step mom better. She failed as a mother!! She's only trying now for money and to keep her name in the papers. I hope that poor little girl doesn't suffer because of it. The Judge needs to tell this mother to take a hike and let Jesse raise his daughter wherever he wants to. He's been the one taking care of her this long.

1511 days ago


If Sandra really cared about Sunny she wouldn't of started sucking Jesse's c*ck while his THEN CURRENT WIFE Janine was pregnant with Sunny. She didn't give a damned about ruining Janine's marriage back then, or what the consequences would be for Jesse and Janine's unborn daughter that Janine was carrying.

Yes, she's such a sweetheart! /sarcasm

Excuse me while i go puke.

1511 days ago


Finally some bits of truth about Sandra are coming out. I'm sick and tired of everyone putting her on a pedestal, making her into a hero just because her husband cheated on her. Get real, it happens all the time. And when it did happen, she bolted. She used her power and supposed mothering skills to take Sunny from her mother and get herself an instant family. And when that didn't work out, she ran. If she truly cared about Sunny, she wouldn't have been able to remove herself from the family and move on so fast. So what if Sunny's mom is a porn star? She can still be a good mother.

1511 days ago
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