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Todd Bridges

Attends Gary Coleman Memorial

7/12/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several of Gary Coleman's closest friends -- including "Diff'rent Strokes" co-star Todd Bridges -- have just gathered for a memorial honoring the late actor at Il Cielo in Beverly Hills.


As we first reported, two of Gary's closest friends were organizing the memorial a few months ago -- but weren't planning on inviting Gary's ex-wife Shannon Price ... for obvious reasons.

We're told around 30 people are expected to show up to the restaurant today -- where they'll be served a bunch of Gary's favorite foods, including mini burger sliders with Kobe beef.

We're also told Gary's friends were planning on honoring his legacy by "telling fun stories" about him.


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Seriously. I wish people cared as much about him in life as they do in death. He was a really nice guy that was fed lemons most of his life. I can only hope that he has the peace he was searching for.

Boy I hope his EX gets hit by a bus.

1509 days ago

Gsharon 710    

J.J. and A. S. do yourselves a favor and don't pretend you cared about Gary.

I have lost the bit of respect I had for you. You many not have gotten as much air time as you did smothering the Jacksons, but we are talking about a life here, where events were suspicious.

I pray for sweet peace for Gary's parents, his true friends, and his fans.

Gary, rest in peace love, and thank you for the many hours of enjoyable parts you played. Each time I watch sitcoms with you in it, my eyes will mist, then dry, and I will smile and say, Thank God you are finally at rest. Nothing but love.

1509 days ago


Todd just came for the free food.

1509 days ago


funny stories? That lunch will be about 5 minutes long....

1509 days ago


RIP Gary!

1509 days ago


I wish everyone who does not know someone personally would keep their opinions to them selves. You were not in Garys daily life so you do not know who was in his life to care.
RIP Gary and thanks to everyone who came to his memorial.

1509 days ago

Shannon Price would't come -- no financial gain for her.

1509 days ago


Is that a recent photo? Does Todd go clean shaven these days or is he wearing a bald cap with his hair underneath for a acting gig?

If he's clean shaven he has a very odd shaped head that doesn't lend itself to the clean shaven look. If he's balding he should just accept it and let his remaining hair grow in and keep it trimmed real short and well groomed. That's got to look better and more age appropriate, right???

In that picture he looks like the African-American version of the telekinetic aliens of Talos IV in the original Star Trek "The Menagerie" episode. That's never a good look.

1509 days ago


A few months ago?? I thought he died not more than a month ago. I guess that means they've been planning his memorial before he died?

1509 days ago


That does not look like Todd Bridges TMZ, only the bald head & being black resemble Todd.

1509 days ago


Please RIP Gary. Todd Bridges is mad that Gary Coleman died. My brother Al Gockel did not arm wreslted Todd Bridges' body guard in the 1980's. My brother's friend Eric Drury arm wrestled Todd Bridges' body guard in the 1980's. I never met Gary Coleman. I watched Diff'rent Strokes from 1978 to 1986 on TV. My friend Mark Lawerence Paster met Gary Coleman at Dodger Stadium during 1981. From George William Gockel

1509 days ago


Thank GOD for the real friends who cared about Gary Coleman.

Rest in Peace Gary You are truly missed.

1509 days ago


well Todd is starting to look like an alien...too bad about Gary-he had a hard life! But- Todd has come round for some
bar-b-que chicken and whatever else is free!

1509 days ago


I think Todd (and the friend who tried to get Gary's actual wishes observed in court, and went up against Shannon) are true friends; I think they were there for him in life and in death. There is no denying Bridges cares for Coleman deeply. That has been consistent for many years, even when Gary had no money and no career and was looked on negatively in the press.

I am glad that at least his true friends were able to have a nice memorial and give him a good sendoff.

1504 days ago

Ty Abimbola-Sodipe    

Gary I want to write more than this but God knows the words would not come. Not that I know you personally other than on "Different Strokes." You are like a little brother to me that the light deemed so soon.


Good Night Sweetie.

1422 days ago

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