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Lindsay Lohan Just Says No ... To Some Drugs

7/13/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A source extremely close to Lindsay Lohan tells TMZ the actress has cut herself off from several prescription meds -- including the powerful painkiller Dilaudid -- even though she's legally allowed to take them.


As we first reported ... court documents show that Lindsay is allowed to take 5 different medications while on probation because she has valid prescriptions for the drugs Zoloft (antidepressant), Trazodone (antidepressant), Adderall (stimulant to control ADHD), Nexium (acid reflux) and Dilaudid.

But a source close to Lindsay tells TMZ she only takes two of those -- Adderall and Nexium. We're told she doesn't even take the Nexium every day, but that she has taken the Adderall for years because she was diagnosed with ADD.

As for the Dilaudid -- we're told LiLo was issued a prescription when she had oral surgery back in June, but she hasn't taken the painkiller in several weeks.



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I don't believe it! If I was a drug addict, I would make sure all my pills were consumed. Ha

1566 days ago


Yeah, right. The "snake lawyer" told people magazine that Lindsay was clueless to reality and that he thought she was going to hurt herself. He even gave praise to her sister for asking "astute questions" during the 6-hour talk session. He even advised her to move out of LA, because he thought the environment was toxic to her. But, he said Lindsay balked at that idea.

1566 days ago


I see BLOWhan and white oprah are working the publicity angle hard. It's obvious that they're the "sources close to lindsay". What's really sad is how delusional they still are; they believe that getting a story like this written up on a gossip website is going to sway the judge.

Well, I've got news for BLOWhan and her pimp mommy; she's going to jail, and there's nothing that's going to prevent it, including planting idiotic gossip like "lindsay can't stand to be alone". BOO F*CKING HOO. Suck it up, BLOWhan; act like an adult for the first time in your life, stop whining like a pampered poodle & take responsibility for your actions by doing your sentenced jail time...

1566 days ago


Since she is allowed to be positevly tested for amphetamines she can take most of the streets drugs she wants incl. ecstasy,speed,mdma,and hell of a lot of much much more.

1566 days ago


Trazadone can also be used as a sleep aid.

1566 days ago


Nice spin, Lindsay. But you still have to go to jail. You're being punished for violating your probation. You created the situation which got you on probation and you willingly violated that probation. Changing now doesn't erase what you're being punished for. This is life. There are no do-overs.

1566 days ago

Are you sure?    

Adderall is the problem. She needs to get off it. It's legal speed!

1566 days ago

Are you sure?    

It's been rumored for a long time that Adderall was her problem. Did you see her notes during her probation hearing? She's behaving like a speed freak!

1566 days ago



Yeah, I did see her notes. The freak has amazingly good handwriting. I just figured she was just repeatedly writing "I am famous. I am famous" like she had henna tattooed on her arm not that long ago.

1566 days ago

sick to my stomach    

TMZ you must be sooo disappointed! She hasn't killed herself yet. WHY THE DEVIL didn't you write this before her trial instead of printing everything you could think of to get her thrown in jail. What is the matter Harvey bad case of guilt now that you railroaded her into a prison stay. If anything happens to this kid while she is in jail you HARVEY and her DADDY DEAREST can look at yourselves in the mirror every morning for the rest of your lives and see her screaming back at you. IT will be on your hands. Your drive to railroad her was horrific. Hope you and all your little minions that thought this was funny don't live to regret it everyday for the rest of your lives.

1566 days ago


Hopefully, if this is true-then, MAYBE she has finally accepted the fact that she WILL be going to jail on the 20th. That's a great start.
If its not true, well......same old, same old. Trying to sway the public court of opinion or Judge R's. Seriously DON'T think it will work, but...good try!
I do truly hope to see her come out clean and stay that way! Get her career back on track, with better scripts than for Linda Lovelace. It would be a controversial part for sure, but prob best done by someone else. If she took the role and it failed and she relapsed-then she's going to be the girl who a pornstar. No longer known for the ones that she did that were so very good and showed her talent, just the pornstar. And it will be said, she could have been great.

1566 days ago


Running out of Dilaudid isn't the same as stopping it. I bet you a thousand bucks if you left a Dilaudid pill by her washbasin it would be gone by morning. That's just the way addicts are.

1566 days ago


Cigarettes, booze and caffeine are all really bad for acid reflux. So are red sauces and fatty foods. If she can stop all of that in prison she can 86 the Nexium also.

1566 days ago


she is the poster child for what is wrong with that generation when doctors started stamping 3 out of 4 kids with whatever form of ADD - load 'em up with pills, keep the real world away from them to shelter them and let mommy and daddy make life easy for them.

go back to the generations when kids made the sports teams because they were good enough, not because everyone makes the team to build their egos ....

go back to riding bikes without helmets so when you fall down and bump your head, you learn how it hurts and you don't keep doing it.

go back to having kids clean their rooms, do the dishes and take out the trash for no allowance - have them do it because they understand responsibility for being allowed to live at your parents' house for free.

go back to kids going outside to play with real 3 dimensional people instead of with the tv or a keyboard in front of a computer and they learn social skills of the implications of actions of how you treat people with consequences. now a days, her generation lives in front of a keyboard and can say whatever they want and hide behind a computer screen.

lindsay has grown up with an entitlement that has ruined her for life feeling she isn't accountable for anything and mommy will take care of everything for her.

good job, dina.

1566 days ago


Good Lindsay
Just get this unfair, excessive and extremely harsh sentence over with. You didn't deserve up to 1 month in jail for missing a few classes when the program was only informed of the issue via telephone. You stuck to all the bail conditions and Marsha N. Revel only wants media coverage.
To get through this just disassociate and completely block out your period of incarceration.
Just be like "yes sir" "yes m'aam" to the P.O.S C.Os and reveal and show nothing. Don't eat the disgusting food other than the fruit and juice and excercise regularly. Try and get as much sleep as possible and when the unjustified period of incarceration is over you will emerge looking awesome.

Free Lindsay

1566 days ago
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