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Lindsay Lohan Just Says No ... To Some Drugs

7/13/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A source extremely close to Lindsay Lohan tells TMZ the actress has cut herself off from several prescription meds -- including the powerful painkiller Dilaudid -- even though she's legally allowed to take them.


As we first reported ... court documents show that Lindsay is allowed to take 5 different medications while on probation because she has valid prescriptions for the drugs Zoloft (antidepressant), Trazodone (antidepressant), Adderall (stimulant to control ADHD), Nexium (acid reflux) and Dilaudid.

But a source close to Lindsay tells TMZ she only takes two of those -- Adderall and Nexium. We're told she doesn't even take the Nexium every day, but that she has taken the Adderall for years because she was diagnosed with ADD.

As for the Dilaudid -- we're told LiLo was issued a prescription when she had oral surgery back in June, but she hasn't taken the painkiller in several weeks.



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@Fat hand puppet, there are several things I think that would help her, but it isn't up to me or anyone else to determine what she should change. My primary thing is to get a publicist and listen to their advice. Her public image is horrible, people aren't sympathetic to her, and she needs to make a priority of addressing that.

Also, I don't think her primary problem is drugs at all. I think she needs therapy, extensive long-term therapy to address some behavioral destructive traits that is caused by something unknown by and unrevealed to the public. If it is borderline personality disorder, she has a very difficult road ahead of her because that particular disorder is treated through dialectic therapy and drug treatment has not been very effective.

1563 days ago


"people aren't sympathetic to her"?
I'm very sympathetic to her, mainly because she's a young person in an f'd up scenario. Secondly, she's villified for behaving like a child with aolt of money would (we can't all be Jodie Foster). What the hell should she aspire to at only 24 when everything printed or spoken about her lately is terrible?
What exactly did she do that was so bad that Mel Gibson hasn't already been forgiven for in the public's eye?

1562 days ago


I don't get it. Why are so many people defending this barely functioning train-wreck? What witch hunt? This woman (she is NOT a child) is irresponsible, refuses to be accountable for her own actions, is a drug addict and most probably an alcoholic (yes, I've been there, and yes, addiction IS a choice), has no respect for anyone who touches her life (even the professionals of much greater depth and experience than herself who have attempted to work with her and help her), is a common thief (not just stealing from stores, but friends and acquaintances), and is living in some lala land of her own making. Time to stop blaming her parents and TMZ and the evil, mean ole judge and the world for Lilo's problems.

The Dilaudid prescription really amused me. I had all four of my wisdom teeth out in a two hour long surgery (two were severely impacted, had enormous roots, and were in sideways), then suffered a mild infection, had to undergo a gum and bone cutterage, then got a bone infection (a 5% chance, no one's fault), had my jaw break due to weakness from the surgery and infection, and had emergency surgery in the hospital to fix the bone, and, o, incidentally, save my life. The strongest painkiller I took was regular old ibuprofen. I didn't even know Dilaudid was legal anymore. Lindsey is is suffering from an extreme bowel impaction that has affected her ability to ever tell the truth. I was addicted to pain pills, alcohol and pot at her age. I fell out of the gutter and was headed for the Big Sewer. I took responsibility for myself (NO religion, PLEASE, and no support or rehab, either), and cold turkey quit.

If the judge is making an example of this spoiled, impudent, brain-dead leech, more power to her. If you are one of Lindsay's ardent fans and supporters, I suspect that you are probably a coked-out, vodka-sucking, drug-abusing entitled little bitch yourself, male or female. Someone who never thinks it's his/her fault, who blames mommy and daddy and all of the privileges of growing up rich and spoiled for his/her addictions, ineptitude, inability to cope and irresponsibility. If so, I hope some judge throws the book at you too, so some cop doesn't have to scrape your sad corpse off of the pavement someday, or out of an alley, or scoop it out of a dumpster where you've lain rotting from an overdose, or from trying to turn a trick with someone even worse than yourself. Hopefully your inebriated self won't kill someone's father or mother or child along the way, or leave a wasteland of human wreckage behind.

Poor, harassed, persecuted Lindsay my rosy red hiney. She is going to get a little reality check. Though I would just about wager that the moment she's out of jail, and completed rehab, she'll be feeding that runny nose, and chugging those shots again, and face-planting gloriously for all of the world to see, the epitome of epic failure and what NOT to aspire to be.

1562 days ago


What the hell did she have done to require Dilaudid? Complete jaw replacement? I work in a hospital and deal very closely with drug therapy. Dilaudid is the drug of choice for severe acute pain but unless you have cancer you don't need it for the long term. I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 13 and I got Tylenol #3 and only needed 2 doses to get me through. I would not doubt that she had dental surgery just to get the Dilaudid. No doubt, she is hooked. The only pain this chick has is psychological and her parents are to blame. She does not feel good about herself and unfortunately she doesn't know that drugs and booze make it worse. She needs counseling.

1562 days ago


Lexapro is a permanent life long cure for any depression if you can survive the treatment. I was prompted by a marriage counselor to go to my doctor and request drugs for my OCD symptoms (checking, intrusive sad thoughts, previous eating disorders as a teen and heavy drinking.) I went to my husband’s pcp who never met me before. He gave me a depression self-test and diagnosed me with depression and anxiety, and then prescribed me Lexapro and Rozerem since I had a terrible insomnia problem. He also decided it was a good idea to start kissing me and grabbing me in his office. The Lexapro did such a good job getting me up and doing things, lots of things, but unfortunately, I believe it also may have made me nervous because it raised my blood pressure from it’s usual 120/80 to 145/110. I was really up, up, up. I could drink twelve shots of straight liquor and still be walking around for hours. This was the busiest year of my life. I managed to get 2 DUI’s 4 drunk in publics and an involuntary commit for suicide, attend 2 rehab’s, a hypnotherapist, weekly ASAP programs, all while working full time an taking care of a young child. During the course of my medical treatment, I was seen by 3 psychiatrists, 4 doctors, and numerous counselors. Most of the follow up treatment involved numerous more drugs, anti-buse, campral, and Buspar. All of which I had to stop taking due to side effects such as full body tremors and falling down. Finally, after the second DUI which I was also charged with a felony for pinching a police officers butt, I decided maybe I should stop taking the Lexapro b/c I seemed to have developed some obsession with alcohol and I could see I was also becoming delusional. So, while in jail, I requested no more medication for 1 week and was able to fully withdraw from Lexapro, although the depression side effects of the withdrawal lasted about three months. I met numerous other women in jail for DUI’s while on Zoloft, Lexapro and Abilify and others for shoplifting on Zanax. My depression is 100% permanently cured. I no longer ever feel sad about my life. I have never killed anyone driving drunk, I didn’t kill myself, I am no longer in jail, I didn’t get my kid taken away from me, I am not in a mental institution, and I don’t have a lethal diastolic blood pressure of 110 anymore. No matter what happens in my life now, I am always hopeful and never depressed. I know things could be much worse.

1562 days ago


"Of course she'll take Adderall, it's the equivalent of legal cocaine."

Yeah, try convincing anyone who's ever done coke of that. Good luck!

1562 days ago


Has Lohan failed a drug test since she's been tested 6 weeks? NO
Has Lohan been arrested since 2007 after her 2 DUIs? NO
What about the SCRAM? It went off 2 weeks after she had it fitted reporting .03 alcohol level.
Is it always accurate? There are false positives reported.
What's the legal limit for intoxication? .08
Has it gone off since then? No.
So she may have drank one day out of the seven weeks she's been wearing it? Yes.
Is this a parole violation? No, it is a bail violation.

What's Lohan's parole violation? Missed 7 out of 27 classes
Did she make up the classes? YES

What's the violation again? Didn't attend weekly.
What else? Missed a scheduled court hearing,

How much jail time did the DA request? 30 days.
How much time did she get? Ultimately 180 days. 90 days jail, 90 days rehab.
And she tested negative for all drugs? Yes.

Is this the standard for this type of violation? Good question. I googled it and from what I can see, it is a much more severe sentence than usual for this violation.

What about prescriptions?
All within what the court allows, no violations.
DIALUDID? Taken 2 weeks only, prescribed apparently for pain due to oral surgery. Does not appear on test after Jun 7.

Did Lindsay specifically request this drug? Not to my knowledge.
Did she follow dosage? No alerts for overdosage on test.
Do we know what the dosage is and how often it was recommended to take by her oral surgeon? No, not released to public.
Any other drug? Yes, aderall appears all weeks.
Is this drug abuse? Absolutely not.
What's adderall for? ADD
When was she diagnosed with that? At least 7 years ago.

She's being called an addict? Why.

Good question. Seems she tested positive in 2007 for cocaine?
Has she tested positive since? No
Has she tested positive for any illegal drug since? No
What's it based on? Seems she fell 3 times going to clubs, people say it is because she was drunk and high.
Can they prove it? No
How many times has she gone out this year? A conservative estimate is 10 times a month.
And that would make 60 times or so? Yes
And she fell how many times? 3 according to pap pictures
Any other reason she's called an addict? People think she looks like she's on something in pictures
How many pictures are taken of her? Dozens per week.
Does she look out of it in all pictures? From what I can see, no. Only a few pics where she looks down or the lighting is weird or something like that.

Do you think she's always sober? I have no way of knowing. I can suspect she is not, but can't prove it.
So is it fair to call her an addict?

Think about it people. Think about it.
One tool of propaganda is to repeat something enough that the public takes it as a given. Is this being applied to Lindsay?

1562 days ago


I don’t think the judge had the authority or the right to call the Right On program and tell them that Lindsay has to attend every week. She may have broken the law by making that call.
than just applying the law in dealing with Lindsay.
Posted at 12 :54 PM on Jul 13 , 2010 by Delmar

I'm sure Judge Revel knows more about her job and what she can/cant do, than you.
Besides, if it wasn't within her authority to do so, we probably would have heard something about it by now.
Lol-everyone is trying SO hard to get this kid out of going to jail. Trust me and the others from the medical field who have posted comments on here, she NEEDS this. And she will be fine. And hopefully with any luck, she'll come out a better person. Someone who is on the edge of being able to love themself and can further encourage that in rehab.
This IS a good thing.

1562 days ago


Whoopsie! Sorry Delmar, copy/pasted wrong commenter name.
Spot-that was in reference to your comment. (o:

1562 days ago


I'll tell u the same thing I told Nicole--
Don't you think that Judge Revel KNOWS that d/t overcrowding people are being cut loose from their sentences early. Do you think she might know how long OTHER celebrites have spent in jail? (1 hour, 1/2 day, and LL's previous "stay" of a whopping 86 f*n minutes)???
Due to these prior points, do you think Judge R. may have give LL 90 days KNOWING she'd be let out early, doing only 25% of her sentence?? Maybe, just maybe that's WHY she gave her 90 days-just so she WOULDN'T get out in 2-3 days!!! She would learn the exact same thing that she learned from the last 'stay" of 86 min's-JACK ****!!
If she's made to stay for several weeks, it gives her time to settle down, lose the "princess" attitude, and then to finally start to think about WHY she's there. If she only stays 2-3 or even 5-7 days, she won't get far enough in her thinking to realize that she's there BECAUSE OF HER! Not because the Judge hates her, not because the Judge has it in for her, not because the moon was in Saturn with a turn round backflip w/ 2 snaps w/ Mars, excuse, excuse, excuse, ad nauseam! She needs to start holding herself accountable for her actions.

No one wants the girl to end up like the long list of causualties in Hollywood from just the last year alone!
Dina makes enough excuses for Lindsay, she doesn't need to make anymore. She justs needs to step up, grit her teeth, take a deep breath, and walk in. When she's finished her sentence, whatever time she might stay, she can hold her head high and be proud of herself for completing something so intense. She'll then know she can probably handle most anything after that AND will have faced her demons head on r/e her inability to be alone. She should come out being pretty damn proud of herself-IF she let's herself get past the "poor Lindsay, nobody loves me, everybody hates me, esp that f*kn judge" stage.
If she can do the 182 days (the 2 days between the stints included), there won't be ANYTHING that she can't do after that. It should raise her self-esteem and she'll be healthy again. And if the right roles come in after all this (after she's been clean and sober for awhile), she could be back on top again! But....if she ever let's herself forget where it all started at, she'll be right back where she started from. (o:

1562 days ago


Today after some guy had surgery for a torn meniscus (knee muscle) when the nurse was about to go over pain medications, he asked for, and I quote, a "Lindsey Lohan ****tail" ...! We managed to put him on something not quite as strong! :)

1562 days ago


@113 Delmar i agree
The fact is the sentence was extremely harsh and excessive.
Who cares about the overcrowding it should never have been any more than 60 days.
The one good thing that can come out of this injustice is by next week Lindsay may reach a million twitter followers as the followers are rapidly increasing daily.
If she doesn't appeal i hope she can tweet from the inpatient place.

1562 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Nicole and delmar the sentence Lindsay got was fair and square compare to what you and delmar would get if YOU had car jack someone on your second dui and high on coke and also you be jail so fast it make your head spin and wouldn't nearly gotten very many chance Lindsay has gotten so suck it up and stop blaming the Jugde and start blaming a little spoil selfish little brat name Lindsay Lohan and are rabid fans still going to defend Lindsay if god forbid she hit a child while driving intoxcated?

by the way
so what it is the judge is saving her life and Lindsay does need go to jail get help

1562 days ago


@Jade evergreen I specifically talking about the probation violation. Nobody is saying that Lindsay didn't do something reprehensible and dangerous in 2007. They made a deal then for whatever reason and Lindsay was put on probation. The probation said she was not to drive. That to me is the most important thing to follow. If she drove, then she's in serious violation. But she didn't. The next part was about attending classes since December. She didn't go once a week. This is what it boils down to. She even made up the classes she missed, just did not attend once a week. And she missed a hearing and IMO paid for that by wearing the SCRAM and doing drug testing and not being allowed to leave Los Angeles.

And nobody still has provided any type of proof that Lindsay needs rehab. How does she test negative for drugs for 6 going on 7 weeks now, only show Aderall as a constant prescription drug and using Dialudid only 2 weeks and didn't use dilaudid since Jun 7, has one SCRAM violation showing a .03 level and even assuming she did drink that certainly isn't the legal limit for alcohol, and have this huge addiction problem people claim? She also didn't have any withdrawal symptoms within the first 10 days of testing. These are the facts people continually ignore. What help does she need? Why go to rehab when there's no evidence whatsoever of substance or alcohol abuse?

Regarding jail helping, that's not a given. She may emerge "getting it" and turning it around but there's an argument she may emerge damaged, bitter, totaly distrustful of the system and feeling let down which may give her deeper psychological wounds than she already has. It is too much using anecdotal evidence from others and not looking at the specific facts surrounding Lindsay to assume jail will help her.

1561 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@T Delamr hi Dina you so far in denial
Lindsay a damn druggie and please what about damn picture of Lindsay In the Cannes floating on the net with two lines of blow on table beside Lindsay and who has straw in her hand Lindsay Lohan and vodka on the table to face it
Lindsay need jail which she going have to go and go to rehab
she is druggie and alcoholic need help but Dina,Lindsay and rabid of Lindsay don't see it and time face the Music she is a criminal and a druggie wake the beep up
Judge sentenced she gave Lindsay is lightly so no need to cry and blame the judge or the law when it was Lindsay who the one broke the law ignore some class and drank alcohol when the judge told her not drink alcohol anddLindsay went mtc party and drank some alcohol and Lindsay can't respect the law or fans

1561 days ago
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