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Jesse's Sister: Janine is Cyber-Threatening Me

7/14/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' sister claims she's been receiving email threats from Jesse's ex-wife Janine Lindemulder ... and Janine's mom.


Julie James England tells TMZ in the past few weeks, she's been bombarded with angry emails from Janine and her mom Jonlyn.

In fact, England tells us she received an email from Jonlyn just a few weeks ago that read, "You and your sh*tbag brother need to back off my daughter and granddaughter if you both know what's best for you." 

England says she received an email from Janine later that day that read, "All this sh*t you are causing with your brother julie [sic], isn't going to turn out well."

Janine and Julie used to be close friends -- but Julie tells us the two drifted apart after Janine began her battle with substance abuse.

As for the alleged cyber threats, Julie tells us she will not be filing a police report, but all the emails have been given to Jesse's attorney.



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These people are soooooooooo mentally challenged. Too many years living in the fast lane. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. They all deserve each others misery. Birds of a feather, flock together.

1564 days ago


A bunch of clowns with money.
Its too bad innocent children have to grow up surrounded by these unfit grown ups.
Some people have no shame...

1564 days ago

Are you sure?    

This whole custody battle has been such a media circus. Jesse James's sister has said some really nasty stuff in the press about Janine (on TMZ). It would be hard for me to contain myself and not respond. How many people out there would not contact a former friend if they trashed you in the media? I'd send them a nasty email too! This is not taking Janine's side it's just acknowledging her human reaction!

1564 days ago


The porn star and the porn star's mother. Janine's mother should offer parenting classes, non?

Sick of Tricks

1564 days ago


The photo of the courtroom Janine with a new haircut and A NEW TATTOO ON HIS HEAD!(
It is absolutely crazy!!!

1564 days ago


Why are people still stupid enough to put threats in writing????

1564 days ago


SORRY BUT JESSE IS A NUT JOB..HE is MORE OR LESS STALKING MS.Bullock, by trying to take his CHILDREN to be closer to her. SHE ISNT THEIR MOM...AND SHE has no Responsibility for those kids. Sure she can write and even see them from time to time, but when ppl get a divorce they usually go their own way, ESPECIALLY if they do not have CHILDREN TOGETHER..Jesse is forcing himself to be near her, which is in the long run going to start effecting Ms Bullocks LIFE. SHE Should be entitled to move on and be with her CHILD.

1564 days ago


once again, proof that she is unable to make rational decisions! why would she write threatening emails while she is battling a court case? does she not realize that julie would submit them as evidence? janine is only damaging herself by providing jesse with all the evidence he needs to maintian parental custody. janine's lawyers should deny her access to all computers and the internet. seriously, she loves seeing and reading about herself anywhere. maybe more publicity equals more dvd sales?

1563 days ago


Janine may love her kid...but she really needs to learn how to be a mother to her child. If she loves her-she needs to stay clean and get a REAL job-not give blow jobs. It is truly a sad situation. Besides, it's not Sandra's job to raise anyone elses child other than the one she just adopted. I'm sure she (Sandra) loves Sunny, but Jesse ruined it for everyone involved by not keeping his penis to himself.

1563 days ago


RUN SANDRA RUN!! I'm suprised there's not a meth lab involved with all this!!

1563 days ago


Julie needs to kick go her #@$$

1563 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

Don't these low life white trash pigs ever take a day off? Absolute s*** of the earth. I didn't mean to slight you, Lohan. You are as well.

1563 days ago


So hillbilly.....

1563 days ago


even more proof this person is highly unstable and probably bi polar with all these psychotic out bursts and episodes.hooked on rehabs didnt work for her ;-)

1563 days ago


im so sick of reading about what jesse james sister is saying can she please shut up is she the guys pr person or what? why is everything going through her , she has the emails, the proof it goes on and on can tmz please stop talking to this woman!!

1563 days ago
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