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Oksana To Judge: Strip Mel of Custody ... Now

7/15/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers are going to court Thursday morning ... asking a judge to strip Mel Gibson of all rights to their child ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the custody case tell TMZ ... Oksana's lawyers will tell the judge the secretly-recorded tapes show Mel is a danger to their daughter Lucia and he should not have any contact with her.

Oksana claims in the tapes Mel struck her on January 6 while she was holding the baby.  The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is investigating Mel for child endangerment, among other things.

Sources connected with Mel tell us the actor denies striking Oksana.

The court hearing will almost certainly force the issue of the admissibility of the secretly-recorded  tapes.

We will be at the courthouse -- of course.


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The child shouldn't have to grow up without a father just because the 'adults' can't get it together.

1559 days ago


Ahhh ya think? I wouldn't leave that man alone with a stuffed animal, let alone a small child.

1559 days ago


oh man, this isn't good. I watched on tv tonight where there was a man that had his voice distorted and image blurred that said he has known her for awhile and that she dated a friend of his. That she is no good and a manipulator. She dated a recording big wheel and if he couldn't make her a star, Mel couldn't. He said she goes for celebrities and has dated a few. He is VERY distrustful of her and knows she will do some drastic things to make things go her way.

Just one hell of a dirt bag woman, I bet more people will come out and tell about her too. I am beginning to believe mel more and more. She is pushing him to a break down, hope his friends are on hand to keep him up and level.

1559 days ago

Michael Knight    

I am NO Mel Gibson fan. Mel threw threw away his marriage of 30+ years for this whore. This woman stayed as long as she needed to to collect the $$$. She didn't report repeated abuse and kept going back to him.

But how do you strip someone of custody yet still expect them to pay for the child AND yourself???

1559 days ago


He is a raging lunatic and I would fear him with any young child who requires so much patience. Good for her.

1559 days ago


Mel is scary. Can you imagine him with a baby? A toddler will rack your nerves, cry, scream & throw tantrums when they don't get what they want? What's Mel going to do, freak out like he did on Oksana....

Anyone who get's that angry, with all those death threats has no business around children.

Mel belongs on Celebrity Rehab...THAT's the only place I'd watch him

1559 days ago


Mel is NOT a danger to his baby. I don't think he would hurt his daughter. I get the feel that he loves her, and she needs her dad... I just hope that Mel and Oksana can get past this somehow, for her sake, that is if he doesn't end up in prison.

1559 days ago


Mel and Oksana should go to prison, and Robin should take the baby and the money, sure she deserves it.

1559 days ago


Quite right, too. No alcoholic should ever be allowed to have custody of a child. They make terrible f*cking parents who screw up their children's lives. Just look at what the Hoff's daughters have had to go through.
Children are regularly taken away from alcoholics for a very good reason. You can't be a responsible parent and a drunk. It just doesn't work. There's also the issue of Mel Gibson's mental illness. I wouldn't let him near a child.

1559 days ago


Why was she secretly recording him? If you listen to the tape you can hear her respond is a very calm manner and her voice was not that of a person who is scared. She knew she could not explode and tell him off, especially if she didn't want the world to hear it. What person in their right mind would respond the way she did. If my husband/partner talked to me the way Mel did in the "secretly recorded" tape, I would not speak to him the way she did. Ya, he has ruined his career because of his actions, but she stayed in this relationship long enough to set it up so that when she did leave she would have ammunition. Very manipulative.

1559 days ago


How on earth did Mel get himself involved with this dangerous poisonous snake? I'm betting she sought after him. This woman is a professional liar and a succubus.

1559 days ago


This gold digger is a riot.

I know Mel is a first class idiot but she is setting him up.

1559 days ago


It is time for Mel Gibson's attorneys to get a DNA test before this saga enters the family court system more deeply. Who knows? Maybe the child isn't his and she has created this entire saga to acquire his wealth. There is something very fishy about this person and her desperate stories.

Timothy Dalton needs to begin a process for gaining primary custody of his son who is maturing into a pre-teen and needs the attention of a male figure in his life.

Time to stay immigration and drastically reduce the length of visas, Mrs. Clinton (all parts of the world)! Immigrants are pouring into this country every day and there are millions of Americans unemployed!!!!

1559 days ago


Mel just keepin dat pimp hand strong, yo

1559 days ago


Look at Oksana's son, why isn't he with his rich actor DAD, Timothy Dalton? how did this Russian extortonist wind up with this kid? Same will happen with this girl baby. Mel is OLD, INSANE, a DRUNK and only has a cleaning lady!!! Oksana will get the baby and leave the USA, i hope.. Mel, you were only a SPERM DONOR!!!!

1559 days ago
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