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Oksana Demanded Millions for Tapes ... Allegedly

7/16/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Mel Gibson tell TMZ they have "hard proof" Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort Gibson, demanding more than $10 million from the actor in return for keeping the secret tapes just that -- secret.

Our sources claim Oksana demanded a specific amount of money. They would not reveal the exact sum but say it's more than $10 million.  And the sources say there are emails and other "physical evidence" to prove it.  As one source said, "There's a long trail of evidence"

TMZ broke the story .... Mel's lawyers will be meeting with L.A. County Sheriff's deputies, making a presentation of evidence which includes alleged evidence of extortion.  We're told the lawyers want the Sheriff's Department to launch a criminal investigation after they present deputies with emails and other physical evidence.



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as they say
2 wrongs don't make a right

if she goaded him on and pushed his buttons in order to tape his horrendous rants to secure her financial future-then she's only a little bit better than him
a normal woman would have gone to the police reporting threats and not held back for future gain

and if I were Timothy Dalton (a former James Bond) I would be talking to my lawyer and seriously looking into why she had my son in such an explosive and damaging environment

eventually someone will put a microphone in front of him and ask him how he feels about this--surprised they haven't-unless he's on some remote movie location and out of reach

c'mon TMZ - you guys asleep at the switch??
just sayin'

1529 days ago


When I listen to the tapes, I can't help but think about how many times my boyfriend cussed me out and called me the nastiest names he could conjour up. Haven't we all had horrible arguments and said nasty, awful things? Mel sounds like someone that risked it all had an affair and fell in love, then left his wife of 30 years, made their afair public and totally got played!! Its not fair. She knew she was taping him to use it against him (for money), so she pushed all his buttons and controlled the entire conversation. What a snake!

1529 days ago


I don't think there's anything wrong with her trying to get $10 million from him....big deal. Apparently, he wasn't giving her a he was beating and abusing her, so she was doing anything she could to get a dime....TOO BAD. Don't turn on her, he was the abusive low life pig!

1529 days ago


Ok, I admit, I was trying to keep an open mind but, I think I have to shut that open mind and admit I WAS WRONG!!

She's a GoldDigger!!! Mel, you may have a thing or two to learn about not going off yourself but...she's pure trash!!

1529 days ago


#86, how do you know the rant raving Mel was the real Mel?

1529 days ago


Proto, STF you filthy **** misadrist pig. take your feminazi ass off the internet.

1529 days ago


his poor wife has outed him as a person who hits women for no reason at all and hates black and jewish people
Posted at 5:45 AM on Jul 16, 2010 by electriczipper
When was this because I totally missed that! Last I heard was she sent a sworn statement to court saying he never abused her or their children!

1529 days ago


Why is the title accompanied by the word Allegedly and those regarding what Mel is accussed of do not mention that word.
No excuse when a man hits a woman I agree but this woman is such a conniver. I feel most sorry for the children, hers, his and the little baby girl that they Allegedly had together. I am glad his soon to be ex spoke up for him, she already has her $ from him so she didn't stand to gain anything except perhaps to sheild her children.

1529 days ago


I like Mel Gibson and always will. He is a GREAT actor and good looking too! He was obviously drunk on the phone and he needs to go to rehab. Other than that, ....we all say stupid... s h it when we get too drunk. SO WHAT> that does not give her the right to record it and take it to the internet to embarrass him! She is trying to get money out of him. He was taking care of her financially and she purposely got pregnant and is now f u c k i n g him royally. I seriously doubt ( if he was sober ) that they had a conversation like "mel, I want to have your baby" ...Um ok Oksana, I don't have enough kids or problems in my life, yes let's have a kid together" LOL Plus he just got a divorce and will probably regret that and get back together with his long time love, Robin.....after he takes care of his drinking problem. Other than that, I believe that everything he said in those phone calls was due to alcohol, he did not mean most of it. He would have said the stuff he did mean much differently had he been sober. He also NEVER would have had a kid with this coniving C.
I support you and your movies Mel...hope you get this stupid ho.

1529 days ago


Why hasn't she been charged with extortion yet? She should be. Dalton, get your kid back from this psycho. Mel get custody of your daughter. She is too messed up to be in charge of a door knob let alone a child.

1529 days ago


I mean come on people! We knew she was a bitch all along. Mels deep dark slip into rebound after splitting with his wife of 30 years. He went from angel to demon. Now we all know for sure. That slut!

1529 days ago


Not by any means excusing or justifying Mel's dispicable behavior, this gold digging tramp probably knows that this guy's career is washed up & that whatever he may have left will be drained by legal fees & previous support judgements. . .so she has to try to ca$h in somehow...another pathetic tramp. Hopefully now that this is exposed they'll BOTH go away.

1529 days ago


The more info that comes out, the more I can sympathize with Mel Gibson.
He obviously has alcohol/temper problems, but this nasty golddigger seems like she had a plan to extort money right from the start ..

1529 days ago


Dani I agree!

(I don't remember the son's name)

Mel and Oksana deserve each other IMO.

I'll go out on a limb and say that he would not be using that language THAT MUCH AND THAT OFTEN to her unless she went there too! Just doesn't happen that way.

Neither has conducted themselves as responsible parents either.

Would have loved to have been a chef, housekeeper, gardener or something for them during this time frame!!

Ah, the rich and famous....

1529 days ago


by the way

some of you seriously need to wikipedia Oksana to see her bio/info

she wasn't waiting tables when Gibson met her like some readers have suggested

1529 days ago
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