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Oksana Grigorieva -- I'll Tell Everything About Mel

7/14/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva was strategizing with her lawyers in Century City today -- getting ready for next week's big custody hearing with Mel Gibson ... but before she walked into the office, she told photogs that she'll be tellin' the whole story.

Mel's lawyers have filed a motion to hold Oksana in contempt, because they believe she violated a restraining order by allegedly releasing the secretly taped conversations.  Oksana denies she's the leak.


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Not that it makes a difference, but its odd how nobody mentions his alcoholism as a possible cause of the way he sounds on these tapes. Anybody who has lived with or dealt with an angry alcoholic knows this is exactly how one sounds like when they are raging drunk and arguing with you. He obviously fell off the wagon again. How he is still working is beyond me. Its not an excuse, but just an explanation for people who are trying to compare the guy they hear on these tapes and the public Mel Gibson we all have seen on talk shows and in movies.

1526 days ago


Another site is reporting he banished a gun at her and she ran out of the house? Another story?!! She was in HIS house when she was making those tapes, was she not? If anyone ever threatened me with a gun, I'd press charges and never return to that home without the cops. Her story changes every minute. PS: How is she paying for all these lawyers? She claims she has no money, but seems to dress very well.

1526 days ago


Baby shaker.

1526 days ago


@ jmak10
Good! I'm pleased that she's talking and making it worse for him. I want to see him busted, broken and buried for what he's done. No punishment can be severe enough for sh*ts like this. He deserves everything he get's and more. I hope he ends up having a nervous breakdown and blowing his brains out over all this. No loss to the world, none at all.
Shame he doesn't take OJ with him. Another one the world wouldn't be sorry to see go.

1526 days ago

Da TaxMan    

This woman is a skanky tramp but thats what Mel wanted, since he left his wife for her. He must of wanted a cheap piece of a$$, but now she has become more expensive then he would of every thought possible!
Mel, should of just paid a high priced hooker & been done with all the drama.
Thats what he gets. I hope his X-wife is having a drink while laughing her butt off!!

1526 days ago


People like Mel Gibson. Most of us understand that he's suffering from alcohol problems, since he started drinking at about age 12 or so, he has said. A doctor explained what results this would have on his brain by this age, including damaging the part of his brain that controls inhibition and rash behavior.

The yelling, screaming, whatever he did, I don't think that's against the law. It was too bad that he didn't have the ability to exercise more control over his feelings, but he didn't.

I don't excuse him from hitting her, and he'll end up paying for that. Everything else, he needs intense treatment and counseling for, so that he can lead a better life.

He strikes me, from listening a little bit to those tapes, as a very religious man who is searching desperately for a mate who shares his feelings, but hasn't found her. It frustrates him and he has lost the control to handle those feelings.

I was most dismayed when I learned he had hooked up with this Russian woman who preys on wealthy, successful actors, apparently. Men, most men, appear to be fools and there is no rehab for foolish men. They will always be with us. He thought she was youngish and pretty. She was using him for money and to try to promote her career as a singer. I read all about her when they first got together.

Now she has brought about his destruction.

1526 days ago


seriously, who else would have released the tapes!! Even if it was one of her lawyers or former lawyers its as if she did it herself. Doesn't matter because the tapes will not be admissible in court. In California ALL parties must be made aware they are being taped, that is why cops are looking to her 12 year old kid to testify.

1526 days ago


I dont condone Mel and his rants yet cant help to be puzzled when so many of Hollywood would not comment on Rhianna's factual beating yet they have crucified Mel for screaming over the phone - some wacky double standards there

i suggest the next time you have an argument with your wife you tape it then edit it to just the juicy bits, no one sounds good when in the heat of the moment!

1526 days ago


FREDDOM from this sneaky b8tch THAT TAKES DOWN a great man like Mel. if only Mel would get a chance to tell her what he really thinks , they could kiss and make up. Then she could walk away with mo of Mel money.

1526 days ago


i suggest the next time you have an argument with your wife you tape it then edit it to just the juicy bits, no one sounds good when in the heat of the moment!

Everyone has fights with their wives or girlfriends and might not sound like a great guy if they had the recording of the fight played back. But not everyone says they are going to take a bat to their heads, or put the them in a rose garden. Or threaten any type of harm to them. Sorry, that isn't the norm. If it is for you then you should really see someone about that.

1526 days ago


If you listen to Mel's INSANE ranting - ask yourself....why does such a deeply devouted CATHOLIC take the Lord's name in vein?

Having been raised Catholic (a religion I no longer follow), I believe taking the Lord's name in vein is a SIN!

That coupled with having affairs while married make Mel a SINNER! No two ways about it!!!

1526 days ago


@ Lola
He brought about his own destruction. He could have kept his nazi mouth shut.
@ Steve
I pity your wife if that's the way you talk to her in your 'juicy bits'. In fact, I'm surprised you have one!

1526 days ago


@ weed
It is Mel Gibson who is the whore, don't you think. You think he was faithful to his wife of 28 years. Guess again. This man has never been faithful to anyone in his life except to his extremism, pleasuring his penis and whatever drinks and drugs he happens to be doing at the time.

1526 days ago


why she look like octo-mom?

1526 days ago


what a NICE guy the dentist is come stay at MY house,,,horny dog!!,,the tape sounds manufactured ,,her voice is real clear like in a studio and his more like someone being recorded,,,almost like she cut out HER part in the fight and inserted what she wanted,,,not defending that racist though

1526 days ago
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