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Oksana Grigorieva -- I'll Tell Everything About Mel

7/14/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva was strategizing with her lawyers in Century City today -- getting ready for next week's big custody hearing with Mel Gibson ... but before she walked into the office, she told photogs that she'll be tellin' the whole story.

Mel's lawyers have filed a motion to hold Oksana in contempt, because they believe she violated a restraining order by allegedly releasing the secretly taped conversations.  Oksana denies she's the leak.


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Since when Russian woman means whore? If you go wife shopping, than you totally deserve all you've got.
What kind of Russian woman does need average Joe with his credit card debts? That's so funny, you are totally in 90's.

1527 days ago


I see she is wearing another one of those provocative outfits that shows off her fake boobs! LOL Mel's a pig!

1527 days ago


Oksana played with Mel. If he had physically abused her then she would have gone immediately to the police to file a complaint. She continued to associate with Mel and took too long to register her alleged abuse. Further we do not hear about whether the infant was at a hospital after being shaken. Why not? Was Oksana afraid that the baby would be taken from her when she shook it? The child should be in protective custody away from an unstable woman who would physically abuse her child. Mel has his problems. But why just focus on him? Isn't child abuse more important?

1527 days ago


Octomomish indeed! She must think the world is full of fools if she thinks everyone is going to just believe her. There are definitly holes in her story and like it or not there are people who are going to side with Mel Gibson simply because they are his fans. She looks like a gold-digging Ho-bag who will stop at nothing to get what she wants ($$$). Uing BOTH of her kids to do it. Funny how she has known her dentist for 13 years! Something is FISHY here and I think it's more than just the smell of her.

1527 days ago


She's a skank just playing him to get all she could out of him. Skank!!

1527 days ago


They are both *******s. He beat her and she leaked the tapes! Who else could leak them, him!? I doubt that. She's looking for a huge payday.

1527 days ago


Glad to hear some anger directed at this hootchie-mama. There is NO DOUBT that Mel is a complete ass, period. What I DON'T buy is her "innocence" in leaking this tape, as well as her calm voice when dealing with this freak. NO WAY! Her voice is always clear as a bell in the recording, and it almost sounds like she isn't even part of the conversation. These recordings are probably fakes which is why no one will prosecute.

1527 days ago


He shouldn't have trusted her from the get-go. Don't mess with a Russian. They are sneaky and can not be trusted. She just used him. I don't blame him for being that way.

1527 days ago


when she first hooked up with mel i can remember an x boyfriend told mel to be careful about her shes all about money any one else remember that?? maybe some one should ask mels ex she should know him better then anyone

1527 days ago


idk but its like Samson and Delilah...without the long hair, of course.
this evil , vile seductress of a hore turned mel's head and away from his family. he divorced his wife, ignored his children, left his family for this ...finally he finds out what he has done and what this woman truly is...a wicked, foul, immoral, unrighteous hore. what has he done? he lost his family for her...he is angry, more than angry...more than angry with her, he is angry with himself. he doesnt know what to do..he is lashing out...what to do...
Pray Mel, Pray!

1527 days ago


SHE DOES NOT BEHAVE LIKE A WOMAN BATTERED!! now she plans on telling pple everything. battered woman does not recover that fast. they still believe the guy can do harm esp someone like mel gibson with connections and money. this woman is a liar. it would not surprise me to learn she is paying off or sleeping with or both with the dentist.
mel needs to just keep his mouth shut. stop drinking cuz he is an angry drunk. he just needs to have someone with him at all time and dont allow him to speak to this woman or be alone with her. cuz she can spin anything if they have any more contact esp with that dentist saying whatever she wants him to say.

1527 days ago


She would not be going to all this trouble if she were lying, she knows how powerful he is and I do believe he did everything the tapes (and more) say he did. I do believe she is a victim of domestic violence and was terrified of his revenge. I think all of you should understand that syndrome better and give that woman a huge round of support. That type of relationship is very damaging and terrifying to the woman and to the children involved. He (unfortunately) just has money (that he doesn't really deserve) to try and stop her from telling the truth.

1527 days ago


oksana, is clever and manipulates men, Mel is a victim from this black widow!

1527 days ago


dawn, some woman would do anything for money and fame. here she is being talked about everyday in the media and paparazzi following her everywhere. a woman who seeks out famous, rich men and become impregnated by them has no is exactly the type of woman who would be able to lie to ruin someone just to get what she wants. i do not believe she is battered as the true meaning of the word.
as i have said before, mel may have gone nuts and did hit her when she was trying to harm his baby. anyone would go crazy if that happened to their child. i am not excusing him cuz he has a filthy mouth on him as well but she is no wallflower. for someone who has been "battered" does not recover quickly like she has. she does not usually give all details ..most of them need a lot of therapy to get through this. not this woman. as soon as this came out, here she is wanting to give the whole story? naw idk i dont believe her. theres something that doesn't sound right. again, i am not supporting mel and his terrible ranting but this woman is an immoral, lying, conniving, and wicked. hope the whole world knows her so she doesn't do this to another guy after mel.

1527 days ago


This woman is totally wicked. I bet Mel is real sorry he humped her.

1527 days ago
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