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Robert Shapiro

Will Rep Lindsay Lohan

7/14/2010 8:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned famed lawyer Robert Shapiro will represent Lindsay Lohan in her jail saga, but we're told Shapiro's plan is not to appeal Lindsay's 90-day jail sentence.


Sources say Shapiro, who was part of the team that successfully repped O.J. Simpson, will try to convince Judge Marsha Revel to put Lindsay in a rehab facility and either eliminate or minimize jail.

Shapiro, whose son died of a drug overdose in 2005, has a lot of experience with rehab facilities and we're told he has a specific plan for Lindsay, and a specific place in mind -- a live-in rehab facility in which Shapiro is involved.  Shapiro created a foundation to help people deal with drug and alcohol problems, named after his son -- The Brent Shapiro Foundation.

Shapiro was hired in a nick of time.  Lindsay is supposed to turn herself in on Tuesday.



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can i please get a South Park episode on this!

1531 days ago


I agree 100% with #2!!!

1531 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

Let us assume that post was really from Linday Lohan:

A) you are not currenly speaking, dear, you are writing.
B) You have pissed so many people off with your manicure, it is HOPELESS for you to try to get sympathy from the court. AND to "say" I AM NOT GOING TO JAIL, does NOT work for you, knucklehead.
C) Mr. Shapiro got OJ "off", and then did you see what KARMA did for OJ? It will come for you too.

Child, you are not being sent to a Turkish prison to live out the rest of your life.
Go to jail and do your time, and pray and think, for you are really really screwed up if you do not understand your behavior is ANTISOCIAL and will NOT be tolerated for much longer.
Lindsay, you are really being an idiot in how you are handling this. Someone is going to plug you for being such a jerk.
Just go, and get it over with.

1531 days ago


I'd be supportive of this except that Lindsay is still in denial. Rehab is useless unless you are ready to admit you really do have a problem.

1531 days ago


are judges of this magnitude elected officials in cali? if not this judge will not back down knowing she has a damn good chance of losing the election due to public outrage.i had my DWI waaay back in 1992 and i did 60 days without even having cocaine in my possession.the public outcry will even over shadow the great robert shapiro.

1531 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

Post 54# whatever! we'll see. im not ****ing idiot!

1531 days ago


#14 you're right didn't she just spend time with Kim...

1531 days ago


the offer of going to rehab would be a suggestion , if the judge refuses to accept it , i can see him make the motion to make a notice of appeal . if the judge will not go for this then they still have the option of making a notice of appeal . the whole lindsay has a drug problem has just been something that has been exaggerated . the amount of drugs or medication that she is taking is not excessive actually. this whole thing about drug abuse are things made up by ignorant people.

1531 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

Dear tmz readers !

Yes, this is real lindsay lohan! I does not have a probelm with drugs or alochol! Im sober and clean. I dont give a **** about anyone who says **** about me! screw yourself!

#post 54, catherine, ****ing bitch!

1531 days ago


I think Shapiro is willing to help because he couldn't help his son, even though he tried it probably helps him sleep at night helping other junkies.

1531 days ago

Lindsay (not related 2 Lohan)    

Lindsay: The judge was harsh and wrong. (You were wrong too.) But, by not considering the results of the alcohol rehab you did spend time doing (including makeup)and going backward to behavior before the counseling for sentencing -- the judge missed the point of the counseling.)

Much of the sentence she had prepared before the hearing, was based on her personality rather than justice. You can consider Justice at (downloadable videos)there is a 2009 book from it: Justice : What's The Right Thing To Do? / Michael J. Sandel.

I knew nothing of you when I happened upon the hearing. Since then, I find indications you're not growing. If jail, use jail to read useful stuff (and contemplate useful things)and decide not to make it a punishment (but an opportunity) -- only you can make it punishment.

You're lucky to have an involved attorney.

Good luck.

1531 days ago


"55. Post 54# whatever! we'll see. im not ****ing idiot!
Posted at 6:05 PM on Jul 14, 2010 by Lindsay Lohan"

Let's look at this logically, shall we?

Either you are someone pretending to be Lindsay Lohan, which by default makes you an f'ing idiot, or you are in fact Lindsay Lohan and the very act of posting about yourself on a celebrity gossip site makes you an f'ing idiot. Either way, mean girl, you're a f'ing idiot.

1531 days ago


@ 62 Carvey
I agree LL has more pressing matters to deal with and she writes waay better than that.

1531 days ago


You can lie to anyone but the bottle. You'll always go back to it. Without the scram right now,I'd have sent you the green fairy. Hope you the best Lindsay ;)

1531 days ago


Post 54# whatever! we'll see. im not ****ing idiot!

Posted at 6:05 PM on Jul 14, 2010 by Lindsay Lohan

dont drop the soap.maybe they will make a mistake accidentally on purpose and put her in GP hahahah.the career of a judge will over shadow considering there was not near this much out cry involving any star going to jail than i can remember.shapiro couldnt even help his own son how is he working with a facility?didnt i just see him on tv hawking some gay arse find a lawyer by commercial crap?is business slipping for him that much he needs to do television?so was it kim or kloe that got on the knees for ol bob?

1531 days ago
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