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Trump Requests Services of Tiger Woods Mistress #1

7/16/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Donald Trump is getting in on the action with Tiger Woods mistress numero uno Rachel Uchitel ... because he's offered her a job on the next season of "The Celebrity Apprentice."


Trump -- a longtime friend of Tiger's -- told TMZ he personally called Uchitel three weeks ago and offered her a spot on the show .... telling her she'd be "awesome."

We called Uchitel and asked if she was going to take the offer -- and she said, "Absolutely."

We're pretty confident she'll excel in business -- since she's already proved she can handle the load.

NBC has the final say on whether Uchitel will be on the show, but Donald usually gets his way.


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So now days you just have to be a whore to be a celebrity?

1526 days ago

Oh NO! PLease stop giving these women anymore publicity. I am tired of this junk. I won't be watching the show and The whole population should also do the same. Once the ratings go down, they will figure that it was a big, big mistake. We need positive role models. People that contribute to society. STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

1526 days ago

Felicia Stover    

I guess you have to be a hooker in order to become rich and famous! unbelievable! get rid of realty TV and bring back the talented!!!!!!!

1526 days ago


This tramp needs a traffic signal in her bedroom and Trump thinks she is a celebrity??? Maybe a world record for STD distribution.

Why would The Donald hold this whore in such high esteem? Oops, I forgot, he used to have one of his own.

1526 days ago


Oh Donald...We have put up with some pretty nasty tricks from you but this one, really didn't think you'd stoop this low for ratings. You kicked Gene Simmons off the show for making some comments towards your own daughter and yet, this is okay?
While this was a "relationship" between two consenting adults, using this for ratings bait is just plain, well frankly, it SUCKS!!! Ratings, smatings...if she's on the show, you've lost a faithful viewer.
And NBC...JUST SAY NO!! Hold your ground. Don't you have enough ratings and reputation issues without adding this to your resume.

1526 days ago


Gross, he'll lose the female 30-50 demographic.

1526 days ago


Whose the Real Whore here????

1526 days ago


Donald's stunts are getting old. Rachael should be a 'celebrity apprentice' to Heidi Fleiss.

1526 days ago



Shame on you! You have sunk to a new low. Karma is a bitch baby! What goes around comes around. Just wait and see.

1526 days ago


PUH-LEEZ ! Was the 20 mil from Tiger not enough to live on ?
Why does the media and TV honor these whores by keeping them in the spotlight. I think her 15 mibutes was up a long time ago- seriously !

1526 days ago


I won't be watching!!!!

1526 days ago

Michelle A.    

How the hell does this woman do it? but it is a smart move on trumps part... bet the show will get a ratings boost.
hell I might even tune in.

1526 days ago


As usual, Trump ALLEGEDLY thinks he's God and people will watch him over and over again allegedly berate, demean and look sternly and disapprovingly at anyone he chooses for the "slaughter".
I have watched the show a few times and am always amazed at how his offspring allegedly glares at people amused just by thinking of how her father will destroy them and embarass them. I could have them figured wrong but they just look
allegedly as though they hate everyone and consider people's feelings just something to toss around and chew on, kind of like
cats playing with a mouse.
If she thinks she got the shaft from Tiger, that was a day on a sailboat compared to Trump allegedly tearing your face off for his amusement.
I could be wrong and these are just my observations but
she needs to watch a few movies about gladiators and lions first. OR he could totally be nice and give her the same respect he gives everyone, um, yeah................ok.

1526 days ago


Oh, my, you mean "the Donald Duck" is going to take the low road allegedly again? If you want a surprised look, go somewhere else.
One nice thing might come out of yet another idiotic show from him is that since he allegedly demeans everyone on that show, she'll probably get embarassed and berated daily.
Has anyone explained the ALLEGED mean spirit of this guy to her.
She should watch some of the other Apprentice shows first of him and his offspring ALLEGEDLY smirking and berating and demeaning other contestants. This is just my opinion, of course.
I might have the great god Trump figured all wrong. He might actually be a kindhearted, charitable man.........

1526 days ago


Apparently Donald is friends with Tiger, but wasn't with his wife. He obviously has no respect for her or for Tiger's kids - or women generally, apparently, because he doesn't seem to understand the hurt and devastation that was caused by Tiger's girlfriends and Tiger. Anything goes when making money, I guess, so Donald is right in there with Rachel and the rest. Rachel hurts Tiger's wife and kids and then benefits, becomes a celebrity because of it. Mind you, look what Donald did to Marla Maples and his daughter - dumped them. I think it is appalling that Trump asked Uchitel to be on his show, but likely it is a smart business.

1526 days ago
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