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Trump Requests Services of Tiger Woods Mistress #1

7/16/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Donald Trump is getting in on the action with Tiger Woods mistress numero uno Rachel Uchitel ... because he's offered her a job on the next season of "The Celebrity Apprentice."


Trump -- a longtime friend of Tiger's -- told TMZ he personally called Uchitel three weeks ago and offered her a spot on the show .... telling her she'd be "awesome."

We called Uchitel and asked if she was going to take the offer -- and she said, "Absolutely."

We're pretty confident she'll excel in business -- since she's already proved she can handle the load.

NBC has the final say on whether Uchitel will be on the show, but Donald usually gets his way.


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That's it, I'm done. I'll never watch this show again. This is as low as you get. Donald Trump has proved he has ZERO values. The only thing this woman is famous for is screwing for money. I don't see how anyone else would join the cast with her on it. Ugh.

1559 days ago


There goes The Apprentice from my favorite TV list!

1559 days ago


Wow. Society sucks and has been spiralling down for years. This is another perfect example. Lesson to learn: Commit a crime, Be a slut mistress, Kill someone, Be a drunk, Be a druggie, Beat someone... and society makes you famously rich and gives you money making opportunities.
Nice world we live in.

1559 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

The SUPER match up of a SUPER WHORE and a SUPER PIMP!!! What these kinds of people DONT DO for MONEY?????

1559 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

It would be great to ask Tiger Woods to be on the same apprentice team with Rachel-Gather more SLUTS and Great fathers like her and Tiger-I wonder who would open the Best HOUSE of PROSTITUTION in the BIG apple???

1559 days ago


IF Trump or any other venue trys to reward this homewrecking celebrity whore, I will as we all should boycott that specific network or show at a minimum.

Just sad that anyone like this woman can do what she did, along with Tiger mind you, but it seems like it is costing Tiger, and she is being rewarded for using her vagina as a lure.

1559 days ago


We are an avid watcher of the show and definitely enjoyed last season as it was filled with celebrities who showed a true committment and passion for their charities. If Donald Trump, a man that makes a living off his brand, puts Rachel Uchitel on the show, we willl no longer be watching. I find it very hard to believe that Trump is not smart enough to realize that by coming off a season with huge ratings that inspired thinks he can do it again by putting a low-life d-lister on the show. Keep the trash deep within the landfills, Trump...don't be a garbage picker. I just wonder what "charity" Uchitel would be playing for "Homewreckers Anonymous?"

1559 days ago


I sure as hell won't be watching if she's on.
She's a piece of ****, period.

1559 days ago


That is disgraceful! Both are tramps.

1559 days ago

someone who reads    

The day of real celebrity is dead. No more folks. Now it should be renamed to Hollyweird, full of tramps and celebrity wannabe's. These people are making a fortune laughing at us while the honest joe is out there trying to actually make a living, Sad really. We should all boycott television reality garbage from now on. SAY NO TO GARBAGE, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! these idiots are making fools of us all and we eat it up, buy the stupid rags, watch the stupid, not even worth anymore of my time writing....

I am Canadian and proud of it. What about you?

1559 days ago

Yep I said that    

A total skank why reward a tramp like this for spreading her legs

1559 days ago


This is the worst thing I have heard. Trump is a jerk anyway. Who would want him for a friend. Once again, greed is the culprit. I wouldn't watch that show again ever!

1559 days ago


I boycott anything to with " u can tell" she's a ho! I actually like that show but as of this moment it is boycotted from our house....sorry donald, So so dissappointing....

1559 days ago


great..I hate looking at this burnt skeleton as it is, now she's going to be on TV..I won't be watching

1559 days ago


I will refuse to watch The Apprentice, which I have been a loyal view of for years - if this homewrecker is on the show.

1559 days ago
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