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Oksana's Camp: 'Self-Inflicted' Injury Claim 'Disgusting'

7/18/2010 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ they are "outraged" by the claim that her injuries were "self-inflicted," calling the allegation "absurd and disgusting."

TMZ first reported ... at least one expert who has analyzed photos and other evidence concluded the damage to Oksana's mouth was consistent with a self-inflicted injury.

Sources connected with Oksana claim they have plenty of evidence to prove otherwise, not the least of which is Mel Gibson saying on the recording that she "deserved it."

As we reported, Oksana's dentist believes she was not struck in the mouth, in part because there was no soft tissue damage or swelling consistent with a punch. 

Nevertheless, sources connected with Oksana say the dentist's testimony will ultimately provide powerful support, in part because she told him that Mel hit her and that she wanted to protect him at all costs.  As we reported, the dentist says he observed bruising to Oksana's left temple area, but she did not want the photos he took to show the injury so she covered it up with makeup and hair, and looked off to the side when the pics were taken.

And one more note.  Sources connected with Oksana's dentist, Ross Shelden, tell TMZ, the dentist regrets saying yesterday that the photo circulating on the internet was altered and "he may have jumped to a hasty conclusion."


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I had an abusive boyfriend once that even tried to convince ME that I had my daughter punch me in the arm to bruise myself!!
He even told my Mother and his sister the same thing trying to cover himself in cse the police came!!

Abusers will say anything.

I'm not saying who hit her! Dunno...

This is getting good though...

1522 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

If she was so eager to prove abuse, and if she indeed had a bruise on her left temple, why the heck did she cover it up with her hair and makeup while showing her broken veneers? If she had been hit in the mouth, she would have had a fat lip; not that you could have noticed it because of her normal big, ugly lips! She's such a fake!

1522 days ago


I sort of believed Mel might be capable of physical abuse until his ex wife testified that he never assaulted her or harmed any of their 7 kids. That's pretty powerful testimony. I was involved with an abuser long ago and I can tell you, you don't strut around with big smiles and sparkly eyes when relating what happened to you. You are traumatized and shocked. Oksana looks too darn pleased with herself. I'll be team Mel on this one.

1522 days ago


I’m beginning to understand the existence of tabloid media. You know the type of printed, cheesy garbage people read at checkout stands that’s only good to wrap fish in? The only people who would actually want to listen to the tapes, hurl gutter accusations at Mr. Gibson, make self-righteous prejudgments, and call this woman 4-letter words are the vultures – like the tabloid creators, themselves.

Do you people realize that you are worse than the “side-show caricatures” these people have been reduced to by the tabloid media? They media’s looking to make a buck off the mistakes and humiliation of others. And you buy into it with the feeding frenzy of a shark.

1522 days ago


Her ex Timothy Dalton is 66 and she's 40. That means she met him shen she was 27 and he was 53. Sounds likes a gold digger. When I was 27 I would have no interest in a man that much older.

1522 days ago


The woman is lying her ash off. Her story is falling apart. So she let the dentist take a picture of her with her face turned (for whatever reason) yet she didn't want him to take a detailed picture of her mouth area to protect Mel? The fact that he apparently NEVER harmed or attacked his former wife and their children is showing her to be a complete liar. She had to be the one to release those tapes too.

The fact of the matter is...the dentist will be in just as much trouble. By law, he is obligated to report such behavior even if it is just suspected. The photo's are showing no damage to the area that she claimed Mel hit her.

Those tapes sound suspicious too. Not saying Mel G isn't a douchebag, but she is way too calm. If I heard something like that coming at me from another human being, I would be terrified. She doesn't sound scared at all. She set this up and is after money...nothing more. I hope they get this gold digger for extortion. They need to test Mel for altering behavioral drugs as well. She could have been doing anything to him.

This isn't a battered woman at all. This is a con artist and experienced manipulator.

1522 days ago


#7...there is something seriously wrong with ARE a woman hater and beater. bet you're "small" too.
#9...first wife probably "obeyed" him...wife 2 probably mouthed back....that's when they hit. verbal abuse is just as bad and boy he is loaded with it....
#11. you're the smartest one of the bunch. you hit the nail on the head.......

1522 days ago


Lying whore. These types will do and say anything to get what they want. First when they're luring in the men, then when they want to milk them of all their money.

Old men need to learn to keep their peckers in their pants or get snipped to stop these tramps from getting preggers.

1522 days ago


Mel should have put his trust in christ and god rather than a woman. First off, the bible, god, jesus christ and the apostles taught over and over again - any woman who divorces her husband and enters a second marriage is an "adulteress" (Romans 7:3, Mark 10:12, Luke 16:18, Mathew 19, Cor 1,6:7). Jesus also spoke clearly to the woman at the well. Oksana has had 3+ husbands. Adulterers are beautiful on the outside, but they have feet that lead to the death according to book of proverbs. (Prov 6). Mel should have obeyed the bible to know that going with this woman would end up just at the book of proverbs teaches. From the tape , which I listened to, I get the clear picture that mel needs to be freed from bondage to things that are not healthy. Only this can be done through christ. Oksana needs to move on ... and it is sad they have a child together.

1522 days ago


WOW TIMOTHY DALTON was photographed visiting oksana's home yesterday to show his support. WHY HASN'T TMZ shown those pictures? go go "DAILY MAIL." DAILY MAIL is a UK newspaper and there are pictures of dalton going to oksana' house to support her against Mel's lies. Mel Gibson's billion dollar empire is spinning like mad now - much like Bill Clinton's PR people used to do UNTIL THE BLUE DRESS... LOL in this case before the tapes & pictures. AN EXPERT WHO WORKED FOR THE CIA & FBI FOR YEARS WAS INTERVIEWED ON MSN & CNN VERIFIYING THE TAPES HAVE NOT BEEN TAMPERED WITH. oh well Mel will never go to jail or be charged and if it was anyone else THEY WOULD HAVE ALREADY HAD THEIR PLEA AGREEMENT & BEEN TRYING TO BOND OUT OF JAIL.

1522 days ago

kim f    

Oh, I get it. Radar scooped you..and so did Popeater ...on the Mel Gibso Abuse story. So you are trying to concoct a story to compete. Love you, TMZ..but no one is buying your attempt to portray Mel as the victim. Listen to the tape..the tape don't lie. Mel is a pathetic, anti-semitic, racist, sexist creep. SHE IS THE VICTIM. MEL GIBSON, YOUR CAREER IS OVER. It doesn't matter if Mel hit her in the temple or the mouth: HE IS THE VILLAIN IN THIS STORY. AND HE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN.

1522 days ago


Author: kim f

"Oh, I get it. Radar scooped you..and so did Popeater ...on the Mel Gibso Abuse story. So you are trying to concoct a story to compete. Love you, TMZ..but no one is buying your attempt to portray Mel as the victim. Listen to the tape..the tape don't lie. Mel is a pathetic, anti-semitic, racist, sexist creep. SHE IS THE VICTIM. MEL GIBSON, YOUR CAREER IS OVER. It doesn't matter if Mel hit her in the temple or the mouth: HE IS THE VILLAIN IN THIS STORY. AND HE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN."

Neither are you.

1522 days ago


Look, I think Gibson has some very significant, religiously-entrenched entitlement issues and delusions of moral superiority that are exacerbated by his fame, financial situation and substance abuse. He also, obviously, has some significant anger management issues that I'm pretty sure have gotten exponentially worse because he realizes he's the one that was used in the relationship with Oksana (his beliefs tell him women are to submit to men to be used by the man, not the other way around).

I also think that Oksana is, essentially, a grifter that played him big time and pushed his buttons and provoked him to get the most extreme reactions for the sole purpose of gaining control and recording his rantings in order to blackmail him. She told her dentist Gibson hit her in the mouth and busted her teeth, the dentist didn't see it occur so his testimony as to who allegedly hit her is hearsay. Since the findings of the dentist's physical examination is completely inconsistent with her story, the story should be discounted. It's no small coincidence that she made coy statements about the truth behind their breakup coming out and these tapes were leaked but that she didn't go to the cops before making sure all of this was public.

I agree with #9. I'm sure the rantings were Gibson but the tapes sound doctored and I would not be surprised if her statements had been dubbed to show a calmer demeanor and, maybe, alter some of the things she said to him.

1522 days ago

Andy Warhorse    

Fortunately for most readers, they have never encountered women who drive men mad with lies and cheating and the like, provoke them to the point where they go insane, far out of character, then call the police and lie to them. It doesn't even have to be for money. These women can be borderline personalities, alcoholics, narcissists, a range of psychiatric illnesses. They'll show the police a scar they obviously got at the age of two and claim it happened half an hour before. This happened to me. It's happened to many other men. I don't believe a word this woman says. I have no use for Mel Gibson, but as far as this Oksana is concerned, she's sick garbage.

1522 days ago


Timothy Dalton is probably giving thanks to God t's not him this time. He is 66 with a 12 yr old, so he was 54 and she was 28 when the son was born. No one says how much she got out of him in support, alimony and pay offs. Would be interesting to check her bank records and see what she was paid.
It is surprising how silent Dalton is during this whole thing if she is innocent. So I am wondering what she has on him.

1522 days ago
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