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Oksana's Camp: 'Self-Inflicted' Injury Claim 'Disgusting'

7/18/2010 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ they are "outraged" by the claim that her injuries were "self-inflicted," calling the allegation "absurd and disgusting."

TMZ first reported ... at least one expert who has analyzed photos and other evidence concluded the damage to Oksana's mouth was consistent with a self-inflicted injury.

Sources connected with Oksana claim they have plenty of evidence to prove otherwise, not the least of which is Mel Gibson saying on the recording that she "deserved it."

As we reported, Oksana's dentist believes she was not struck in the mouth, in part because there was no soft tissue damage or swelling consistent with a punch. 

Nevertheless, sources connected with Oksana say the dentist's testimony will ultimately provide powerful support, in part because she told him that Mel hit her and that she wanted to protect him at all costs.  As we reported, the dentist says he observed bruising to Oksana's left temple area, but she did not want the photos he took to show the injury so she covered it up with makeup and hair, and looked off to the side when the pics were taken.

And one more note.  Sources connected with Oksana's dentist, Ross Shelden, tell TMZ, the dentist regrets saying yesterday that the photo circulating on the internet was altered and "he may have jumped to a hasty conclusion."


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To Oksana: Your attempt to destroy Mel Gibson's career is about to backfire.

To Mel: Get you drinking and anger under control. You have said some anti-gay, anti-Semitic, and racist comments. But all your actions have proved otherwise.

I hope all those scared little people in Hollywood get some courage and stand by you like Woopie Goldberg. Hats of to you girl!

1529 days ago


Mel ex wife she has come out in defense of Mel Gibson and said that he never hit her and that he was a wonderful father.

1529 days ago


Then don't cover up the bruise! Don't say I am blaming the victim either. The dentist should have known better too. He didn't report it to police or take a picture of that bruise. oy...and they teach nurses to do***ent everything and report suspicions of abuse. Abuse is not something that health care workers can keep secret for their patients.

1529 days ago


Maria, Mel is mentally ill. He is a known bipolar. His ex wife's testimony should mean NOTHING. Just because he wasn't violent then in NO WAY means he's not violent now. These conditions can be exacerbated at any time in a person's life. Conditions change, get worse, get better, who knows. Her testimony should have been IRRELEVANT.

1529 days ago


Let's not forget the law of supply and demand. Gonna play, gonna pay. Cause and effect. Karma. Reap what you sow. Gonna dance, gotta pay the band. Etc....It ain't rocket science.

1529 days ago


Are you kidding? Have you read about his father?
Google Hutton Gibson

1529 days ago


There is nothing that could be said or done in my opinion that redeems this so called "MAN". And get the hell out of here with the so called experts saying these tapes were doctored that's a load of BULL S no one in the media recieved the unedited tapes period if you believe she is such a smart gold digger do you really think if she had anything to do with the release of the tapes she would have given away the completely unedited tapes? REALLY? So when she goes to court she has nothing to barter with? COME ON GROW A BRAIN. Untill these experts review the unedited tapes then I will change my opinion if their's is still the same. And really she's gonna extort him in emails and text messages? REALLY? Are you stupid anyone with half a brain knows how easy it is to trace that right back to her my 9 yr old niece knows that! A gold digger would know to only attempt to extort him in person with no one around. I never said this woman was a nice woman but the bottomline is he is a sexist racist angry poor excuse for a human being and he was that way before Oksana ever came into his life don't you remember his racist sexist rant to the police that was covered up by the cops the only reason we knew about that was this stupid website in the first place they got the unedited police report. Either way you look at it abused woman or gold digger MEL was always the one with the power in the relationship MONEY AND FAME RULES EVERYTHING she pretty much had no choice either way but to record him. Sorry some of you don't agree but in your hearts you know that is the truth as human beings with kind hearts it's hard for us to admit it but that is the way the world IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN.

Yes incase you were wondering that was an older post of mine cause I don't have the energy at the moment to even type much.

1529 days ago


I don't know but there's something fishy about this woman.Mel Gibson was married with his ex for 28 years and she has come out defending Mel, she has said that he never hit her and that he was a wonderful father, she file for divorce when Mel got involve with this woman.
I think this lady is after his money!,It sad to think that there is people out there that would do anything for money.

1529 days ago


Andy Warhorse. Yep. Seen it first hand. Men do get accused of woman beating when it's just not true.

1529 days ago


I'm someone who's had a lot of restorative dental work done. Dentists always take before and after pictures when doing major restorative or cosmetic work, so the existence of a photo showing *damaged* teeth doesn't mean too much. But, the teeth in question do not appear to have sustained damage or recent injury. Their edges appear smooth and rounded. This all may be nothing more than the result of dental work to prepare the teeth for caps or veneers. My comments are not intended to defend Gibson or accuse Grigorieva but only to make observations about the teeth in question.

1529 days ago


Oh also, I don't know why some people think all the evidence should leak to the media. You are not involved in the case. People seem to forget Tmz is still a gossip/entertainment site.

1529 days ago


wtf happened to her mouth ....

1529 days ago


If u look at the photos u can Oksanas eyes are red an puffy like she has been crying all night.
PS love the Jack Osborne T-shirt.

1529 days ago


If the abuse were legit, Oksana would have reported it at the time. But, she waited until her funding was being curtailed to set up MG and flood the media with false allegations. Her teeth received an impact from below her face. MG is taller than she is and would have done more damage resulting in tooth loss not a chipped tooth or a removed veneer. The woman is an extortionist and should legally be treated accordingly. Further, Oksana's false allegations of abuse take attention off legitimate cases of abuse. The woman needs to do time. What is bothersome is that her shaking a child received little attention in the media. A woman who would do that is an abusive parent and needs the child removed from the household.

1529 days ago


Can you say "o-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-s-t"..??.....yes that would be you, Oksana

1529 days ago
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