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Oksana Had Lawsuit Ready Against Mel Gibson

7/23/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva had a civil lawsuit prepared and ready to file against Mel Gibson back in May, in the event Gibson failed to negotiate a custody and financial deal she considered fair.


We've learned during the two day mediation in mid-May,  Eric George, who was Oksana's lawyer at the time, drafted and threatened to file the lawsuit, alleging assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

As we first reported, the parties agreed to a $15 million package for Oksana.  When the outline of the agreement was signed, George abandoned the idea of suing. 

Sources say although lawyers on both sides were well aware of the secretly-recorded tapes -- which one source called "the 800 pound elephant in the room" -- the lawsuit George drafted made no specific mention of tapes, nor of Gibson's racially-charged comments.

As a result, the tapes could have been used as leverage to settle the lawsuit after it was filed.  Now that the tapes are out, Oksana has lost a lot of that leverage.

The suit George drafted sought unspecified damages.

Oksana ultimately refused to sign the mediation agreement in its full form ... she says because she didn't want to give Mel unsupervised visitation.  Gibson's lawyers scoffed at the notion that Oksana had a problem with visitation, claiming that after January 6, he had regularly spent time alone with Lucia and she encouraged him to have even more visitation.


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On the tape she said she didn't want his money

Posted at 2:22 AM on Jul 23, 2010 by Chuck
That was on one of her tapes, but she has also said things that contradict that remark. She complained to the media that she has to live off credit cards because he won't pay her. She also complained on tape about "the Army" he has to support so there is nothing left for her.

1520 days ago


Didn't we just send a plane load of RUSKIES back to Moscow. Why wasn't she on it?

1520 days ago


Oksana is the Octomom! or should I say Oktomom? Greedy, scheming, selfish little thing...

1520 days ago


Does anyone still not think she isn't a malicious whore who set Gibson up so she could milk him for millions?

1520 days ago


This woman is looking more and more like the bitch from hell. If it turns out that she is an extortionist, as it looks to me, I hope she is publicly humiliated, scorned, and exiled.

1520 days ago


Oksana...You need to ask Heather Mills how American's treat Gold Digging whores. You publicity stunt will backfire...

1520 days ago


1520 days ago


Here is one TMZ missed
I have heard that SANDRA BULLOCK is reaching out to JESSIE JAMES,begging him to come back.Wont be long before this desperate shrew of a woman will be back with adolf.She misses him.
You heard it here first

wow thats amazing

1520 days ago


Now, Okscammer is claiming Mel wanted "Jew Blood" on his hands (radar). Can this woman get any more obvious? Anyone that believes something just because she says it is not looking at the entire picture here. Her daily press releases are all responses to what she is reading on these boards. Okscammer, tsk tsk. Can't you do better than this? Radar should have titled that one "Okscammer plays the race card as she loses the PR war"

1520 days ago


Did someone post earlier that there was a newspaper article where she accused Dalton of abusing her? Anyone got the link?

That would be pretty telling...

1520 days ago


Joking about cancer....pretty harsh and unnecessary

1520 days ago


Why cant i read through these comments without the maniacal rantings of sweetheart..? I am convinced you stand outside windows and hide behind tree trunks watching wrinkly old Mels and crack-whore Oksy's every move. Haha you type your BS as if you were there ahaha ... LOL you freakoid!! put shivers up my spine you do!!!!!!
PS Mel sucks

1520 days ago


As disgusting as it sounds, she'll probably be in next season's lineup for Dancing With The Stars.
She'll become a celebrity, going on talk shows like the view, writing a book and getting her own reality show. Seems to be the way things go now.

1520 days ago


Mel's a classic idiot, he should have kept his mid life crisis the hell away from that Ruski golddigger. Then all would have been good. He didn't, now he got to pay up, simple as. Because Mel isn't some wet nosed 17 year old, he's old enough to know better, he should never have allowed a (frankly) plain to boring looking woman to wrap him up so tight.

1520 days ago


Mel has to harden his heart and go after Oksana all the way. I have a feeling she will be a troublemaker for him as long as she is not locked up. I shudder when I think of all the lies and hatred she would feed Lucia with if she has custody of her.

1520 days ago
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