Dentist's Story In Direct Conflict with Oksana

7/16/2010 3:40 PM PDT

Dentist's Story In Direct Conflict with Oksana

The dentist who treated Oksana Grigorieva does not believe she was struck in the mouth as she claims ... and his evaluation raises serious questions about her injuries ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with Dr. Ross Shelden's medical charts, photos and examination notes tell TMZ ... Dr. Shelden saw no evidence Oksana was struck in the mouth.  TMZ broke the story ... Oksana told Sheriff's deputies Mel Gibson struck her in the mouth twice, knocking one tooth out and chipping another.

Although Dr. Shelden sees no evidence of a strike to the mouth, he does have a different scenario.  We've learned Dr. Shelden believes Oksana was struck in the left temple, which caused her to bite down so hard, one veneer was completely knocked out and another was damaged.  The charts reflect that Oksana's teeth were fully intact.

Dr. Shelden observed a bruise on Oksana's left temple, however, we know the photos he took in his office show no such bruising.  The doctor's explanation -- Oksana was reluctant to have her picture taken and covered up the bruising with her hair and makeup -- plus she was looking off to the side.  As we previously reported, Oksana told the doctor Mel had hit her.

As for the mouth area, Dr. Shelden's charts reflect two bite marks on the inside of the lower lip.  The doctor says there was no swelling or bruising consistent with a punch to the mouth but believes instead the bite marks are consistent with "a chain reaction" after allegedly being hit in the temple.

There is nothing in the records indicating whether the doctor believes Oksana's wounds may have been self-inflicted. 

Sources connected with Mel Gibson tell TMZ the actor did not strike Oksana.