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Blames Arrest on 'Punk B*tch Rookie Cop'

7/20/2010 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T just blasted the cop who arrested him this morning in New York City -- calling the officer a "punk b*tch rookie cop" who "made the arrest of his bullsh*t career today."

The rapper posted the message to his Twitter twenty minutes ago -- and even published the NYPD officer's last name and badge number.

According to T's Twitter, the officer told him, "I know who you are and I don't give a f*ck!"

As TMZ first reported, Ice got pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt ... and was then placed under arrest for allegedly driving on a suspended license. He was processed and then released.

UPDATE: Ice-T now claims he was not driving on a suspended license -- according to his Twitter -- calling the allegation a "lie."


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Craig Swinson    

Real **** move, a lot of those NYPD cops helped your acting career

1555 days ago

Michael Knight    

So you broke the law but are blaming the cop who arrested you for doing his job??? And you play a cop on TV? Classic. Welcome to the Lindsay Lohan defense of I didn't do anything wrong, everyone else is to blame.

1555 days ago


Ice Tea, don't be a pr*ck because you think you're too gangster to follow the law. Driving on a suspended license it illegal. Not sure who you think you are that you deserve special treatment. I'm glad the cop doesn't give a f*ck who you are because either do we.

Oh, by the way, your wife is fat and ugly. Tell her to layoff the plastic surgery. She's manly looking.

1555 days ago


Shows how good an actor he is. He can play a dedicated and courageous cop on TV but in real life he´s a just whiney self-absorbed celebrity who thinks he´s above the law.

1555 days ago

the will    

Well Mr Ice-T, ifin you broke the law, that's what happens. Don't give a **** who you think you are!!!

1555 days ago


Anybody know why his license was suspended in the first place....

1555 days ago


What he did sounds like he should have been given a ticket, NOT arrested.

1555 days ago


Way to go doofus!!!!!!

1555 days ago


So Now lets get mad at the cop who is doing his job. So lets see we can drive without a licence and not wear our seatbelt but you better not pull me over. Get over it buddy your not all that.

1555 days ago


maybe he dropped it in the troff the other day when he took his hippo out for dinner? i like ice-t but pull your head out of your ass, man. speaking of checking papers, can we see your bill of sale from the farm you found true love?

1555 days ago


Ha, that's what he gets for talking smack about the incredible singer/songwriter Aimee Mann. It's called "karma"!

1555 days ago


Another celebrity that thinks they are above the law. Pathetic *******.

1555 days ago

not me    

celebs...gotta love the 'victim' role the most.

1555 days ago


Once again, not at all surprise by the dumbass comments posted here on the TMZ comments section.

No doubt about it, the cop tried to make a name for himself by cuffing T just on a supended license - if you actually think that's normal procedure, YOU'RE A IDIOT. The cop could have just fined him and be done with it. But no - got to book muthaf.uking Ice-T and brag about it to the boys, right.

Meanwhile, a car is getting jacked, a grocery store's getting robbed, a girl's getting raped... but that cop booked Ice-T! Good job son...

Posted at 11:03 AM on Jul 20, 2010 by MightyMad...... I can just guess what part of town your from, So STFU!

1555 days ago


Another washed up black blaming everybody but himself for breaking the law. Maybe he can lay his head in his wife's busom for comfort....but he has to be careful not to suffocate.

1555 days ago
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