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Blames Arrest on 'Punk B*tch Rookie Cop'

7/20/2010 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T just blasted the cop who arrested him this morning in New York City -- calling the officer a "punk b*tch rookie cop" who "made the arrest of his bullsh*t career today."

The rapper posted the message to his Twitter twenty minutes ago -- and even published the NYPD officer's last name and badge number.

According to T's Twitter, the officer told him, "I know who you are and I don't give a f*ck!"

As TMZ first reported, Ice got pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt ... and was then placed under arrest for allegedly driving on a suspended license. He was processed and then released.

UPDATE: Ice-T now claims he was not driving on a suspended license -- according to his Twitter -- calling the allegation a "lie."


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Chun LI    

You broke the law Idiot. Get that tub of lard wife to get you out

1554 days ago


Turns out he did NOT have a suspended license,

So he went to jail for no seatbelt.

As an impartial observer I would say the cop is the moron here and I certainly do not feel safer knowing there are dumb cops put there wasting taxpayers money.

1554 days ago


whatever - have more respect for the law low a** piece of trash. speaking of low a** piece of trash - what is with that 'piece' he calls a wife. Oy vey!

1553 days ago


I would also think sending out a text calling the police officer names, would really score him points with the NYPD, and future law enforcement stops. Way to go Jack ass.

Posted at 11:25 AM on Jul 20, 2010 by Rourke
Someone is saying Ice-T should go to jail for threatening the cop when by what he said on his twitter, I am wondering where the threat is. You are going on about his tweet, people are wanting to send Mel Gibson to jail because he said nasty things, but when did name calling and words that were not like calling fire in a crowded theater reason to be jailed? Did all your parents not teach you sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me?

I understand he should have gotten a ticket for driving on a uspende license, if that is what it really was and not just an expired one, and for driving without a seatbelt, and that he is being whiny about it. I also think Mel's words were horrible, but they were in an argument on the phone and should not have been made public. BUT. do all of you people really want the government (the police) to have dominance and make determinations over your life and be able to throw you in jail for mere words and opinions, even if they are bad words? I think all of you have lost as much perspective as these two actors.

1553 days ago


So Ryan if a cop sent you to jail for no seatbelt would you happy?

Anyone bashing Ice-T here is a moron. The cop is clearly a ego driven punk

1553 days ago


Ice T is a "punk bitch" fake ass gangster. I wish his bull**** public pronouncements would make him lose his Law & Order gig, and see what the **** he does then. He's an *******.

1553 days ago


And this is the guy who said he was sorry for writing that bad song about killing cops and how much respect he has for them now since playing one on the television.

1553 days ago


Hey Ice T!!! Be a man and take your licks. You're crying like a baby!!!! Why don't you stop breaking the law. That will fix everything. I'm glad the cop arrested you,,,you need to be cut down to size a little.

1553 days ago


Is this the same bit*h PUNK who rapped the Cop Killer "rap" years ago.

Now he plays a Cop and thinks he's one?

The best thing is looking at his wife in the photos.

Real man; SURE.

1553 days ago

Robert Sciolino    

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm with Ice-T on this one. "Seatbelt laws" are absolutely intrusive on our liberty! Ice-T should have the God-given right to be an idiot subjected to being thrown around a car in a crash. Government has no god-damn business telling Ice-T he has to protect himself(yet, until socialized medicine makes them our nanny)! Cop should be looking for rapists and drug dealers not seat-belt "criminals"!

1553 days ago


It's a conspiracy! I'm being racially profiled! The law is out to get me! It's all a lie! The dog ate my seatbelt! Yeah, that's the ticket, the dog ate my seatbelt and my driver's license. :)

Old ******, don't just be getting older, grow up.

1553 days ago


No Ice T here's how it is, You're the punk bitch!!

1553 days ago


ALRIGHT - Comment 13 MightyMad "Meanwhile, a car is getting jacked, a grocery store's getting robbed, a girl's getting raped... but that cop booked Ice-T! Good job son..."
I CAN'T STAND IT WHEN PEOPLE TRY TO USE THIS CRAP!!!! If YOU know of a burglary, a grocer being robbed, a girl being raped then why are YOU not reporting it!? When police are out patroling its because at that moment in time - NOTHING is going on except your DUMBASS doing DUMBASS crap behind the wheel of a car. Seriously, how often do you people think serious crimes happen in your city alone??? Its not every f*cking second of every day, believe it or not - there is actually plenty of time in the day for patroling and considering the fact that the cop that just pulled you over is, omigosh listen to this one, ISNT THE ONLY AVAILABLE COP IN THE TOWN - YES! there are actually PLENTY of officers in one town to handle a burglary report and patrol the street AT-THA-SAME-TIIIIME!!! to do the job effectively.

Knock the BS off with the "theres better crimes happening than to be *HARRASSING* me." No there aren't. And if they are - 1. How do you so personally know, Suspect Number One? and 2. Why aren't you reporting it?
Cry me a river, next time how bout trying to like, oh, take *RESPONSIBILITY* for yourself!?

1553 days ago




1553 days ago


Man up Ice --- man up - you were wrong and was treated like everybody else ---- man up

1553 days ago
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