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Julianne Hough:

I Thought Seacrest

Was Gay!

7/22/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a reason it took Ryan Seacrest such a long time to score a date with his new girlfriend Julianne Hough -- she thought she lacked the proper equipment ... genitally speaking.

Our spies in North Carolina tell us Hough was in town for her birthday dinner at a Morton's steak house the other night with a bunch of friends ... and at one point during the meal, she was asked, "How did you and Ryan get together?"

Julianne responded, "He was after me since I was 18 ... he totally wasn't my type ... I thought he was gay."

But Hough continued, "After a few years, he was persistent ... so I went out with him on a date and I realized how much I liked him."

We're told Ryan and Julianne have been together for a couple of months.

Seacrest ... out?


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What an unclassy comment to make about someone you are involved with. T0TAL LACK OF RESPECT AND LOYALTY. STUPID GIRL!

1556 days ago


If your 32 year old friend told you he was hitting on an 18 year old, you'd tell him he'd lost it, right? If your 18 year old daughter brought home some 32-year-old dude, you'd tell her he was a sicko, right?

Why is this stuff OK in Hollywood?

1556 days ago


When they break up she'll be saying, "I was right, he is gay."

1556 days ago


I STILL think he might be gay (not that theres anything wrong with that)... Sorry Ryan :0)

1556 days ago


Must be the big bucks he has and she is interested. What else could it be?

1556 days ago


She *thought* he was gay... and now she is *sure.* LOL. He is gay as the day is long, you idiot.

1556 days ago


I thought Ryan and Ice T were a couple, He was sucking Ryans pee pee the other night in NY and got arrested for indecent exposure

1556 days ago


Like this relationship will last. HAH!!! Come on.

1556 days ago


This is a perfect example of people in HollyWood being overpaid. When flims and all that came out in the 90s. It was something fun to watch and experiment with. Now they have people in HollyWood like Ryan who made more money then any of the judges. All for holding up a mic and asking

"How do you feel about that" It's just disgusting how much people actually need that money but it's going to funded for overpaid actors, dropping 50k at a "dinner" to look like a big shot. While people that actually work and do hard labor are getting paid way less.

1556 days ago


I thought he was gay too.

1556 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

don't feel bad I thought he was gay also. Sometimes when they look gay they might be gay, maybe not now but sooner or later they will come out of the closet look at Ricky Martin.

Great example Jim McGreevey New Jersey's 52nd Governor he was married and as we know he came out of the closet while still being married....


1556 days ago

moe l.    

Julianne - Your "boyfriend" has you as a girlfriend for appearances' sake. After he drops you off, he heads to West Hollywood.

1556 days ago


How much is he paying her to try to convince people he's not gay?
God knows he has the $$$.

1556 days ago


Why are people so quick to judge. I have been divorced from my husband for 5 years now and people are being to think that I'm gay also and I'm not about to sleep with someone I don't care about just to please others... I have not meant anyone yet that really stands up to my new expectations... and I refuse to lower them for those who wish to talk. Ryan is a very busy man most days he flies from one state to another and back to do shows is he suppose to nail every woman he runs into just to please over people... he has never striked me to be that way at all.

1556 days ago

john johnson    

news flash julianne....................HE IS GAY!!! this arrangement you and him got is nothing more than P.R.!

1556 days ago
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