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Oksana Meets with Computer Crimes Attorney

7/22/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva just went to the law offices of an attorney -- a former federal prosecutor who specializes in computer crimes -- considered one of the foremost authorities on Internet crimes.

The attorney -- James Spertus -- practices in West Los Angeles.  Oksana is in his office right now.

It's interesting ... because sources tell TMZ Mel Gibson's lawyers have told the Sheriff's Department that they have evidence someone tampered with the tapes and they want Oksana investigated.

Spertus has lectured FBI agents and prosecutors on prosecuting intellectual property crimes.  He is the founding member of the Computer Crimes and Intellectual Property Section of the United States
Department of Justice.

We spoke with Spertus, who would not comment about Oksana.

On her way in, Oksana said she never tried to extort Mel Gibson.

UPDATE:  Sources connected with Oksana tell us she has been advised to make a copy of her hard drive in the event the Sheriff's Department seizes her laptop in connection with the criminal investigation.



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being an as**** is not against the law. if it were you'd be a lifer.

cut and pasting a list of worst movies...LMAO!!!

"he does NOT deserve any special treatment because he is responsible for some HORRIBLE movies too."

judas priest, what a dumbazz statement.

1562 days ago


Oksana reminds me Kathy Bates in "Misery". Amazingly evil.

1562 days ago


I have a small recording studio at home with digital recording software. I could use a few months of phone recordings & make you sound like anything I want. It's widely used in the recording industry to make lousy singers sound great, fix musicians mistakes. Tempos can be changes, dance mixes made. The same goes for pictures. Once in the digital domain, anything is possible. Think CGI. Don't trust anything you see or hear. The courts will bear this out.

Posted at 11:25 AM on Jul 22, 2010 by TheUltraworld
I'm sure she owns and knows how to use recording software being that she is a composer.

1562 days ago


Please make her go away......she's awful!!!!!

1562 days ago


OMG! Now THAT's funny, I don't care who you are. SHE hires a guy name, Spertus....LOL.....

Dude, I hope you've had a vasectomy.

1562 days ago

american girl    

Ok$kanka has doctored tapes from an ex-boyfriend before too. Check it out. She keeps doing the same stuff to all her boyfriends & gets worse & tries to get more money each time.,C%20ST-FTR-zp21.article

1562 days ago

Renee Ashley Baker    

ON MEL GIBSON:I'm going to give Mel a chance. So--Mel Gibson, Sarah Palin and ? Click link to read more:

1562 days ago


Just noticed that her attorney, James Spertus, is also the guy representing Rizzo, the former mayor of the City of Bell, in negotiating his severance package. Seems to me that both of these cases have some similarities

1531 days ago


I just sent my self a text message from someone elses phone. lol I bet thats what she did.....I also bet she was yelling and screaming at Mel when she was making the tapes. She did it, when his was going through nicotine withdrawal and very tired.( Remember it easier to quit heroine then smoking).Did everything to make the poor guy mad.So he would say very nasty words. I bet she did that lots. So you could pay someone to edit them. To sound like they did. Its not hard to do. Remember he did lots of movies. Cut and paste people. She is so going down.

1472 days ago


his conversations to sound like they did. Remember no orginals.

1472 days ago


No amount of tampering will change Gibson's racists rants.

His fans are pointing at Oksana so people won't focus on Gibson racists rants. Also, what man talks about the mother of his child in such a violent hateful way?

1471 days ago


have a news.

1437 days ago

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1393 days ago
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