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Michael Lohan Seeks Divine Lindsay Intervention

7/23/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is hoping to visit his daughter Lindsay Lohan in jail this weekend -- but if Lindsay refuses to see him, he'll ask for assistance from a higher power.

Papa Lohan tells TMZ that if Lindsay won't approve him as a visitor, he'll reach out to the jail's chaplain to help broker some kind of meeting. There is of course the possibility the chaplain could refuse to meet with him too.

It's one thing for your daughter to turn you away, it's another thing when JC's spokesperson does it.


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Ugh, no wonder she has addictions. He would drive anyone to drink (or do drugs). He just doesn't get it. No wonder everyone gets restraining orders against him. Friggen narcissist.

1500 days ago


No wonder she does drugs geez this guy is like dog **** on the bottome shoe. He does not go away and his **** stinks. The one smart thing she has done is not have this nut case in her life. Now she needs to get herself together kick the drugs and booze and make amends to those mentaly healthy people she does wants in her life.

1500 days ago


She might not even be there she got 2 days credit and because of overcrowding her lwayer is trying to get her released this weekend.

1500 days ago

Rachel Morgan    

Is daddy lohan behind Lindsays booking number listed on ebay? domain for sale now.

1500 days ago


Isn't it interesting that Michael Lowbrow is constantly in the news at the same time that Lindsay is so high profile? I have to question if even the Kate Major "beaten up" story is concocted by both of them so they can make tons of money off of the interviews?

1499 days ago


The whole family are idiots.. There are nude photos of Kate Major conveniently being leaked within the past few hours...

1499 days ago


OMG this guy really if a fkn idiot!!! She needs to slap a restraining order on him ASAP. He's a stalker from hell. What an complete *******! He said he was going to leak pictures of Kate and he has done so, what a loser!!! Throw his sorry a$$ in jail and be done with him. I actually thought at one point he was sincere in helping his daughter, now I see it's just a ploy to keep his sorry @ss in the papers.

1499 days ago

South Beach    

What part of "Beat it" is so hard to understand Dad?
Douchebag to the 10th power.

1499 days ago


Keep praying you monster.

Seriously TMZ, how many women does he have to beat and threaten to kill for you to stop using him as a source? Cuz we're up to 5 (Dina, Lindsay, Ali, Erin, Kate). You're perpetuating violence against women.

1499 days ago


Micheal Lohan is insane!
You are evil! You are violent!
Lindsey for your sake please get a restraining order on your Dad...
I feel for you hun. If it wasn't for him you'd probably wouldn't be in jail...
I'm not saying LiLo doesn't have problems... She does... And most of it is b/c of her father!
Just leave her alone!
She has people who TRULY care for her to help her!!!!
All that man really cares about is his name in the media...
My suggestion - TMZ and all other media, just stop reporting on him and see what happens... ;)
Sure he won't be as 'concerned' about Lindsey if he's not in the media...
Just sayin....

1498 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Why dont you ask Rachel Uchetel to give you a hand with your daughter-?? It seems you enjoy company of the sluts in high places_ No wonder Lindsay is the way she is- Seems like she learned a Hell of a lot from S***-Bag DAD!!!!

1498 days ago


damn! she gets out until the 9th of September.
Lindsay, you are still my girl.

1497 days ago
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