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The Day Oksana Taped Mel

7/25/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Oksana Grigorieva began secretly recording Mel Gibson shortly after he accused her of messing around with the "tree man."

Sources intimately familiar with the case tell TMZ ... on February 18, Oksana went to Mel's house and he allegedly flew into a rage. Sources say, according to Oksana, Mel had quit smoking that day and was in a "terrible mood." As TMZ first reported, Mel had also tried to quit smoking the day of their nuclear blowup on January 6.

On February 18, we're told Mel became insanely jealous ... allegedly accusing Oksana of having an affair with her landscaper. According to Oksana, she had to leave because she felt if she didn't Mel would hurt her and the baby. We're told after she left, an enraged Mel began calling ... and she began recording. 

Sources tell TMZ there was no physical violence on February 18 and the only type of violence between the January 6 encounter and the February 18 encounter was verbal ... not physical.

We're told all of the recordings were made on February 18. 


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Maybe cause TMZ made that story up? Yesterday on TMZ LIVE they said they knew about this so called plot 7 days ago you really expect me to believe they sat on this story for 7 days while ROL was taking all of their web hits with a week of Mel's tapes being released? REALLY ? ARE YOU DENSE. YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!

1561 days ago


BP: Maybe she lied. Maybe she didn't. Let's find out her side of that story, as well. I never said I was a fan of hers, at all. I said DUE PROCESS. Maybe Mel lies too. There's a concept. Maybe they're BOTH liars. I don't care about he said she said..... show me the tapes. If she is extorting a mentally ill man, I think that's TERRIBLE! But NOBODY HERE knows that yet. It's funny how everybody thinks they have all the answers, when all they are are guesses and wild imaginations.

1561 days ago


I am boycotting this site until you find SOMETHING ELSE to talk about. Who gives an effin crap about Mel Gibson anymore. Are you trying to drive him to hang himself or are you lacking in reporters who have any imagination of what else is going on in the Zone.


That goes for the Lohans also.

1561 days ago


So, these tapes were all from the same day? I really want to hear what was said in the beginning of the tapes. I'm sure he didn't just start by saying "Oksana, blow me you ****ing whore, slut, golddigger with a dysfunctional *****". Her camp made it seem that this is how he spoke to her on a regular basis, well maybe not daily, bur certainly more than once. So, this could have been just a really bad day that started with him quitting smoking, coming to her (his) house and seeing her dressed scantilly around the gardner while flirting. Let's not forget that she fell asleep the night before when she promised to give him a blow job BEFORE THE JACUZZI (snort). This really turning into a circus show. I'm sorry, I don't think he hit her, the baby or her son. I think he got verbally abusive when he realized he was getting extorted by a woman that couldn't care less about him at all. But, I gotta tell ya, if you think you're going to try to steal my money, you are definitely gonna get an ear full of my thoughts regarding you and your actions. And for her to put those tapes out there of 1 day when he was out of control, knowing full well the world is villainizing him as a full time out of control crazy man, is completely manipulative. He hasn't said or done anything in the media regarding her and she appears to be hanging herself all by herself.

Posted at 6:04 AM on Jul 24, 2010 by Pimpcessa

Worth repeating! I, and most of the planet, agree.

1561 days ago


Oh my gawd, Ok$ana and her camp have just got to stop talking already ! Soo, if he accused her of sleeping with the gardener, then why doesnt he mention this on the tapes ? The b***h keeps adding s**t to her stories, that if they were true, would have been brought to light from the very beginning. She is just making the crap up as she goes along ! The man has proven to be a stellar father for 28 yrs. She has got to stop dragging that baby into this ! She is infuriating ! Money driven !

1561 days ago



Since you are boycotting this site you won't be reading this response. But, for the most part this site is favorable to Mel, just like this current post. If anyone is driven to suicide it should be Oksana. Somehow I doubt she has the capacity to feel the shame that she should feel for this episode.

1561 days ago

Dr. Hammertoe    

Get real. Anyone getting yelled at wouldn't call several times and stay calm. Unless they caused fights before and knew they could "egg" the other person into yelling. Oh, what we do for money.

1561 days ago


Maybe she lied? Ixnay. She clearly lied.
The police responding with a "no report was made" IS "due process".
So, we now know that Ox is a liar. This is now established fact.
Now, look at the target and the timeline -oooh, now it becomes clearer, right? -right!
Common sense is also "due process". Let's not deny folks the liberty of that (well, maybe just the idiots).
Everything your trick has said is completely suspect, raising more questions (of validity) -and now (via "due process") we know she clearly lied (as did her lawyer).
Mel has yet to be caught in a lie, Ox has been caught ... and in a lie devised and implemented to alter the course of truth.
You really should absorb that for the weight it bears -for it permeates her entire "story".

1561 days ago

NEW Mel FAN    

Something is wrong with the 'he was quitting smoking that day' story. Cigarettes are addicting but 1 day or less would not cause an explosive rage. It is honestly not that hard or painful in one day. In fact, it is never 'that' painful. Just a tad annoying. Why not be supportive to 'your man' and be understanding. He wants to live to see his baby girl grow up!!!!!
I've quit and it may be a bit uncomfortable it is nothing that would make anyone fly into a rage. Drinking or quitting may but not cigarettes. She is a freaky person and leaked the tapes through her sister.

She is using that EXCUSE from the tapes where he says you make me want to smoke. Put her in prison for trying to blackmail, extort, conspiracy and breaking court orders by proxy through her sister after being gagged by the judge!

Where are the black eyes and busted lip. She is obviously out for money and angry Mel caught her doing the nasty with HIS hired landscaper. He paid for the service not her.

Such a shame that the baby is being put through this via her Mother. There was NO POINT in making this a PUBLIC spectacle unless she was going to lose. Radar stopped all comments due to all the negative comments about her so she would continue selling her story to them. Oksana, you are a fool!!!!

This should have been a police/court matter ONLY and you failed. You didn't not help the police at all. They know how to handle REAL DV cases! No money from Mel so you had a sibling SELL your story. Sounds like you got angry and a binky bump does not equal any mark on the baby by Mel. All woman know that babies get small rashes when the MOTHER does not bathe them properly or just sticks a pacifier in their mouth to keep them quiet.

Silly woman. You should have signed the 15 million deal!

It would have all calmed down in the end and YOU could have lived happily ever after on the millions and Lucia would have had her wonderful father to provide for her while you lived the good life!

You make me sick. Look at pictures of woman who have REALLY been hit in the mouth/face with a man half as strong as Mel and you will see what REAL DV abuse is!

To Mel, Rational Recovery is a WONDERFUL program to quit ANY addiction. Try it and you will see. Someone point him into their direction. God or the power of God lives INSIDE us all, however REAL responsibility Mel, for your drinking and smoking, lays upon you dear man. You have the GOD given FREEWILL so I pray you can use it wisely. (LOL!!! Like he will read this or something but one never knows who this could help) Oksana will though. She has already been SHOCKED by the public lack of support.

RO made a fool of you. Lack of public comments is PROOF! ha ha ha

You almost had me fooled.

1561 days ago


“She holds grudges too. Her revenge and retribution can be savage and harsh. Surprise is her weapon. Expect the worst, then double it. “This woman doesn’t think twice about destroying the reputations, health and well-being or the livelihood of others if they represent obstacles to getting what she wants. She’s the sort who will force you to get down on bended knee to beg forgiveness and then take delight in saying ‘No’. She makes you feel bad to ‘keep you on your toes’. “Such women will not be happy until they have ripped the very heart and soul out of their victim. Even then, there is no guarantee they will be any happier. Sadly, most men ignore what their gut instinct is trying to tell them about her, because they think she wants them.”

Sounds like what Oksana has done so far to Mel. (from the prior posted link by me)

1561 days ago


#116 - The site is not favorable to Mel, the posters are favoring Mel. I think we are all seeing though Ok$ana's lies the more she speaks, and the more we figure it out, the easier it is to side with Mel. She keeps making stuff up as she goes along.

1561 days ago

South Beach    

Mommy should have taken the deal of $15 mil, now she's overplayed her hand. Went from somewhat believeable into the twilight zone with the Harvey story, Mel's playing it smart by keeping his mouth shut and just letting her hang herself.
The both completely suck and in the middle is this kid. Great.

1561 days ago


BP: Last post for now. Unlike you, I have a life to get on with.

Maybe TMZ lied, as Sully said. But if she did lie about this, it doesn't mean he didn't lie as well. LOGIC. Try using it while you spend long hours panting and frothing at the mouth at your computer. Enjoy your eyestrain.

1561 days ago


I also agree (with John) about Sweetheart/Sweet Truths' postings.
At first the caps and mispellings can throw you ... -but if you actually read/hear her out, it's completely coherent and loaded with factual data.

1561 days ago


Yes she was going to have an affair with the three landscapers were were black. Maybe she wanted to experience a big bannana that mel doesnt have.

1561 days ago
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