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Brittany Murphy, Husband's Deaths -- the Mold Factor

7/25/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The investigation into Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack's deaths is now being handled by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, TMZ has learned ... and it's all because of mold found in their home.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the issue of mold in the house came up early during the investigation into Brittany's death -- but it was deemed "not to be a contributing factor."

Then when Simon passed away a few months later, we're told the issue came up again -- but Brittany's mom, Sharon, wouldn't let the L.A. County Coroner's Office in to investigate the mold. Now, we're told, Sharon has agreed to let Public Health investigators into the home.

Mold could be relevant to Simon and Brittany's respiratory health. Pneumonia was a cause of death for both of them.

We're also told Simon's mother, Linda Monjack is fully supportive of this move, and will be flying from Europe so she can be close to the investigation.

UPDATE: A rep for Sharon tells TMZ, "I have never been personally asked by the Coroner or anyone from the Health Department to come and inspect my home for mold ... to the best of my knowledge there has been no evidence of mold at the Murphy residence."


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SCOTT if the coronor knocks on your door to check out the house something is wrong!

1554 days ago


You all are asking what about the anemia. Well I'm anemic and could die from something else. It just states that they died of pneumonia and was anemic. Anemia is just low iron. Meaning you are not getting enough iron in your system. Mold sounds like the likely suspect here. And ppl plz if they died of a drug overdose they would have said it, no conspiracy here. Yes they took pain killers but its not what killed them.

1554 days ago


mommy monjack is going to sue ???

1554 days ago


1554 days ago


How would one know if you have black mold in a house? I live in a wood cabin, so I "think" I'm safe, but one never knows. Skeery stuff!

1554 days ago


I'm going with "who dat". Sounds like that person knows from where he/she speaks. You might be too astute for a lot of the folks commenting, though "who dat". I'm paying attention. Like that you even sent a link to aide in awareness. Thanks.

1554 days ago



As soon as the guy's cause of death was ruled to be the exact same thing as Brittany's I mentioned to my girlfriend that I bet there's some kind of a bad mold problem in their home. Damn, I'm good.

Posted at 1:30 AM on Jul 25, 2010 by Klipper

That was good. I knew mold, especially black mold was/is very bad to have in your home & that most people with this problem do have respiratory problems.

I was honestly thinking that both Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack died from AIDS complications. I couldn't understand how a young person (Brittany) barely in their 30's could die from pneumonia & then her husband dying shortly after in his late 30's.
No one dies from AIDS, but from complications such as pneumonia.

I'm not liking what I'm thinking...Sharon is the only common factor. I'm beginning to suspect her. Was Brittany planning to change her will, leaving Sharon out? Mold apparently affected both By Brittany and Simon, but doesn't bother the mother? Something is wrong here.

Posted at 4:35 AM on Jul 25, 2010 by Barb
Well if it was AIDS related would you want the world to know? I know she had other health issues & her husband was waiting for heart surgery. I'm guessing that neither of them had a good immune system to start with. The symptoms of exposure to mold would intensify if your immune system sucks.
Maybe Brittany's mom is in excellent health and/or the mold was contained to the master bedroom.
Either way, this should be interesting.

1554 days ago


That makes more sense than claiming they were abusing drugs and that killed them both in the same way.
It's too bad they didn't get proper medical treatment.

What I'm wondering is why Brittany's autopsy did not reveal mold spores in her lungs? If they suspected she died of something pulmonary related, wouldn't they have checked for that?

1554 days ago

Ms Jordan    

If Mom has the home "on the market" perhaps that was the reason she first didn't want the house investigated. Mold would sure bring down the price or make it not able to be sold. I'm currently living in an apartment complex where my building has mold outside of it's 8 lower bedroom windows.(mine is one of them) All but 2 apartments have elderly persons. Three persons are experiencing respritory problems. Our local health dept WON'T come to investigate, stating we as tenants need to hire a mold inpection company and pay for the service ourselves. None of use can afford the cost and none of us can afford to move. I'm highly allergic to mold and smell it every night when I go to bed. In addition I can't use my bedroom closet for anything other than storage as a huge waft of mold exits when I open the door.

1554 days ago


Brittany(who played Luanne,on the tv show "King of the Hill")
alittle ironic that the show actually featured an episode about their house being infested by mold(they all had to move out,so they wouldn't get ill),talk about life imitating art.

1554 days ago


Ok, well they sure are lucky to get the health dept to test etc. I still believe they should look for Hantavirus from rat/mice feces, urine,dander etc.

I had a horrible case of Hantavirus that started Dec. 26th, was on life support, tubes in everywhere for 3 weeks, and was on my death bed literally as reported to my family by doctors. However, they just said it was atypical pneumonica(they could not find bacteria, viral, fungus) which means they could not find a reason. Well with research and knowing that we had a bad rat/mice problem in our rental house I found out about Hantavirus, and the symtoms are EXACTLY the same, and fast by the time you start feeling ill. Within 24 hours you are on life support because you cannot breath at all. I suffered several episodes with no air for an extended time so had some loss of motor functions. By all signs it looks like pneumonia, but the difference is, you die FAST in most of the cases.
They do not know why I pulled through, but following the discription of Hantavirus on the last day I just got "better" started improving fast. Was off all support by the next day.
Long recovery thou but thank god I made it.

Have been trying to get the Health Dept out here since then to check for Hantavirus and i get the run around to call all these other departments and no one will test for it, or call it a problem in this area. When I know that alot of people died of pneumonia in the past year in this area.

But again, Health Dept also check for Hantavirus on that home.

1554 days ago

Mark Vuozzo    

Well this Mold theroy may sound bizarre I do not think so. Recently my company has linked Mold growth on lumber to Mycotoxins in your home environment. In perticular Aflotoxins are known to kill you. It is easy for the Department of Public Health to test the home for the presence of mycotoxins and then an autopsy can see if these poisions are present in there bodies. you can read more at This is a big issue and needs to be investigated...

1554 days ago


Why do we have to wait till we are dead to test for these things? I was sick and almost died and wanted to make sure no one else got sick also, but still cant find anyone to come out. Even though grandson and another daughter are always sick with nose, and cough, like allergies. :(

I would pay if I could find an agency that would test for the Hantavirus and the mold or Mycotoxins. But cant find one.

1554 days ago

Mark Vuozzo    

Susie, You 100% correct. Docotors are not educated to look for this kind of problem. I have talked with people who said it took years and many many doctors to find out they have a sick home from mold and mycotoxins. We are working with a lab in dallas texas named RealTime Labs Dr Dennis Hooper is very capable to identify and solve your issues. The testing is not very expensive to insure proper treatment. Call up RealTime and tell them EcoBlu Products refered you.

1554 days ago

truth hurts    

Is that a nasty azz house or what!

1554 days ago
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