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Lawyers to Lindsay: How Was Your Strip Search?

7/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Lindsay Lohan got strip searched at Lynwood Correctional Facility a couple of lawyers want her to spill every detail of the experience in a deposition.


TMZ has learned Lindsay's name just got dragged into a class action lawsuit that alleges unlawful strip and body cavity searches were conducted by L.A. County Sheriff's deputies when another inmate -- not Lindsay -- checked into the jail.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs filed a request in Federal Court on Monday to take Lilo's deposition while she's behind bars. They also sent a letter to Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley asking if Lindsay would agree to be deposed.

The suit claims that female inmates are strip searched in plain view of each other in a parking lot that is neither private nor sanitary.

Sheriff's officials have said Lindsay was treated just like any other inmate when she arrived at the jail.

So, will Lindsay tell all? Chapman Holley hasn't gotten back to us yet.

UPDATE: Shawn Chapman Holley says,"I find it curious that among the tens of thousands of women who can testify ... these attorneys are attempting to depose Lindsay." She also says attorneys for the Sheriff's department are fighting the deposition request.


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The police LOVE to humiliate people, many are sick bullies or voyeurs themselves, why do you think they became cops!

1549 days ago


im so sick of hearing about lindsay lohan going to seriously shes just like everyone else with just a little bit of money...if she can break laws just like everyone else then she should be treated like everyone else hell she should not get any kind of special attention just because shes an "actress" and made a couple of songs that in my opinion aren't really that hot....stop acting like shes a freakin baby and stop trying to make her seem like a freakin victim because the dumb idiot brought all this crap on herself....

1549 days ago

What's the problem? Everyone goes through strip search when entering jail. Only difference is for women - women deputies does the search. Of course, LiLo has special treatment & protected custody - give me a break. She is going to re offend again...if she does, treat her like a common criminal.

1549 days ago

Joe Blow    

I think any lawyer that's seeking some reliable testimony from Lohan is setting themselves up for fail. After all, we know what a credible person she is, after all the lying to police about "it's not my cocaine, it's not my alcohol, it's not my car, it's not my pants, etc.", that helped put her in the situation she's in right now.

1549 days ago


that poor parking lot! LOL!!!

1549 days ago


its amazing that everyday you print something about this girl. i say girl because she clearly has not grown one inch in brains.she tells the judge to f..k off to her face,still does what she wants daily,has people singing her woh is me song,and she still wants special treatment.just let her go already.your going to anyway.its sad that the media can sway the police dept.and the system.its whats wrong with her today. given everything she wants.just let her had a no megan fox day just last year, and she was just on every mag. cover. so you stoped it for a day. cant you do the same with her,stop it for a week. please. its bad when she gets more publicity than our troops,hunger,child abuse,and even unemployment. give it a break.

1549 days ago


And the point of this story is? Yawn.

1549 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

LL is just pissed cuz she couldn't get a ciggy afterward, or the guard's phone #.

1549 days ago


@46 DWC

I applaud your representing your clients in this action. The Lynwood jail has a long record of brutalizing and abusing the ladies sent there for jail time. The jailers are certainly smart enough to not do the obvious wrong things to high profile prisoners so it is even more important that they get the message that their abuses will be brought to the attention of the public and courts not influenced by elections (judges in California are elected).
I hope you are successful in your persuit of this action and that you insist on the most severe actions to correct this and other abuses of prisoners. Yes, they are criminals, but they did not lose the right to privacy and hygenic conditions while being searched.

1549 days ago

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1549 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

So sick of hearing the whining from trash like this one, Hilton,the Spears pig, etc. Short skirt w/no drawers, barefoot in public restroom snorting lines off the toilet, and NOW she's worried about hygiene?

Speaking of Spears, thanks to Cosmo magazine for making me avert my kid's eyes when we're at the checkout lines in the store. Nasty weave and jeans cut so low they have to photoshop out the razor stubble and the Little Man in the Boat who's poking out over her jeans like Kilroy. REAL attractive, thanks.

1549 days ago


I have a REAL hard time believing that a LAWYER for this case is trolling around on TMZ... Seriously ? LMAO

1549 days ago


@40, Spot. You've been the only person here arguing Lindsay Lohan's case with reference to the wider problems with jails. For that I salute you. Some of the other people arguing for Lindsay argue that it's an isolated case of a harsh judge, rather than a wider problem and argue that she's being treated harshly versus the rest of the jail population, which is nonsense.

She's been treated nowhere near as badly as many ordinary prisoners. I don't think Lindsay Lohan should be in there because I don't believe prison works for non violent prisoners either as a deterrent or as redemption. It's just there to punish, not to fix, in order to pander to people who think jail works better than probation, supervision, community service, and rehab.

I linked this a while back because it's relevant:

You'll have to remove the added dots to get that link to work. But, basically, the system sucks.

1549 days ago


Jack: How about when all of the above methods (rehab, probation, community service, etc) don't work (as with Ms. Lohan). What do you do with those offenders ? Lindsay absolutely could've stayed out of jail, by following the rules of her probation... What do you do with the people who refuse to do that ? I agree that jail shouldn't be the FIRST choice of punishment for some offenders, but sometimes it's necessary...

1549 days ago


I'm sure she has done worse-naked in nastier places, please just look at her g-friend Sam! Just nasty..eewwwwww

1549 days ago
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