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Mel Gibson Surfaces -- Heads to Church

7/27/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time since his scandal broke, Mel Gibson was photographed this weekend -- as he was walking from his Malibu home to his traditionalist Catholic church.

Mel has been way under the radar for the last month ... for pretty obvious reasons.


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Preserve the Tiger    

He worships Our Heavenly Father ~ Great! Our Heavenly Father is the ONLY one that needs to forgive him; certainly not you; certainly not me! However, it would lighten our souls if we forgive ... if we forgave! I wish we all had hearts as big and pure as our Our Heavenly Father. All we see is a person's faults before even searching for qualities. We never look at both sides, just the one that is more juicy! Here we have people who criticize, and I'm guilty of the same, rather than attempt to find goodness in the world ... in our fellow human beings. We need to change and better ourselves before trying to change and better someone else. I'm rethinking my life; trying to be more positive about fellow human beings; seeing the light and not the darkness. Like all of us, Mel has made mistakes; the big difference is that his are broadcast to the world; we're lucky to have ours kept in the dark, only to be known by a few. I know Mel isn't perfect, Oksana either; however, I'm on Mel's side. I don't condone violence at all; I'm upset about that, but I'm trying to see the positive of Mel. Racism is how you treat people, not because you use negative words that define another human being's race IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME. Mel would be racist if he refused to associate or work along side a person of a different race, religion, creed, etc. He has never done that but you can't say that about the powers-that-be in Hollywood, and in the world. Rather his words, used in the privacy of HIS OWN HOME, have been turned against him. I am not going to turn on a man who has proven himself decent; a man who gives to charities; a man that has brought a lot of laughter into my world through his multi-talents. I'm trying to look at him from the backside of the lens; inside-out. I'm trying to see the human being. He's probably punishing himself for his mistakes; he certainly doesn't need us doing it as well. I see what Oksana is; how she has lived her past, and how she is living her present; she has done nothing good and this has been proven. She doesn't even like herself because if she did, she would not have had so much plastic surgery. Manmade changes do not better a person who has no heart or conscience; that's Oksana! Last, who the hell are we to sit at our computers and condemn another man to hell? I'm certainly not free of sin' I've used the ****** word before; I've used ******* before; I've used son-of-a-bitch before; I've used negative words to describe someone who has angered me. I don't ever recall using 'spic' or 'wetback,' but my mouth and mind aren't spotless! Guess I'll spend eternity in hell along side all of y'all. Guess we'll get real cozy living an eternity in hell! See you!

1551 days ago


The tapes show everyone in the world that this guy is in no position to interpret the teachings of Christ.....Hitler maybe, but not Christ.

1551 days ago


F-you, Mel. Never did like you, and your lame attempts at righteousness (AGAIN!) aren't fooling anyone.

1551 days ago


I say lets have Mel play the Shirley Sherrod Card...His quotes were taken out of context....It worked for hopefully it works for Mel...

1551 days ago


I knew Mel was no good when he killed Jesus again in The Passion of the Christ. This Guy hates Jews.

1551 days ago


Mel Gibson is nothing more than a pathetic skank. Do you people forget that Mr. Holier Than Thou dumped his wife to get together with another woman? A woman he eventually started ranting, cursing and screaming about. He's the one who acted like a complete jackass. You better go pray Mel - you need it.

1551 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

TMZ won't **** out the "F" word, but they do "N..." and "A..." What hypocrites! You're *****ing Mel Gibson out of Hollywood, out of life. You choose who and what to censure; now who's the racists! Two-faced hypocrites!

1551 days ago


Yes, God will judge him, but that's the way it's suppossed to be.

1551 days ago

Fubunki Punkchat    

I pray that Mel Gibson goes to church and that he learns to be more divine than thou and that he may become Thou Art.

1551 days ago


At least he knows where to go to drown his sorrows. He could have ended up on the long end of a bar.

1551 days ago


This is his own church, built on his own property. Shows you how some people talk it, but don't walk it.

1551 days ago

are you kidding    

I love Warner Brothers who own this site, can I work there pleazzze, instead of Mel at Church, your rockin this,,,,love you guys, USA patriots......

Now, I hear Mel is writing a movie script on how women use telephone tapes to trap men into loving them......guess what ladies, go back to homemaking 101, get rid of the phone, and buy massage books...and pick up Jens new perfume line, worked for her..friends.if you dont like Jens new perfume, try Paris, but that may smell too much like hotel bathrooms next to a circus of W/B.

1551 days ago


As far as the law is concerned the tapes are worthless. The Sheriff's Dedpartment has already dropped them from consideration as evidence according to the LA Times.

They're good for stiring up bitter shrews so they'll post their hateful remarks but that's about it.

1551 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

I wonder how many of you went to church yesterday; how many of you will go on Wednesday evening; however, you sit here on Monday, and every day of the week and criticize someone who finds solace when he worships Our Heavenly Father! You sit here and criticize another human being when you're no different ... you're sinning as you type this crap! Clean around your own front door! Our Heavenly Father sees what you're typing; He sees what you're feeling. He sees what you see, smell, taste, hear and feel! I have hatred in my heart for my uncles who molested me and my sister from the age of nine to 13. I don't know that I'd say that "I hate Oksana," but it's darn close and I'm praying that I can release this anger and disgust I have for her and my uncles! I'm certainly not going to condemn a man, Mel, who is capable of loving Our Heavenly Father. He's not perfect; none of us are! My opinion is that Oksana raped Mel by recording those tapes. She stripped away his sense that what was being said was between him and Oksana. He was violated! It was between the two of them but she made it worldwide and expected everyone to take her side. She took away his right to privacy!

1551 days ago


Of course he's going to church, that's the one place Oksana can't follow him.

1551 days ago
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