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Mel and Oksana -- The Placenta Factor

7/27/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that on the day Oksana Grigorieva recorded Mel Gibson's infamous rant, the two had engaged in a special ceremony  that included their daughter's placenta ... and a tree.

Hours before Mel lost his cool on the phone on February 18, he and Oksana were in the backyard of his Malibu mansion ... watching as a gardener planted a Santa Lucia fir tree in honor of their daughter Lucia.

But that's not all that went in the ground that day -- sources close to Oksana tell us the couple also buried the placenta from the birth of their then 3-month-old daughter Lucia ... a tradition in some parts of Australia ... where Mel grew up.

We're told Mel did this placenta ceremony for all of his children.

The source also says during the ceremony the gardener made an innocent comment and Oksana smiled at him. We're told that's what set Mel off.

As we first reported, Mel then accused Oksana of having an affair with the gardener  ... and that's when all hell broke loose.



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Tired of toxomom    

She buried the placenta several months after birth? I'm surprised. I would have thought the she-wolf would have eaten it.

1548 days ago


To bad we cant bury them.

1548 days ago


Yikes! Sounds yummy!

1548 days ago


Mel went back to eat it so no one else could have it.

1548 days ago


Wasn´t there a dingo they could give it to?

1548 days ago


TMZ - The Mel Zone

Is TMZ now all about Mel and Okasana???

Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1548 days ago


Thanks a lot TMZ. I was eating scrambled eggs and salsa as I read this story.

1548 days ago

My two cents ;)    

That's one kinky gardener.."Hey baby, tell ur momma nice placenta!" "I could give her another!" Seriously Mel u are nutz! There is no help for creeps like you!

1548 days ago


The Tree Man Ox was humping planted the placenta.
... my mind has just been blown in a few directions at once.
Poor Mel.

1548 days ago


TMZ I think you got it wrong, Mel accused Oksana of flirting with the Gardener, not sleeping with him. And who cares what they put in the ground with that tree, and who cares that they even planted a tree. It's the alleged abuse, the alleged abuse photos etc. that people are posting about. Gosh this is worse than Lindsay Lohan cried her first night, or took her first bowel movement in Jail.

1548 days ago


I took a look at the so called abuse photos of Oink$$ana...
Is it just me, or is there no bruise?
All i see is a blue vein running around the eye and age spots that's usually covered with inches of makeup.

1548 days ago


I am born and bread Australia and have NEVER heard of such a tradition....WTH??? I also know where Mel was raised and the only traditions that come from there are hanging out at the local drinking cold stubbies!!!(beer)

1548 days ago


This was a very moving ceremony. I would think most women would appreciate a man showing such love for their daughter.

If you are a person who is looking to get a big payday, this would be the perfect opportunity to set someone off. Mel may have been mean (okay, extremely mean), but this woman obviously knew what it took to push his buttons and just happened to have her little tape recorder ready to do***ent the explosion.

1548 days ago


#7 hornhog....good one! HAHA!

1548 days ago


Apparently all you pro Mel people should rethink your positions he was stone cold sober when he made those rants and death threats and now this. Wasn't this dude in therapy and recieving daily spiritual advice from a pastor at his church? Lol guess he didn't take any of the advice. Anyway I don't believe he's sober there was a post here on tmz before the tapes broke of him at some rib place looking annoyed with fans and he looked somewhat drunk to me not for sure but atleast he looked it.

He's alot more disturbed and weird then you thought he was huh.

He's like a character straight out of the twilight zone.

1548 days ago
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