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Mel Gibson -- It's NOT a Purse!

7/27/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a baseball cap slung low on his head, Mel Gibson was spotted in Santa Monica yesterday ... carrying a man purse satchel.


It's the second time Mel's been spotted out in two days ... following an entire month in seclusion.

Other celebrity satchel wearers include Indiana Jones, Joy Behar ...


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I feel bad for Mel. Always loved the dude, but a lot of these actors seem to do a bad job of getting old. He needs to get a nice face lift and a slight hair transplant. Go get a tan and hit the gym. He could fix himself up pretty good if he gave a crap anymore. But you can just tell he won't be doing that. All those years of hard liquor do hellish things to the skin. The dude could have had any piece of ass he wanted to for a long time up until around 2004/05 or so. What a way to lose it all.

Posted at 4:09 PM on Jul 27, 2010 by Anthony

A face lift? No way. He is still a handome devil. Sure he is more aged - smoking. But he is still as sexy as ever. Age naturally, Mel...

1464 days ago


Doesn't matter what Mel carries, he is masculine to the bone. Too bad most other men aren't like him.
Give me a GUY like Mel anyday over some wimpy metrosexual.
Team Mel!!!

1464 days ago


Did anyone notice it looks like Mel is wearing a wife beater T-shirt?

1464 days ago


"Lisa Bloom, the prominent domestic violence campaigner, has just arrived at the offices of Oksana's current lawyers, Marci Levine and Manley Fried, in Century City, California."

Hmmm, someone dropped that bomb on this board this past weekend that she was going to be meeting with Lisa Bloom. Was it EastCoastChick or InTheKnow? Verrrry Interesting!! Posted today at ROL.

Posted at 4:39 PM on Jul 27, 2010 by MixedFeelings

This will keep me from reading much more. If it's not her mother, it's her. Any place where there's going to be lots of coverage and cameras, there they are. Maybe they can team up this time. I find it funny that she'll run her mouth forever about some abusive men but she's defending Michael Lohan when he's accused of abusing HIS girlfriend. I guess that's because she was already his attorney when he was accused of the abuse.

1464 days ago


It's a purse! It's stuffed full of HATE and ANGER and probably a few bottles of booze!

Nice purse Mel, i thought you didnt like anything that was close to GAY and here you are carrying a PURSE! What kinda sissy carries a purse AND beats-up women and babies?

We know it's not full of money since you proclaimed (on a tape) that you're broke because of Oksana....if you're broke it's because of YOU.

STOP trying to blame EVERYONE but yourself for all things that have gone wrong in your life.

PS - you're pumps dont match your bag, G-y BOY!

1464 days ago


My grandma has a pair of shoes just like his.

1464 days ago

get a life ho    

YES he's wearing a wife beater !

The bag contains lube and a life sized fist

so he can F*ck himself some more .

1464 days ago


If Mel has done "nothing" wrong and is trying to play the victim (of his own actions) WHY has he been hiding out? Why not be visible (and keep his mouth shut). If you're guilty of something - you hide to avoid it...if you're NOT guilty then you keep your face out there - head held high and ignore what's going on.

Someone MUST be guilty of SOMETHING.

And the purse....GA GA GA GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Must not be as HOMOphobic as he claims to be or is he COMING OUT?

1464 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

It's a freakin' messenger bag FFS!

1464 days ago


Great to see Mel again. :) He look great!

1464 days ago


No sh(i)T, Frankiestage, why can't a guy just carry his stuff without the giggles?
Why must men be limited to a tiny wallet, thin briefcase or a cooler?

1464 days ago


Only a real man can dress like that.

Posted at 5:26 PM on Jul 27, 2010 by Rita

DYKES dress like this everyday! And please dont say "only a real man can dress like that"....cuz a REAL MAN wouldnt hit a woman, Rita.

1464 days ago


Thank God they banned Crazy SWEATHEET. She was a mess.

Posted at 4:23 PM on Jul 26, 2010 by GivinMelTheEyes


They banned "Sweetheart aka Sweet-Truth. I thought her posts were the BEST!

1464 days ago


What a tuna MELt.

1464 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

Thank God they banned Crazy SWEATHEET. She was a mess.

Posted at 4:23 PM on Jul 26, 2010 by GivinMelTheEyes


They banned "Sweetheart aka Sweet-Truth. I thought her posts were the BEST!

Posted at 5:39 PM on Jul 27, 2010 by barnswella


If they did, that's prolly cos she was lie telling. She was never the person she claimed to be. Mel's personal assistant since 2006 (her words, not mine)? Pffft! If her claim was true, she would have not only had to sign a confidentiality clause but would have also been sued for breech of contract.


1464 days ago
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