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Sarah Palin Bears All

7/27/2010 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin came face to face with a real, live wild bear -- and its two cute little baby cubs -- during a fishing trip at Wolverine Creek, Alaska earlier this month ... and didn't shoot it!

Along with the wildlife, Sarah also kicked it with her husband Todd and daughter Piper.

Check out the photos -- pretty bad ass.


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Well we started off with two kinds of people the Hunters and the Gatherers, now my take is this...A hunter is the one who is gonna make sure there is food on the table...the gaterer on the other hand will sneek the food from the table when the hunter looks away. I think Sarah is a Hunter and she can help me put food on the table any day by Hunting or Fishing just to be P.C about it Now have a Good Day

1526 days ago


The liberal's hate knows no bounds.

1526 days ago

Fishing Jersey    

Some amazingly stupid comments on this page. It's Alaska! you go fishing, you stand a good chance of meeting bears. Alaska,think about it, even the anti-Palin nuts might get it after a while.

1526 days ago

ethel holmes    

Jealousy will get you nowhere! Admit it, she is one great lady
and would have done our nation well, you get what you asked for
and now quit your crying over the Obamacare or should I say, Obamadoesn'tcare???????????

1526 days ago


I am confused--why was this picture photoshopped? One picture by Palin's photography and the background TMZ? Or is the entire posting a scam? This only gets negative attention for all concerned so I don't know why it was posted.

1526 days ago


There is no one more sexy then a conservative woman.

1526 days ago

Ricky Hollywood    

She's Fugly !!!

1526 days ago

samuel bronkowitz    

Mamma Grizzlies say Palin, don't use our name in vain:

Mamma Grizzlies Video the truth:

Johnston/Palin Wedding party:

1526 days ago


A WILD grizzly and her "CUTE" little cubs?? Yeah, those cubs will eat you up for an appetizer! Why can't the Palins just stick to golfing and yachting like all the other corrupt Washington politicians? Wait, they're not corrupt Washington politicians, they are a real American family...can you even imagine Michelle or Barack out there with a fishing pole (and no make-up?)...No, the Obamas vacation on Bar Harbor, or Martha's Vineyard or some other millionaires' playground with a golf course nearby

1525 days ago


I live on the Kenai river and you see bears all the time. I see grizzlies and black bears roaming around. They don't bother you and you don't bother them. It should be remembered, *Sarah*, that a mama bear with cubs is called a sow. Enough said.

1525 days ago


LOL...the comments from the liberal haters in here are ridiculous. What has this AMERICAN woman ever done to you that warrants you being so vicious? Oh, that's right, she didn't have to do anything, just because she disagrees with yours and Obamas' views. That is enough. What a bunch of jealous, snot nosed punks you are...real mature.
BTW Sarah is more feminine and beautiful than any liberal woman could EVER dream of being. Get over it.

1525 days ago


Why would Sarah Palin want this photo shopped picture used by her publicity agents? Everyone agrees now that it is fake, so they are telling the story (without the picture now)about how fearless Sarah and her family almost got attacked by a bear. Making a mountain out of a mole hole--bear sightings on this stream are very, very common--you leave the bears alone and they will leave you alone. Sarah Palin doesn't need to get hysterical and call all the magazines just because she saw a bear and its cubs. This is a non-happening--she thinks it is the beginning of a world war!

1525 days ago


Wow, some real hatred going on here! I can understand if someone disagrees with her political views and chooses to express that opinion in a civil manner, but stooping to such mean pettiness only shows desperation.

1524 days ago


Of course she didn't shoot it you idiots... She shoots FOOD and what threatens food for her family. Damn, you Hollywood types are beyond stupid. Of course, we know who YOU voted for.

(Laughing so hard at the title)

1524 days ago


I'd guess that this was more of a pre-planned, CALLING ALL JOURNALISTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS!!, let's go out and get some 'family time' photos in bear country so the world can see how much of a family person I am type of trip, much wrather than a chance happening. Gotta keep that ugly mug in the press!!

1521 days ago
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