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Chris Tucker

Real Estate Disaster in Florida

7/28/2010 9:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It appears the real estate bubble exploded all over Chris Tucker -- the tax-troubled star is trying to sell his Florida mansion for $2 million ... even though he paid $6 million for it just three years ago!

Chris Tucker Home Photos

According to public records, Tucker took out a $4.2 million loan to score the 8861 square foot home back in 2007 ... a home that includes 5 bedrooms, a wine cellar, pirate ship-themed home theater and a library with a SECRET ROOM! The home is located in swanky Montverde ... a suburb of Orlando.

Tucker owns multiple properties in California -- according to -- but it's unclear if he's looking to unload any of those as well.

As TMZ first reported, Tucker is dealing with some serious tax issues at the moment -- the IRS claims he owes more than $11 mil ... which makes the timing of this sale much more relevant.


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The only thing "swanky" in Montverde, FL, is Bella Collina, which happens to be the neighborhood that Chris Tucker's home is in. Other than that, there is nothing "swanky" about it!

1493 days ago

Been there    

I just went through some IRS stuff. I paid all my taxes. I was honest. I did every thing by the book. I was railroaded. They made up a value of my belongings and ignored do***ents and varifiable reciepts. That 11 million may very well be an inflated B.S. price.

1493 days ago


He should have stuck with Ice Cube for Friday#2 the D Ass thats what happens when you thjink your s h i t dont stink

1493 days ago


He lives across street from me, and no Montverde is not swanky. There are 20 residents in his neighborhood with 700 empty lots and a $ clubhouse with little use. The golf course sucks too...His house is sweet and it is at end of cul de sac known as "Street of Dreams". Originally had a $10mm price tag during the housing boom, well over priced..$1mm lots in the community are now selling for $50k. There are a dozen homes still not sold since 2006 so his selling is very unlikely

1493 days ago

Tucked Up    

Look at his filmography, it's pathetic. In the 13 years since Fifth Element, he's only done four flicks, and three of them are Rush Hour films.
Does this guy need to get a new agent or manager, or does he just rub everyone in hollywood the wrong way? No wonder he's broke.

1493 days ago


The majority of the remarks are useless and made from people that have little knowledge about Chris Tucker and just want to take up space.Before you say anything about anyone, let your words pass through three gates.Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? Peace out.I'm just saying

1493 days ago


Distant Observer-

As I have said and will repeat again. HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN THE AREA?? If you find that this area is not up to your caliper of living, please do exit.

1493 days ago


My question is, why is someone with millions taking out loans for a house??? WTH???? I am paying cash for my house!!!!

1493 days ago

distant observer    

Missy, you obviously ignored all factual information that I presented. Just go to the Lake County Property Appraiser site and look up some sales, you will see that I am right.

If you want luxurious living get a house on Lake Butler. Bella Collina is bankrupt and Ginn is being sued. Lake Apopka is not a recreational lake and selling million dollar lots that back to that lake is a crime--it's as simple as that.

1493 days ago


The lake that this home is ACTUALLY on is Lake Sienna. Like anyone who has lived in the area would know, Lake Sienna is connected to Lake Apopka, but not the same!! (Hence Lake County is referred to as the Chain of Lakes. Kind of like how Lake Butler is also part of a chain of lakes). Are you one of the people who are suing Ginn? Ginn gave alot of money, business, & land to our community!

Due the housing boom, Ginn is just one of the 1000's of developers and builders who are being sued by people who did not do their homework & research. Was that because the buyer's heard what they wanted to hear? From what you have said, they should have been able to find this information just as easy as you have. Interesting!!!

1493 days ago

South Beach    

I thought the most laughable attempt at creating a "upscale environment, lakeside" was the development of $300K (at the time) condos on Lake Fairview, by far the most ghetto lake in Central Florida. If you want to get stabbed by a crackhead, that area is definately a good bet!

1493 days ago


Who is this guy????

1493 days ago

distant observer    

Lake Sienna is not on a chain of lakes.

I know the various chain of lakes in Lake County, yes, there are wonderful lakes there, but the majority are not recreational as they're not very deep (they're huge, but not deep). I've been to the marina on Mount Dora countless times, in any case, and I know you don't want to hear it, Orange County has the most desirable chain, which is why Isleworth commands the price that it does (and Winter Park closer to Orlando). Call your assessor and ask about how they value wastelands. I am not having a go at the county persay, just at developers who ruined rural land: want another tragedy in the area? Deer Island. Want another Ginn failure? Reunion in Osceola County.

I am not suing anyone, I just know the area well, as I know Florida well and continue to have linkages there; all of that is the result of very bad regional and urban planning.

1493 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

Chris Tucker will never say anything bad about his favorite man in the White-House as of right now, but he can tell him thanks to high heaven for all the sorry-ass polices that he has done, and the progressives in the senate, and the congress that have hurt the economy so bad that nobody is able to sell there homes for even the net-value of the property. Now come on is this any way to do real estate in this nation? We are all going to be renters soon, and indebted to the federal gov. for everything, and I really think that is what they want. Is that what you want as citizens of this nation?

Larry C.

1492 days ago


does anyone really care? If I owed 500 dollars bet uncle sam would have already colleted it. Taxes, drugs, and sex seems to make the so called stars today.

1444 days ago
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