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LinsAid -- Lohan's Pals to Stage Jail Protest Today

7/29/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's closest friends think the actress has already served more than enough time behind bars -- and now they're planning a rally at LiLo's jail in an effort to get her out early.


It's all going down this afternoon outside Lynwood Correctional Facility -- where Lindsay's locked up -- and we're told most of her close buds plan to attend.

According to our sources, LiLo's pals are also pushing to get Lindsay some breathing room between the clink and rehab. As we previously reported, Lindsay's pretty upset that she might be forced to begin her mandatory 90-day rehab stint right after she's released from the slammer.

We're told it's an open event -- we'll see how many people Lindsay really does have in her corner.


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DW Wood    

This train wreck thinks she is above the law? She was sentenced and now must do her time. Why should she get a break between jail and rehab? Just because she is a crappy, no talent actress?

Give me a break. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

1525 days ago


get a job hippies.

1525 days ago


OMG!!!! It has only been a week....The sentence was for 90 DAYS, not 7 days. Even with overcrowding, she should be in there for at least 30 days. She has shown that being given a little bit of leeway and she will screw up. A couple of weeks in jail and then rehab will probably do her a world of good and keep her from ending up like so many others her age that are not with us anymore.

1525 days ago


To quote the late, great Bernie Mac, "America, that's some bull!"

1525 days ago


TMZ, I think your "source" might be messing with you on this one.

1525 days ago

who dat    

I hope all of her friends that show up, get arrested themselves for unlawful assembly. The judge in this case needs to step in and force a min 23 day sentence on her.

1525 days ago


These idiots think less than 2 weeks of a 90 DAY sentence is too much? And they think she should be allowed to break the rules the judge laid out about going directly to rehab.... why exactly?
Oh! That's right! Because they are ignorant and live in delusion. They must miss their queen of delusion.

1525 days ago


Hope they've bothered to check out the laws for conducting a legal protest, or else they might find themselves cuffed, searched, and deloused themselves.... They also had better be prepared for counter-protesters. Just sayin'.

If anything should convince the judge that Lindsay needs to go straight to lockdown rehab from jail, it would be this stupid little exercise. Have to get her away from those deluded idiots pronto.

1525 days ago


I think I know who the "friends" will be - those useless oxygen wasters that she is always talking to on Twitter - the big fat gay guy Molinaro or whatever his name is and that girl that latches on to celebs like her life depends on it Sofifi or whatever. I don't think they have any jobs other latching onto someone famous, of course they have time to go hold a sign in Hollywood tomorrow.

1525 days ago


*LMAO* you've got to be kidding me!!. The leeches are coming out of the wood work now huh?. "We want our gravy train released from Time Out!!..." Pathetic!...above and beyond pathetic.

1525 days ago


So how much did her mom pay these people to "protest"?

1525 days ago


If this is true, its really sad. Of all the things you could spend your time trying to change (ie animal and human rights issues, unemployment ..whatever) and they choose trying to get lindsay out of jail early? Amnesty International would be so ashamed.

1525 days ago


You have got to be kidding me - guess these people don't have anything better to do with their time.

1525 days ago


Love to, but I gotta go to work.

1525 days ago


This is so funny ! Lindsay Lohan has no friends. She has superficial people that surround her, people that only want one thing from her, a free ride.

If she actually had friends she wouldn't be in the mess that's she's in right now because friends don't condone alcoholic/drug addicts.

Addicts have no real intimate relationships with anyone, their best friend is the bottle of booze or the pills they take. That's their best friend.

1525 days ago
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