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Lindsay Lohan -- 'She's a Little Upset Right Now'

7/28/2010 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is stewing in her jail cell -- so says her lawyer -- and it's all over the judge's plan for LiLo when she gets out of the slammer.

After meeting with Linds behind bars, Shawn Chapman Holley told cameras that Lohan is "upset" with the prospect of going directly to rehab after her jail stint ... because Lindsay wants to have a little family time first.

As we previously reported, Judge Revel made it clear that she wants Lindsay to begin her 90 days in rehab as soon as possible ... following her time behind bars.

Besides that -- Holley did mention that Lindsay has been eating the jail food ... and that she looks "great."


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Lindsey the Lez's lawyer is pretty hot. I'd love to tap that if she wasn't married.

1516 days ago


I think her lawyer meant "party time" not "family time".
LL is NOT going to wear the SCRAM when she is released from jail. That would have given LL a good 48 hours to party. Now she has to check in within 24 hours, thus messing up her partying itinerary.
It must suck being LL.

1516 days ago


Her lawyer is an idiot for putting this out there in the first place. Was she trying to conjure up sympathy for Lindsay? If so, this isn't the way to do it! If I was Lindsay I'd fire her (again)!

Why isn't 24 hours enough time to see her family? What does she want to do...take a vacation with them? Go to Disneyland? Both the lawyer and Lindsay said nothing when the Judge changed the time between jail and rehab to 24 hours. It's for her own good! Her family should want her to go straight to Rehab for her own sake.

1516 days ago


Poor firecrotch. I really feel for her. Not!

1516 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Another case of spoiled selfishness.
She was aware that she would be going to rehab right from jail since she was sentenced. I can't believe her "attention deficit disorder" is so bad she can't remember that.
Other posters are right. This is the behavior she has learned from childhood. If she doesn't get her wish right away she will throw a tantrum and/or misbehave until she does. Like a two year old child. She has learned that this is the behavior that works.
She has a lot of maturing to do and it may be too late. She might continue this sort of selfish, self-absorbed, self-indulgent behavior until she is lost forever.

1516 days ago


"Family time" is the root cause of her problems. One way she'll know that she's healed is when she demonstrates sensibility by severing all contact with her family and former life.

1516 days ago


Aww. Boo Hoo Poor Lindsay. She is so mistreated by the law. Boo Hoooo. Yeah Right. This B*tch has not learned one thing from this and will go on doing everything she has been doing after rehab. Please die from drugs or alcohol already, Lindsay. Give the world a break.

1516 days ago


upset really ? who cares she put her self there and she still won't learn a damn thing, all of this could have been avoided if she did what she had and needed to do, but as long as her family and loho keeps acting out and doing drugs and drinking its never going away, loho knows better, when people know better I DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR THEM, we do it our selves

1516 days ago


WHO CARES WHAT THE LOSER THINKS...she can't make the rules. What an ignoranyt broke dummy

1516 days ago


Oh boo hoo - cry me a river, the convict should have served her full 90 days like everyone else

1516 days ago


@35 jwoolman

I think your wrong, the judge never told her she had any option to refuse rehab for more jail time, she said 90 days in jail and then 90 days in rehab.

Court ordered rehab is paid for by the court not the person being made to go to it against their will. Any other option would have had to be spelled out at sentencing. If she fails to show up or walks out that is not a violation of parole because her parole was clearly defined as starting after rehab. My guess is that would be contempt of court.

1516 days ago


Family time! Are you kidding! 'Ol Linds prison time has had a REVOLVING DOOR for her family AND friends! Not to mention other 'professionals' such as her lawyer(s), a doctor for this and a doctor for that, a 'specialist' for this and a 'specialist' for that!


Oh, and she gets to keep her hair extensions in because their 'sewn' in!!!

The entire situation is just nauseating.

1516 days ago


Rules don't apply to this entitled little bitch. Alot can happen in those 24 hrs. before she goes to rehab.

1516 days ago


Wouldn't it be hilarious if they give her more time between and then she shows up at clubs and stays out until all hours? I almost want them to do it, just so I can watch the trainwreck!

1516 days ago


Yeah, screw her. She should have thought about that before she blew off alcohol classes, decided to go overseas less than a week before an important court date, "lost" her passport, showed up late for court, wrote F-you in her finger nail. If anybody else pulled that crap, they would be treated the same way she is if not worse.

1516 days ago
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