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Michael Lohan

The Song

I Wrote for Lindsay

7/29/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The private meetings and public pleas didn't work ... but Michael Lohan may have found a way to reach his daughter -- through the majesty of song ... a song he wrote and produced ... and then got a friend to perform.

We're told Michael penned the song while he was in jail -- we're not sure which stint -- and produced the whole thing with synthesizers that would make Journey weep.

The song contains lyrics like "a father's love will never die" and "always daddy's little girl" -- click on the link and check it out for yourself!


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I think country duo The Warren Brothers should sue him. It sounds like one of their songs.

1545 days ago


Should be the theme song for every father who screwed up. Good job, Michael. I am sure there is no one here on TMZ who ever screwed up... now is there? I am sure all these perfect TMZ posters are little angels who got 100% in parenting. What a joke. You folks need to take a long hard look at yourselves. When you are pointing your finger at someone please remember there are four pointing back at you. Get real!!

1545 days ago


No doubt this guy is a major media famewhore BUT that doesn't men he doesn't care deeply about his children. Let's face it, as far as family is concerned, he's Lindsay's only hope for recovery. Dina is in total denial mode just so Lindsay won't push her away. Needless to say, that does nothing to help Lindsay. I really believe that if Lindsay is placed in a REAL rehab, she will eventually be able to appreciate her father's "tough Love" attempts to get her to wake up. If it were up to Dina, Lindsay would be strung out for the remainder of her life.
Note to Michael: leave these wacky women (Kate Majore) alone; focus on building yourself and your relationship with your kids. Stop continuosly talking to the media about your intentions and MAYBE, just maybe, Lindsay may listen to you.
Note to Lindsay: be strong in jail, be honest in rehab...soon everything will become clear. You will get to see how much of a pathetic enabler your mother is. Your dad may have gone about it the wrong way sometimes, but he seems to be the ONLY one in your life that truly wants to see you clean up your life. Lindsay is, without a doubt, an extremely talented actress but I've grown to HATE her with her actics...DUI, carjacking a vehicle, chasing her asst in the middle of the night, accusing "colored" boys of driving, claiming the drugs in her pocket weren't hers...constantly blaming other ppl for her issues. All that said, all it takes is a new, clear-headed Lindsay, that's mentally stable enough to stay home at night/spend quality time alone and she's right back on top!!! Cmon can do it. Dump that enabling, losing mother of yours. You REALLY can do it! I'm rooting for you.

1545 days ago


It sounds like he's saying his love for her is a lie. I don't know if that's sending the message he intended.

1545 days ago


"I like this site very much".

1545 days ago


Interesting news article:
How Lindsay Lohan Could Have Avoided Lock Up

1545 days ago

Young May    

Damn this sh/t is hard!!!

1545 days ago


i could only listen to a few lines to the song it breaks my heart.

1545 days ago


@ electriczipper
are you incapable of reading?
you never get a story right
HE didn't sing it
maybe someone needs to empty your drool cup

1545 days ago

Free Lindsay     

Free Lindsay Rally for fans/supporters at Lynwood, LA Begins 13 30

Time = 1 30 PM


Show your support for Lindsay against the injustice that occurred on July 6th
Rally for Lindsay’s release from jail and for the time that she begins rehab to be extended to longer than 24 hours.
If possible bring signs and wear t shirts which show support for Lindsay


1545 days ago


At first I thought it was going to be awful but the song is good however think again of the source. It's MICHAEL LOHAN! It's all PR, the man is doing it for profit and profit alone. Is there a biological love for his daughter? I would shutter to think that at some point there wouldn't be, who is he, JOE JACKSON? The man thrives on attention though and that is what this song is all about, him, him, him.

1545 days ago


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1545 days ago


Michael Lohan's song shows the basic problem in this family: Appeasing LiLo is not helping. Coddling LiLo is making things worse. She has never been disciplined. That is what makes a person into this type of self-absorbed monster.

This is what happens when shallow people don't get it... They don't learn from their mistakes. They just keep on whining. Quit coddling your daughter with this sappy crap! No wonder she doesn't respect you. Michael, you must clean up your own life before you can help anyone else. You are not a consistent, stable person. You are a train wreck trying to fix another train wreck. Good grief.

1545 days ago


@ electriczipper
are you incapable of reading?
you never get a story right
HE didn't sing it
maybe someone needs to empty your drool cup

Posted at 7:58 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by TMZgossip

well we can see which side of the IQ line you fall under,,the dumb side..being as I have a life unlike you,I dont sit there drolling over these dumb stories like you obviously do,and I have no use for a drool cup,but you might want to stop drinking out of yours....because your too stupid to realize its also your piss cup

1545 days ago


No wonder Lindsey is a nutjob.

1545 days ago
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