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Oksana Grigorieva's Publicist Jumps Ship

7/28/2010 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's spokesperson is tapping out of her war with Mel Gibson -- and TMZ has learned money played a big role in his departure.


Depending on who you talk to, Steve Jaffe either quit or was fired from his post as Oksana's PR flack.

We're told there was definitely a money issue -- as in Oksana doesn't have any to pay for Jaffe's services.

Sources close to Oksana say she was not happy with the job Jaffe was doing.  We're told Oksana was especially disappointed with how Jaffe handled the extortion allegations Gibson has made against her.

UPDATE: Jaffe wants to make it clear he was not the dumpee saying, "I've never been fired in the 35 years that I have done this." He confirmed that Oksana is short on funds, but says that was not the reason he quit.


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This chick's a piece of work... not surprised the PR dude is jumping ship. He's prolly the one that lied to Harvey. Looks like the noose is tightening aeound this whole scheme. Did you guys look at the latest pics on rol, the supposed "black eye"? I have to agree with the posters who said it looks like a bulging vein from botox injections. Look at the full face pic, you can literally see the injection sites on her bottom lip! If you go back and compare the broken teeth pic, supposedly taken the day before where she says she covered it with her hair & makeup it's OBVIOUS she had NO makeup on! And there is NOTHING under her eye! This whole thing's starting to pish me off! One thing I hate is a LIAR!! Gawwwwd! Never seen a person work so hard at not having to work, in my life! It's disgustingly frightening to realize people like this woman exist! *Shudder*

1546 days ago


Why people are so stupid monkeys?

I am a Russian girl and I would like to be sypathetic but I fell only sad. What did Oksana gain out of this scandal?

It must me fun to punish a sick abusiveboyfriend, to feel that power to destroy celebrity. Now everyone knows that Mel is a douche. But what is she gaining? How will she and her kids live with this reputation?

Posted at 7:15 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by Daria

she prob hopes to either make mel pay up to shut her up to just make her go away or will shop for reality shows, book deals, talk show circuit terrible what she is doing to her children, esp lucia...treating her father this way in public and even using her to get what SHE wants. she has no heart....only thinks of herself! doesn't matter about the future of her child!

1546 days ago


I bet that Steve Jaffe departure has something to do with Mel's day in court trying to prove extortion to the Judge.

Oksana knows now that she is in trouble and she can face jail time.

The police should go after Radar Online and find out who sold the tapes.

1546 days ago


kidding, mel's mouth is no more filthy than yours. read your posts. you can't deny it.

hey kidding...since you love her so much you should take sj's job. for free!

1546 days ago


Well anon I been using the truth as my tactic, that concept is unknown to you and Oksana

1546 days ago


Hey, you know what Mel was really mad about...he just found out the daughter is actually another of Michael Jackson's secret love children.

Notice the musical connection too? Mel thought he was helping Oksana with her music career, but no...MJ was really the one she was working with behind the scenes.

All the bruising, etc. was from plastic surgery procedures she was doing to maintain her youthful appearance now that she's getting up there, and living in CA.

Mel is working through the shock of all this with his therapist.

1546 days ago


she and radaroffline will always have each other.

1546 days ago


I'm thinking that Jaffe is getting out asap due to the fact he will be named in the extortion case.

1546 days ago


Harlot: Whatever weirdo. Mel Gibson's personal ball sucker. You wish.

Posted at 7:26 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by areyoukiddingme

LMAO!!! a perfect example of your filthy mouth.

1546 days ago


Can ROL be held in CONTEMPT of court? i mean did they do anything wrong in the eyes of the law since the judge ordered everything SEALED?

I hope Mel sues ROL for defamation of character...even if those words were his, he never signed off on them that they could be released to ROL....also, since these tapes cannot be authenticated, can ROL be criminally negligent? with defamation of character and of not following court orders of sealing the tapes and pics?

1546 days ago


The Mel Gibson story is getting old. Every day you have 4-5 stories on every step both of them take. Can't you roll it into one story? Get over it and go on to something else. You are getting as bad as Nancy Grace

1546 days ago


Amazing that the mention of Gibson is so taboo in Hollywood. Everyone so tight lipped.

At least the media has stopped their lynch Mel mentality for the moment.

1546 days ago


o has rol on speed dial. her conversations with david perel today should be taped.

1546 days ago


I have a feeling by the time this is over, Mel will just want some quiet. You can sue all you want but it doesn't buy inner peace, which I am hoping that someone will help him find.

lol, he is like my son in a way. My son's favorite word is "fu*k" and I cringe when he says it. Now I'll say it every blue moon, but I have to be really ticked off. I tell him Son, there are other words in the English language and that word doesn't show your level of intelligence" which helps for a short time. But Mel does like that word, like lots of people I know.

1546 days ago


and so it begin's.............i couldn't be more pleased for mel.

1546 days ago
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