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Lindsay Lohan -- Rehab Officials Come-a-Callin'

7/29/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's already preparing for the next stage of her sentence -- 90 days in rehab -- by meeting with multiple reps from rehab facilities.


TMZ has learned the rehab officials visited Lindsay at Lynwood Correctional Facility last weekend. Although Lindsay spent time meeting with each of the officials ... the decision about which facility she checks into will be up to two court appointed psychiatrists.

As we first reported, Lindsay will be getting treatment somewhere in California.

It remains to be seen if Judge Marsha Revel will give Lindsay a day or two of freedom -- or send her straight to rehab from jail.


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A more sinister reason for the judge and sheriff wanting her taken directly to rehab is to cut off or deflect attention from the cruel and brutal reality of the way the Lynwood jail operates. My guess is that they are more than a little concerned about what she will say in her interview and are trying to get 90 days to cover their asses.
Certainly there is no evidence of drug or alcohol dependancy; the period of testing, SCRAM, and then two weeks in jail without any signs of withdrawel problems rules that out as an element of her behavior. It also makes me question why rehab was not revoked as an element of her sentence.
I hope the judge sticks to her original order and gives Lindsay 24 hours to report, she will have to hustle but she could get the interview done.

1556 days ago


LAME. she's on drugs right now! the jail let her continue taking pills for her sore tooth in june. if rehab lets her continue taking it is she really getting treatment?

1556 days ago


Go to Rehab. Do not go to Family, friends, clubs, dealers, nor collect $200.

1556 days ago


Oh what to do !!!!!

She has 24 hours to report to rehab.

Let's see.

Does she do several interviews and make some money?


Does she go out to bars, do many many lines and drink lots of vodka like there's no tomorrow?

I'd be willing to bet she blows off the interviews.

1556 days ago


Why is this girl getting out of jail so soon while other who have done the same thing as her have to sit in jail for their hole sentance. So I guess the trick is to because a celeb before you do a crime. They stick her in a cell away from others she might get beat up or teased WTF everyone who goes to jail has the same chance. She will be in rehab for a week then get out

1556 days ago


Soon the only thing we will need to do is bury her like Morrison and Hendrix . Then we will hear about who gets what and the arguments over that . Same old stars same old s&*t . Gets old after a while lets move on as she will probably never learn as thick headed as she is . .

1556 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a sweetheart. I hope she gets out of jail soon and I hope the judge goes to jail for wrong-doing! TMZ dig into the judges past and give Lindsay a break.

1556 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Steve, this hag doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Morrison or Hendrix! Of course the Lindsay Loonies will say otherwise.

So serve 10% of a sentence, take a vacation, then a laughable 'rehab' in a Country Club...she'll be wasted and driving around Hollywood before Labor Day. Way to go justice system, sure taught her a lesson.

1556 days ago


WTF?!?!? This isn't suppose to be an interview process of which facility will kiss her ass more!!!!

1556 days ago


Lock this skank up for good already! Let's see if she learns her lesson, you are not above the law! And its pretty sad that at her young age she is already a has been....

1556 days ago


It's a shame this spoiled little turd dosen't have to serve her full 90 days. She deserves it.
Hope rehab is hell for you Lindsay. Maybe you'll turn into an adult some day and learn how to act like one.

1556 days ago


"Free Lindsay"? don't you mean "Let our celebrity do whatever she wants even if it kills some innocent person". She did the crime, she should do the time. And the same time that some no name has to do.

Frankly I think that the judge should give her 2 hours tops to report to rehab. It should be a full 90 days in patient zero visitors other than her immediate family once a week for no more than 1 hour. Supervised. Limited phone privileges to talk to her family if and only if she is a good little patient and doesn't give anyone any **** or pull any 'but i'm Lindsay Lohan' diva tricks.

Dump all her RX meds as well. Have a court picked doctor determine what she really needs and how much and let that stand. My guess, zero of the drugs she's taking are really needed.

Then a year on probation with weekly drug tests on randomly chosen days. If she is late or misses one, back to jail she goes. Also, weekly AA type meetings, She misses or is late, back to jail she goes. If she has to leave LA for work it must be preapproved by the court with arrangements made for her tests and meetings

Sounds harsh but it would have a shot at saving her life, avoiding her hurting or killing anyone and might actually help her get roles because no insurance company wants to cover her kind of walking disaster and thus no decent production can and will hire her.

1556 days ago


Lindsay shouldn't be allowed any free time. She should go directly from jail to rehab. If she doesn't she will go on a drinking bindge and that would't be good. It is bad enough she is not even spending her 90 day jail sentence like she should. If it were us normal smucks we would be thrown in there and they would throw away the damm key. She gets special treament because why she did a few lousy movies. Give me a Damm Break!
She isn't anything special.

1556 days ago


send her a poor man rehab, not some rizty celeb one like she has already enjoyed in jail . she hasnt done time like anyone else.
yes MAX you are correct about the pres. being a fall guy .

those lilo protesters are idiots , tell them to wake up .

the guy who is " mentally challenged " with the sign posts at all those dumb celeb announcemnts / rallys/ is an actor who is really quite the opposite to what he acts at those rallys .

1556 days ago


Lindsays dad didnt help the judges decision. He wrote the judge and ask the judge to put her in rehab because he was scared she was going to lose her life.That is why the judge is putting so many restrictions and time on Lindsay. Now her Dad has ruined his relationship with her.I dont think the judge is going to let her pick her rehab resort . I bet she puts her in a court ordered , bunk bed, getto rehab. but i quess its better than jail. If Lindsay gets serious about recovery she will understand her Dad was trying to help her and might be grateful someday. But for some reason I feel she is not ready or doesnt think she has a problem. Usually rehab works if the addict wants it and goes on their own. All this making her go wont really work in the long run.

1556 days ago
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