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Lindsay Lohan -- Rehab Officials Come-a-Callin'

7/29/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's already preparing for the next stage of her sentence -- 90 days in rehab -- by meeting with multiple reps from rehab facilities.


TMZ has learned the rehab officials visited Lindsay at Lynwood Correctional Facility last weekend. Although Lindsay spent time meeting with each of the officials ... the decision about which facility she checks into will be up to two court appointed psychiatrists.

As we first reported, Lindsay will be getting treatment somewhere in California.

It remains to be seen if Judge Marsha Revel will give Lindsay a day or two of freedom -- or send her straight to rehab from jail.


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Laffn Bear    

I am looking forward to seeing Nicole and Delmar, out in front, yelling loudest and carrying the biggest signs, crying crocodile tears for their enabled heroine.
Can't wait!
By the way, Delmar, I am not sure you understand the term sycophant. Look it up.

1511 days ago

Mr. Yuck    

As I think about it more, maybe letting her free for a day or so might not be a bad idea. We already know she isn't taking this seriously based on the reports. She's likely to party so hard that she will more than likely O.D., and this may be her rock bottom she needs. It's apparent that she isn't getting the message from serving her time in the clink at this point.

1511 days ago


The judge should just stop being such a bitch that is desperate for press coverage and allow Lindsay a few free days before rehab.
She shoudln't be going to rehab anyway as she passed the drug tests it isn't rehabilitation it is punishment and she has to stay there for 90 days and won't help at all.

1511 days ago


I don't play with drugs anymore, but I'd be happy to buy a 1/2 oz of cocaine if Lindsay would hoover it up all in one sitting... in front of a camera. Can you imagine the psycho-babble that would spill endlessly out of her swollen mouth? Better than any interview.

1511 days ago


Put her in "IMPACT" treatment center, same where Hedi Fleise and Robert Downey Jr went, that place is just like jail, heard its the worst, strictest Jail Like Rehab in Los Angeles!! IMPACT, IMPACT, IMPACT... it straighten out Robert Downey Jr.! and its a rehab behind bars as well! :-p

1511 days ago



1511 days ago

Laffn Bear    

I have a confession to make. I am beginning to get a real laugh out of Nicole and Delmar's reactions.
I am beginning to see them as the true clowns they are. Instead of trying to reason with them I am increasingly amused at their consternation.
It has become quite entertaining to see them whining, sniveling, wanking and generally spinning the truth into absurdity.
Keep up the good work Nicole, looking forward to your next fantasy tirade.

1511 days ago


When she gets out of jail--if the judge lets her go home for more than a few hours--she will get so high so fast that she'll probably get thrown back in jail.
Or she'll be DOA.

1511 days ago


Who cares.

1511 days ago


I vote for DOA. Not because I want to see her dead, but because I wanna set Dina saur crash and burn - at which point there will no longer be a market for giant sunglasses and Samsonite handbags.

1511 days ago


@Laffn Bear
I don't see anything funny Lindsay done NOTHING to deserve the rehab.
She is allowed to take drugs which she has a prescription for
Didn't fail any drug tests
No alcohol wasn't a part of her probation till July

There was no logic or reasoning or admissable evidence behind the judge's decision to send her to rehab.

1511 days ago


Go to a club, orders a bottle of belvedere vodka, pop a couple of adderall pills to warm you up. Later, go to the bathroom and do some lines of blow.
Repeat this as long as you have to. Then, at home, to knock yourself out, take some ambien.

Good old times. Linds wants her life back.

1511 days ago

Christtina G.    

Lindsay is finally feeling the consequences of her actions. Love it.

1511 days ago


This bitch needs to be in jail before she kills someone. If that was you or me we would be in jail for 90 days not 9 days with a big dyke girlfriend named bubba. Special treatment is not what she needs.

1511 days ago


Most people don't know the difference between a real licensed rehab and places like Lindsay stayed just before jail... that "sober living" hideout run by slimeball attorney Robert Shapiro, where the clients get "peer counseling" from Stewart Smalley types and "referrals to outpatient therapy." Licensed rehabs aren't much better, but at least they are supervised by the state and run by professionals. Anyone can open a sober living and nobody has any say over what happens inside. Get this poor girl the help she really needs, and stop lining the pockets of brown-nosers who only care about publicity.

1511 days ago
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