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Oksana Held Back Cards During Mediation with Mel

7/29/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ that she purposely kept at least one key piece of evidence out of play during the mediation with Mel Gibson  -- alleged photos of her black eye.


As we first reported, Sheriff's investigators are taking a hard look at the details of that 2-day negotiation because they believe it is relevant to Mel's extortion claim against Oksana -- and her domestic violence claim against Mel.

The source -- who's not a member of Oksana's legal team -- says Oksana never made an issue of the alleged black eye or whipped out pics of it during the mediation because she felt, at that point, that she had more than enough on the table -- for instance, the secretly recorded telephone rant.

There are reports that Oksana suffered the injury to her eye during the Jan. 6 blowout.

Now the obvious question is, why hold anything back? Several sources tell us the intent of the mediation was to lay everything out and then hammer out a deal. Once it was signed all evidence would be confidential, we're told, so any unused ammo would be rendered useless.

The talks ended with Mel's side offering Oksana $15 million -- which she first accepted ... before reneging on the deal.


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The fact is this woman continued to go out and sleep with Mel even after the January 6 blow up. So, apparently she wasn't too afraid of him. She had a civil suit ready to go if Mel did not ante up to her satisfaction. Apparently, 15 million was to her satisfaction and then she signed off. Things were moving along, and then on Father's Day, this woman kept the little girl from spending time with her dad on what wast to be their first Father's Day together. Mel then went to court for a restraining order, and then right after that is when the evidence that Ox provided started to leak out. The judge scolded Ox's attorney and stated that he was upset that he was not advised of a prior agreement between the two parties. Having a civil suit ready to go just in case she doesn't get the money she wanted meant that the civil suit was about more money. It was not about the little girl and protecting her. If she wanted to protect the little girl she would have removed her immediately after the January 6 blow up, but she didn't. Something smells fishy about the whole thing.

1546 days ago


Stay strong Mel! Greetings from Sweden!

1546 days ago


And if this latest and greatest is true, then I also think that shows the court how deceitful this woman was. Why hold out one piece of alleged key evidence if you don't intend to use it for some personal gain at a later date. That does smack of extortion.

1546 days ago


@ fuddyduddy

I agree with you. This whole fiasco reeks of one woman's insatiable drive for money.

I have said this before and am going to say it again. The American public has a right to be angry at Oksana Grigorieva for making up her story about domestic abuse.

It's outrageous that Oksana Grigorieva has been willing to lie about something as serious as domestic abuse, and lie so that she could extort money from Gibson and satisfy her need for revenge at being rejected.

Oksana Grigorieva came to the United States knowing how to work the system and how to play on the American public's sympathy. Oksana Grigorieva wanted power, wealth and she wanted to be famous. One of her many ex-boyfriends called her an opportunist.

Her first name "Oksana" has now become a household word but the automatic association most people are making when hearing the name "Oksana" is probably not what she had envisioned.

The consequences of her insatiable drive for power, money and fame will continue to ripple out from Oksana Grigorieva's betrayal of her latest male victim, Mel Gibson; will ripple away far from her obstinate refusal to obey a Court order and will ripple far from the neglect she has already inflicted upon her son and infant daughter.

This whole fiasco created by Oksana Grigorieva, starring Oksana Grigorieva and solely about Oksana Grigorieva may discourage women who are in *real* domestic abuse situations, from seeking help out of fear that they will be branded as telling an "Oksana" and therefore untrue story.

1546 days ago


I cannot believe that people feel any sympathy for Mel Gibson. She wouldn't have any cards to withhold if he hadn't abused her mentally and physically. Yeah, she might be a golddigger, but no one deserves physical and emotional abuse. If he had behaved like a halfway normal human and not a raving lunatic, he wouldn't be in this situation.

1546 days ago

karen lee    

It was recently reported that Oksana deliberately provoked Robyn into (finally) filing for divorce. HOW? SHE was the one who called Robyn to tell her that Mel had gotten her pregnant. Ergo: a marriage that might have been reconciled was DESTROYED by an evil female creature just to get her hooks into Mel's bank account. Oskanka was also the ONE who announced her pregnancy by Mel publically … announcing “her” news to the world press corp. while she & Mel walked the red carpet in RUSSIA for his “Edge of Darkness” movie. Bad on Mel he didn’t kick her to the gutter for telling his family (and kids) B4 Mel had the opportunity.

It is the ONLY reason Robyn filed for divorce – throwing Mel’s seven other kids under the bus.
Imagine their distress that all their friends found out the same time they did.
This isn’t a woman … she’s truly evil – and A SUCCUBUS.**

**Alteration [after incubus ] of L.L. succuba [strumpet or prostitute].
Alteration applied to a fiend in female form; having intercourse with men in their sleep, draining the LIFE FORCE from their bodies. From succubare "to lie under," from sub [under] + cubare [to lie down]

1546 days ago


JusttheFacts and Mel...I agree with both of your posts.

Seymour...believe it. Most people can see that Ox was calculating and coniving, and people don't like that, so they don't like her. They may not like Mel too much either, but he was honest in his emotions and how he felt at the moment, and people understand the anger that someone can feel when they are pushed to the max. He blew up big time, but I would venture to say that all of us have blown up at one time or another. It's human nature. Anger is a real emotion and it has nothing to do with being bi-polar.

Also, do you have any idea what Ox said in the beginning or end of the tapes? Have you heard the whole conversation? If you have, then by all means, enlighten us. The tapes that have been aired tell only bits and pieces of a conversation. Bits and pieces that Ox wanted the public to hear.

I also think there will be another scolding coming Ox's way in a court of law if she held back. A judge will see right through that. Judges have seen and heard a lot; more than we know, and they understand how emotions factor in. They are all keen on the game playing that goes on in divorce and custody battles.

1546 days ago


This woman is pure evil. Flat out, end of discussion.

Personally, all the posts TMZ puts up with her image have now gone over my tolerance level. She is literally grotesque to behold and I'm taking off at least the rest of the summer from this site to avoid it. I'm not even joking. Goodbye.

1546 days ago


@ seymour

I can't believe that people can listen to any of those audio recordings and come away believing anything other than

1. Oksana Grigorieva hired an inexperienced incompetent audio technician to edit in some sections and edit out other sections, and otherwise to digitally alter all the audio recordings she made of either someone who has a voice similar to Gibson or Gibson himself;

2. Oksana Grigorieva is a lousy actress. She was reading her lines straight off a cue card and she couldn't even play herself doing that.

When I heard the first released audio recording, I stopped listening when I heard the first edit. I have since tried to listen again but still can't get around the blaring evidence in all the edits and highly altered segments. The tapes are fraudulent.

Falsified evidence is untrue evidence and there is no getting around it. That Oksana Grigorieva snubbed her nose at the United States court system by attempting to submit the altered tapes as evidence only proves what little regard Miss Grigorieva has for the truth, let alone for the law of the land where she currently resides.

That has been my opinion from the beginning and continues to be my opinion.

The time I have spent researching and posting here on this site began from my curiosity about the background of the person attempting to set up someone like Gibson.

-- Because Oksana Grigorieva has a long history of using people;

-- because Miss Grigorieva presented heavily altered and edited audio recordings as her primary evidence;

-- when that evidence was then quickly discovered to be fraudulent;

-- because Miss Grigorieva caused to be released the heavily altered and edited audio recordings despite court order forbidding it;

-- because Miss Grigorieva signed a mediated child support and custody agreement but after signing the mediated agreement suddenly changed her mind because she wanted even more money;

-- anything else coming from Miss Grigorieva has been and will continue to be wisely ignored by all except the media and those with an ax to grind.

1546 days ago




1546 days ago


Stay strong Mel! Don´t give in to anyting, she´s the most deceitful woman I´ve heard about in a long time.

AND stay away from women like these, it gives you nothing but trouble.

1546 days ago


Cut the crap ... the pics were never introduced at the time of mediation because the pics (the ones pretending to be of a black eye) had nothing to do with January 6 or Mel.
Ox drummed up these pics (of a routine cosmetic procedure done well before 1/6) to make up for the outcry that her previous pics showed no injuries.
Either way it falls, it's calculated deception, extortion and fraud.

1546 days ago


This whole fiasco created by Oksana Grigorieva, starring Oksana Grigorieva and solely about Oksana Grigorieva may discourage women who are in *real* domestic abuse situations, from seeking help out of fear that they will be branded as telling an "Oksana" and therefore untrue story.

Posted at 1:23 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by JusttheFacts

I hope abused women everywhere do NOT try to do what she has done, or they could be putting themselves in real danger. I sincerely hope they will report it to the police and get the heck out of the situation!!

1546 days ago


TMZ is Mel's side from what I'm reading.
My guess is Oksana wanted the 15m and something broke down.
Maybe Oksana's friend or relative sold the tapes shuttling the deal.
The Pix are evidence of a crime. Oksana couldn't make them part of a pay-off. The tapes in of themselves aren't a crime, just embarrassing.

1546 days ago


Team Mel.

Oksana is a fraud.

1546 days ago
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