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Oksana Held Back Cards During Mediation with Mel

7/29/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ that she purposely kept at least one key piece of evidence out of play during the mediation with Mel Gibson  -- alleged photos of her black eye.


As we first reported, Sheriff's investigators are taking a hard look at the details of that 2-day negotiation because they believe it is relevant to Mel's extortion claim against Oksana -- and her domestic violence claim against Mel.

The source -- who's not a member of Oksana's legal team -- says Oksana never made an issue of the alleged black eye or whipped out pics of it during the mediation because she felt, at that point, that she had more than enough on the table -- for instance, the secretly recorded telephone rant.

There are reports that Oksana suffered the injury to her eye during the Jan. 6 blowout.

Now the obvious question is, why hold anything back? Several sources tell us the intent of the mediation was to lay everything out and then hammer out a deal. Once it was signed all evidence would be confidential, we're told, so any unused ammo would be rendered useless.

The talks ended with Mel's side offering Oksana $15 million -- which she first accepted ... before reneging on the deal.


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she deservews 15 million for putting up with Mel Gibson..what a werido....they are playing his tapes on the radio and this dude has issues..these are definitly mel...Any woman defending this psycho deserves to be kicked out of woman hood if you ask me....Im a guy and if that dude talked to my sister like that he would be eating oatmeal for awhile..

Posted at 6:14 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by electriczipper

Only thing O'Skanky deserve is another BRAIN WITH SOME GOOD COMMON SENSE IN IT!!!

She does no justice for the millions of women who are abuse. If O'Skanky was punched in the face by Mel then she had a serious responsibility to her self and children to call 911 and report it the proper authority (Police) but she didn't.

That don't sit well with me. Why SCREAM "ABUSE" NOW AFTER 6mos had past????


1546 days ago


she deservews 15 million for putting up with Mel Gibson..what a werido....they are playing his tapes on the radio and this dude has issues..these are definitly mel...Any woman defending this psycho deserves to be kicked out of woman hood if you ask me....Im a guy and if that dude talked to my sister like that he would be eating oatmeal for awhile..

Posted at 6:14 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by electriczipper

how would your violence be any different from his? it wouldn't.

Posted at 6:19 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by alicia


1546 days ago


Everybode knows it is possible to photoshop pictures but it is NOT possible to change the dates of articles published on the Internet in the past, therefore I will post this again:

Maybe it is the result of botox injections but how about the possibility of varicose veins?

Take a good (close)look at the photo on the link I found from September 2009 (!)

Do you also see the (same) spot under her eye on both photos?

If the marks on her face in the photo published in September 2009 (see link) would turn out to be the same ones as presented on the other photos then it is not possible to claim that they are the result of an alledged abuse in January 2010.

1546 days ago


@ by what?

Thanks. You're right. She has been terribly malicious.

1546 days ago


NEITHER of these baby makers is fit to be a parent. Give the custody of the kids to people who can be REAL PARENTS!

1546 days ago


shirleyholmes, the vein of course is there but not the redness. I have to admit the photo they are showing looks pretty bad, I also know well about photoshopping things. I pixel here and pixel there, but let's say that wasn't the case. The eye does look different to me then the sept 09 picture.

Before you all scream at me, I am sure she set him up but I do look at things from both ends of the scenerio. Just because someone says something is real, I don't take as real.

1546 days ago


The new PR guy is already working at explaining why these pics have just come to light.

1546 days ago


remember that the settlement was done by some high up retired judges. Not lawyers that have never done it before.

Posted at 6:18 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by azlee

And her lawyer in the mediation is the son of a California Supreme Court justice. Maybe if the judges had heard all the tapes and seen pictures they may not have signed off on any agreement. Would they have been bound by law to report physical abuse also if told about it? When this is over he will still have joint custody of the child and she may get what a few million (doubt it will be 15) and any other woman that may be be abused by a celebrity will need 10 eyewitnesses and unedited video to stand a chance.

1546 days ago


she deserves to be paid by this geezer with his asthma and whezzing being abusive. he can't and won't deny this is his voice and the rants are true. if she didn't record him, he'd be somewhere peeping in windows like o.j. and get angry. he should pay her nicely and try to forget it. learn the games these girls play.

1546 days ago


I have been trying to reconstruct WHEN and WHO is responsible for the physical abuse case. CAN TMZ find out the exact DATE the SHERIFF's DEPT opened this case AND exactly how it happened?

I want to be sure and understand correctly. It seems to me that the Sheriff's dept opened the case AFTER ROL tapes were released. Did Oksana ever approach the police and actually sign a complaint? Or did the police reach out to her and take a statement? Isn't that a very important distinction? The police's own records for how this ll got started may be more than a record couldn't they? Couldn't the answers contained possibly be esculpatory for the physical abuse case? AND evidentuary for the extortion case?

I was thinking about how she said on that one quick taped impromptu TMZ encounter where she claimed she was "fighting for child". That sound bite suggests she took steps following the law to protect her child. I wonder if the paperwork will support this claim?

Did only the Department of Child Welfare interview Sasha or did he undergo two separate interviews? Do the police and the Department for Child Welfare share information routinely or do police have to subpoena their records or the DA call such experts to testify? By the way when there is a divorce and shared custody do such interviews REQUIRE the presence or at least notification and permission by BOTH PARENTS? Could this explain why Timothy Dalton has been around and it actually have ZERO to do with him supporting Oksana? If he had to be present or even just chose to be present could he also have been interviewed by police or department of child welfare?

Can the department of child welfare make a recommendation or a copy of their findings available to either parent? Understand Mel Gibson has hired a third party to be present when he is with Lucia. I wonder are there private means/methods available to either men to protect the welfare of their children when they are NOT present? Or do they have one means CUSTODY to ensure their child's welfare?

Just wondered if Timothy Dalton could actually use this whole situation- or be pushed to have to- secure sole custody of Sasha? With all that has come out so far and Oksana is the one who is doing it, has she pushed Timothy Dalton too?

Sayonara did a terrific post on one of the other stories here on TMZ. It seems obvious Oksana did not think through how her actions would affect her professional/celebrity climb in US, I wonder did she consult Timothy Dalton at all on or after Jan 6st? And if no, I wonder if she could have been so singly focussed that she neglected to see her choice of roads could actually have the potential of changing the custody agreement she has with Timothy Dalton for HIS ONLY CHILD.

If yes, why wouldn't Timothy Dalton remove his child? He owns property in Ca right? He has custody too doesn't he? Wouldn't Child welfare be concerned about BOTH children under that roof? And wouldn't that mean they needed to talk to Timothy Dalton?

1546 days ago


Radar ONline continues to persecute Mel Gibson. Oksana continues to 'leak' new evidence, and no one shuts them down. Why is that? Another Radar headline now states Leo di Caprio is pulling out of Mel's movie... again.. only through reliable sources, and no proof. It's a smear campaign beginning to end. Maybe he did or did not yell at her. Polanski drugged and raped young girls, fled the country to escape jail and people still want to be in his movies. Why is that? The tapes are a joke, we all know she altered them, made up stories, the pics are after botox/surgery,because the timing of them proves it. Yet still she is allowed to continue with her scorned woman vengeance. Why is that? Tabloids continue to run these stories, knowing they are trumped up. Why is that, TMZ?

1546 days ago



1546 days ago


V: good questions.

It appears she told ROL before she told the police.

1546 days ago


The proof is in the photos:
Check out Getty Images.
On MARCH 10th, 2010 Oksana and Mel attended an enetertainment industry event, walking the red carpet, smiling and holding hands, she looks very happy to be with her man!
The alleged incidences took place in Jan and the tapes were made in Febuary.
Case closed!

1546 days ago


The name "Oksana" and the word "oink" somehow always seem interchangeable. Much like those of "extortion" and "blow it out your @ss."

1546 days ago
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