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Casey Affleck Accuser -- Allegedly 'Inappropriate'

8/2/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the women claiming Casey Affleck harassed her on the set of his Joaquin Phoenix documentary was "often inappropriate" on the set ... this according to one of Affleck's reps.


The woman -- Magdalena Gorka -- filed a $2.25 million lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court recently, claiming Affleck engaged in a pattern of harassing behavior during production ... and then refused to pay her for work as a cinematographer when she left the project.

But Affleck's camp calls the lawsuit "absolute fiction" ... and insists the whole thing is "fishy" -- saying, "[Magdalena] hasn’t worked for the movie since April 2009 ... it's interesting that she hasn’t filed until now."

In fact, Affleck's rep claims that if anyone ever acted improperly -- it was Magdalena ... noting, "several crew members have told us she was inappropriate on set."

Calls to Magdalena's lawyer were not returned.


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This little twit has an excuse for everything, doesn't he?

1551 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

As an aside- The latest type of easy money lawsuits sort of a cottage industry is -"harassment on the job". Though there are many who do harass there are many more looking for the "slip and fall equivalent" to do nothing on the job and work the system, find a lawyer- create a website, do a book or do***entary gathering together real or imagined people who were harassed on the job. There are many out there who harass the boss looking to sue-instead of doing their job and just "paper" the situation in order to appear harassed. They dare you to fire them but following exact procedure proclaiming- "now why would I want to get fired?" the answer is obvious - its the NEW SLIP & FALL epidemic!!

1550 days ago


What´s really inappropriate is this guy's weird flat face. What happened to him? Did he get his fact de-boned?

1550 days ago

kickaboo Funny thing is, I don't think Joaquin Phoenix would be in on the betrayal of his own sister like that.

1550 days ago

Just Sayin    

nose job!

1550 days ago


I know you can't always tell a book by its cover, but I really have a hard time believing Casey is guilty.

1550 days ago


lots of russian women trying to extort money from celebrities these days. gorka? oksana?

1550 days ago


what's also most interesting about Magdalena Gorka is that she *was* in fact involved in another "SLIP and FALL" lawsuit back in 2006 when she slipped and fell in a Fry's Electronics in North Hollywood and chipped her tooth. I'm pretty sure she sued Fry's for dental damages.

as someone who has worked with her in the past, she's horrible to work with, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

1550 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

Mags is from Poland and Osaka is from Russia- interesting Im sure neither of these women have any idea what sexual harassment is until they came to America- Im sure Russia and Poland are such politically correct countries that such things as swearing by men have never been heard of by either woman-must have come as a big shock to hear such things- well where there are lawyers there is plenty of "money" honey-

1549 days ago

Celbs NeedtoBehave    

Two different women are risking their reputations to stop a pattern of harassment. So one of Afflecks 'reps' is calling these women 'inappropriate'? thats a shocker - his reps is going to say what he wants them to. These women have been in the industry for a long time, and have both probably dealt with various harassments like many women routinely do, and yet neither has ever before filed a harassment claim.

1548 days ago


Magdalena Gorka couldn't coax a baby out of Casey (because of her butterface) so she's attacking his wallet the next best way : a he-said-she-said sexual harrassment suit. Women just loooove sucking money out of mens wallets. Hopefully this will just be an embarrassment for her with no payday.

1547 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

isnt it funny no matter how many phony victims slip and fall in front of a thriving business there is always a lawyer to represent them, a judge to rule on it and an insurance company to settle with the two lawyers and the guy in the neck brace gets a few pennies for the acting job? Now due to the economy no matter how many women claim rape,assault,harassment on the job,sexual discrimination etc there is always a lawyer, a judge and a rich victim and or insurance company to pay the gang off and throw a few pennies to the latest variation of VICTIM. THE WORD IS OUT AND THE ONLY WAY ANYONE MAKES MONEY IS TO CRY WOLF, GET A PRESS AGENT, START A WEBSITE, WRITE A BOOK AND A DO***ENTARY TO CREATE THE FAKE STORY AND MAKE IT REAL! LOL HOW PATHETIC-WHY DONT THESE AHOLES JUST GET OFF THEIR BUTTS AND GET A REAL JOB????

1547 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    


I walked into an office and a guy gave me a dirty look- Im calling my lawyer ( need spending money)
I heard a man tell a dirty joke in front of me- Im calling my lawyer ( I hate my job need cosmetic surgery so I can get married to my savior and never work again)
I was asked out for a drink by my boss and he stared at me funny- Im calling my lawyer ( I hate coming to work everyday)
I slept with a guy and he never asked me out again- I was raped ( Im punishing him who does he think he is)
I slept with a guy who I wanted to be agressive and he called me again but I know he just wanted to sleep with me and not marry me he thinks hes too good for me and he probably is - Im calling a lawyer ( I need to get my credit cards paid off)

1547 days ago


i happen to have worked with magdalena gorka in the past, and she's an excellent cinematographer and a fantastic person- ask anyone, she's very well liked in hollywood. she is a very brave person to be coming forward on something like this.

i know exactly who you are, and it's pretty sad you're posting things like that on TMZ, of all places. holding a grudge, are you?
you were bad at your job, and everyone around you knew this. sorry if that makes you angry, but the facts are you just weren't any good, and it showed.

as for the Fry's thing- there was no lawsuit. look it up in public records if you want- you won't find a single lawsuit with her name on it.

anyway, all of you idiots on here talking about things you don't know anything about are a sad lot as well. the simple facts here are that someone should get paid for a year of work, and they shouldn't have to deal with sociopathic behavior in the process.
everyone in hollywood knows casey is the worst kind of self-entitled misogynistic **hole, and he's widely know for treating women badly.
i can't see how this is any different from his history of behavior.

good for her for standing up to these kinds of people.

1538 days ago

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