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Lindsay Judge Ignored Psychiatrist Suggestions

8/1/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Judge Marsha Revel ignored the advice of Lindsay Lohan's court appointed psychiatrists by ordering Lindsay to enter the Morningside rehab facility in Orange County.

Sources familair with the case tell us the two psychiatrists -- selected by Judge Revel -- recommended four facilities, including UCLA Medical Center. Morningside was not on the list.

We're told several medical experts informed the judge UCLA was particularly well-suited to handle Lindsay because she needs to be treated for psychiatric and substance abuse issues -- both specialties at UCLA. Medical experts told the judge they could tailor a program at UCLA that could be especially effective -- but the judge would have none of it.

But we're told the judge rejected their recommendation and instead heeded the advise of a probation officer who favored the Morningside facility headquartered in Newport Beach. As we first reported, Lindsay will be at a satellite compound in nearby Costa Mesa.

Sources say David Gates, COO of Morningside Recovery, made a push to get Lindsay as a patient by assuring the judge he would actually be tougher on Lindsay than the average patient ... by cutting off communication between Lindsay and the outside world.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, declined to comment on this story.


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Maybe they could do a discount deal and admit the whole lot of them and treat them all at the same time. Kind of kill 4 birds with one stone. They ALL need help. Even the other daughter. I mean she's been exposed to the same dysFUNction as Lindsay. It's just a matter of time until she's as scatter brained as her sister. I just don't know if you can cure what ails all of them though. Diagnosis: STUPID

Now, you all can release Lindsay. The wedding of the century is over and the news of it will not interfere.

1542 days ago

Bob Goodden    

I hope they let her stop for a burger or some tacos before rehab. They should let her have a press conference too. I need to know is it "lie-low", "lee-low" or my favorite "yillow" like yellow.

1542 days ago


Oh i see now she get's special treatment but anyone else has to do there time as ordered.
Let's see "class action law suit" hummmmm?
Time to look for a lawyer.
LA don't let this happen.
For thoes that have been in this same position you better speak-up don't let this happen.
That goes to show you the law only applies to certain people.

1542 days ago


How stupid can this judge be - she just signed Lindsey's death certificate.

1542 days ago


The judge heeded the advice of a common probation officer rather than TWO psychiatrists??

1542 days ago


If this story is true, then I agree with @beachgal. I think Lindsay would do fine, maybe even better then fine, if she was treated like everyone else. This "harsher treatment" line is bs. It's publicity statement.

My hope is the story is NOT true, and she will get the same restrictions and freedoms as every other patient assuming she behaves well. That she will take the time to really learn that you have to deal with certain issues, then pull yourself up by your boot straps and grow up. It's make or break time, and I'd love to see her make it.

The cherry on the cake would be for Michael Blohan to be locked up for the whole Kate Major fiasco - that would keep him and his loud diarrhea mouth away from Lindsay. He should be put on a no-fly list cause he a terror where ever he goes.

1542 days ago


The judge reminds me of a Lily Tomlin character.

1542 days ago


This judge is a joke and pathetic
It's not even the fact that she will be cut off from the outside world its that the other people she is living with won't be.
She already gave he 90 days in jail for a minor probation violation that most people would have got 30 for that was enough punishment. I thought the rehab was to actually "help" her?
What this judge and the David Gates dude are doing is digusting.

David Gates
"One of his primary focuses is helping clients come in to treatment. Often times, families, employers, or the client themselves are scared and unsure where to go or what to do. David’s compassion, understanding and ability to help those involved to walk through the fear and find the help they need is truly a gift to those who call; he has been there and understands what it takes."

1542 days ago


you spelled "familiar" wrong.

1542 days ago


The witch is jealous of Lindsay

1542 days ago

LA Native    

Oh, come on everyone...cutting off from the outside world is standard procedure, especially when your own outside world is so much a part of your problem in the first place (Dina). In time, the outside world is let in, providing of course you deal with your issues first. Rehab is all about dealing with yourself first with no distractions and certainly, twittering your innocence non-stop and listening to all your enablers cannot be healthy and conducive to your program. This judge wants this girl to live and get better and since nothing else has ever worked she is trying to insure that this treatment will, and that she will never see her in her courtroom again. For all of you that scream "unfair!" well, whoever said life was fair? I'm hoping this will give her the help she so desperately needs so she can move on with her young life. Her family has a bad history of enabling this brat and made her what she is. This is your wake-up call Lindsay and it;s not going to be easy but damn girl, you need it.
Before you slam me, I went through all this in the 80's and there was no internet, radio or music on your own, outside contact (family allowed after some time)or phone calls unless they were pre-approved and usually only from your lawyer. I've never been arrested since, not even a traffic ticket, am clean and a responsible funtioning citizen. Did I think it was fair at the time? No. Absolutely not. But it worked.

1542 days ago


This may help her. More than anything she needs to be cut off from her parents and "handlers" while she recovers--otherwise, her recovery will be completely ineffective.

1542 days ago


Judge Revel should be taken off this case immediatly, she is not helping Lindsay but has her own aggenda. She's a bitter, evil person and should abide by the recomendations of proffessionals.Rehabilitation is a place for people to get help and shouldn't be viewed as punishment. This judge has gone way past the line of fairness and being impartial, she is the one that should get some help

1542 days ago


This is what i think is gonna happen.

LL is gonna get there wih her stuff, walk into her apartment, see 3 other girls in there, and see what a dump the place is and she will do whatever she has to do so she WILL get kicked out.

To me this rehab looks WORSE than jail. At least if she gets written up enough they will have to kick her out.

If she spends the remainder of her probation in jail, she should be out in maybe another 30 days instead of 90 days in rehab.

I dont know how probabtion works, but it seems like jail is better than this is gonna be.

This is wrong on so many levels.

Im sure LL will be very comfortable with a bunch of other criminals who got sent there. Im sure she will be pouring her heart out in group. NOT.


1542 days ago


Lindsay looks like she should be on the Simpsons, with that swollen upper lip looking like that, yo!

1542 days ago
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