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Lindsay Lohan -- Rehab Is No Free Ride

8/2/2010 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Finally, some good news for California taxpayers -- they don't have to pay for Lindsay Lohan's 90-day rehab stint at UCLA, even though it's court ordered.

Lindsay Lohan Rehab - UCLA
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ it is standard practice for the offender to foot the rehab bill -- which in Lindsay's case could be pretty pricey.

We're told since UCLA Medical Center offers a more comprehensive program, it's more expensive than your average rehab facility.

The cost isn't necessarily all out-of-pocket for LiLo -- it's possible her health insurance could pick up a portion of the tab. 


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She is no better than anyone else! She should have served her time!!!!

1513 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Oh yeah right.

Like a 20-something female will listen to anything she is told to do.

1513 days ago


I don't think she will last there for 3 months.

1513 days ago

LA Native    

You're kidding, she has health insurance?

She's probably already screaming bloody murder inside of that place but thankfully, from there we probably won't hear it. It will be like a tree falling in the woods.

I'm ready to go back to enjoying my summer now.

1513 days ago


Right on Lindsay! We're with ya baby! You'll be good as new after this BS. Was there and done it! Can't wait to see you when you return.

1513 days ago



I agree, but they are treating her like everyone else as far as jail terms go. Thanks to massive overcrowding in CA jails they are forced to let non-violent offenders (that are well behaved behind bars) go free after serving a small portion of their sentence. They'd do the same to you or me. Doesn't make it right, but that's how things are.

1513 days ago


Smoking, drinking, using drugs, etc, etc, etc, are sins.. You can’t get rid of sins trough a Reab Stay! Lindsay Lohan could quit smoking, drinking, doing drugs (Both illegal and or Legal) quickly and easily (In a matter of even just a few hours) and without any withdraw symptoms whatsoever! Plus other etc, etc, etc. Those would be just a few signs on the surface of a Reborn in Christ Lindsay Lohan. To be Reborn.. She would have to come to terms and recognize Jesus Christ has her Lord and Savior.. Be absolutely honest with Him (Something that doesn’t come easy for many people) and make a request (Pray to Him.) And if her request fell within Jesus Christ standards, He will most certainly give her a unique measured portion of the Holy Spirit.. Which will in turn devastate her more than all her prior calamities combined by far by convicting her sins, and giving her awareness of how much she has hurt Jesus Christ. All the while, while taking watch and scores on her combat warfare against the devil who will most certainly be fighting full force (Tooth, claws and all) so to not lose grip on her soul. Hope this advice gets to Lindsay Lohan, or any other out there seeking to love Jesus Christ with all his or her all heart, mind, soul and strength. Thank you and good day.

1513 days ago


She did her time. The jails are crowded. She also does her time everyday on TMZ. Do you know what that would be like? Then shut it! Nobody in the history of history has been put in the spotlight as mush as Lindsay since the singularity of the WWW came along. Let's not lose touch with reality.

1513 days ago


I so agree with you carl...

1513 days ago


Haha! Pino, you jackass! You don't have a clue.

1513 days ago


I hope she gets the help she needs, however, you have to want to stop...she does not seem too. Best of luck though!!!

1513 days ago


Getting her out early isn't going to help her.

She's a TRAIN WRECK waiting for a place to occur.

Her next stop is the celebrity morgue; HELP HER...KEEP HER WHERE SHE CAN'T GET THE DRUGS!!!

1513 days ago


How many days did this skank do, 9? If shes only going to do 9 days why don't they just give her nine days to start with?

1513 days ago


Pino, sorry for being too harsh but you haven't experienced the withdrawals. It's physical and very difficult for even the most religious being even with chemical detox. It's a chemical thing not a spirit thing. I get worked up because religion and cult-like zealots almost killed me. Be careful when trying to find a god to solve your problem and thinking that's an answer. You have to survive yourself and make your decisions by instinct and from your heart.

1513 days ago


OH my, whatever will TMZ do without Lindsay around for 90 days.

1513 days ago
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