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Steven Tyler on 'American Idol' -- 'I'm Doing It!'

8/2/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Tyler laid to rest  the question of whether he's going to be a judge on the next season of "American Idol" -- when the Aerosmith frontman nonchalantly told cameras Saturday night, "I'm doing it ... What do ya think? I'm doing it!"

UPDATE: "Idol" executives are being far more coy than Tyler -- because they told reporters today that "no one has signed a deal on either side of the camera who wasn't on the show last year."



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Steven, if you ever had any pull anywhere in your life,
you'll find a way to get rid of Randy.

1543 days ago


Good Gosh, AI has gone to the dogs for sure. I won't be watching Jennifer Lopez and Stephen Tyler on this show. No. This show started out trying to find a singer that America would like. Now it has degenerated into a hard rock show. Crap.

1543 days ago


I wont be watching!!!! ;oP

1543 days ago


ABSOLUTELY will not watch with Steven Tyler as a judge. I lot interest a couple years ago and this is the wrong person to pick if they want to raise viewership. BY BY AI!

1543 days ago


No more A.I for me. No way i'm watching with these two as judges. I feel sorry for the contestants who can actually sing, they don't stand a chance of ever getting good critique or even being picked to move on to the second round.

1543 days ago


The show reached its peaked several years ago. Please someone pull the plug on the show before it gets any more ridiculous.

1543 days ago


this doesn't mean it's true... Man, he is one jack-ugly dude!

1543 days ago


Having the frontman of the greatest American rock band of all time is the only thing that will bring me back to Idol after Simon leaving.

1543 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

AI is supposed to be about the contestants! Maybe they should focus on getting some better ones in...change the age rules, hold auditions in different markets, do something to raise the talent level. You're not going to find a Daughtry or Carrie Underwood EVERY year, but increase the odds at least.

Making the show all about the judges means The End.

1543 days ago


You lost my respect Steven, why'd you stoop to such a low? Oh yeah.. money, and you can't stop falling off stages.. guess it's a safe gig.

1543 days ago


i'ma definitely watch this season NOW that J-Lo and Steven Tyler are there and dumb azz Ellen is gone! J-Lo has always been a down to earth person and def has the experience to judge...and WHO WOULDN'T wanna perform and hv Steven Tyler give u some constructive criticism! I would! last season was the worst...glad they're FINALLY getting some judges that KNOW about music...and not some horrible talk show host and some unknown writer (kara).

1543 days ago


I think this show should call it quits, the fun time is over, it was a success with Simon.
Bye Bye.

1543 days ago


I was hoping this was all rumor. They could not have picked a worse person. Not only is he awful to look at, he's not at all a role model to anyone. Not to mention his voice. There is no way he would've passed this show. What makes him a credible judge? Another person not watching. Adding JLO to the mix was also a terrible idea.

1543 days ago


Why's everybody so down on Tyler? He guy has years of real experience in the field as a singer. He has countless hits. He has personally launched many careers, for many types of music, black and white. I think it's great that he decided to do it. I like Randy for the same reason. They're not posers, like you see in today's cardboard, lip syncing society. The more you buy music from fake & pretty mega-endorsed artists "lip syncers", the faster the music you've grown to love will die. That's fact!
Personally I like a song to be sung to me, not acted for me.
If I want theater and performance art, I'll go to Broadway.

1543 days ago


Awesome, I was gonna stop after Simon left, but Steven should keeping it real and exiting. Hope they really shake things up with songwriting week and other interesting ideas.

1543 days ago
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