Dennis Hopper Estate to Victoria -- Get Out

8/3/2010 10:30 PM PDT

Dennis Hopper Estate to Victoria Hopper -- Get Out

The administrators of Dennis Hopper's trust want to sell off his multi-million dollar compound in Venice, CA -- but first they need the court to force Dennis' estranged wife Victoria Hopper off the property.

The Hopper trust recently filed a petition -- in L.A. County Superior Court -- to recover possession of the real estate from Victoria.

In the documents, the trust -- which includes Dennis' eldest daughter Marin -- claims Victoria is "wrongfully possessing and withholding ... control" of the compound, which is valued at just over $6 million.

According to the papers, Victoria was offered a different home in Brentwood -- which she already co-owns with the Hopper trust -- but she refused to move out of the Venice property.

The trust administrators say they need to sell the property in order to pay off Dennis' debts, according to the papers.

At the time of Dennis' death the trust points out that he and Victoria were engaged in a bitter and acrimonious divorce.  That divorce was never finalized before Dennis died.