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Cops Investigating Street Fight Involving ex-UFC Star

8/5/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Austin Police Department has viewed the tape of the bloody street brawl involving ex-UFC star Roger Huerta ... and have opened an investigation into the incident.

We're told cops are interested in interviewing everybody who was present during the Saturday morning brawl -- including Huerta and the man he knocked out.

Law enforcement sources tell us so far cops have not identified the man Huerta knocked out -- or the woman who THAT guy attacked ... but officials are working on it.

As we previously reported, Huerta claims he only launched his attack AFTER the other guy threw a punch at him ... and all of that came after the unknown man socked a woman in the back of the head.

Roger Huerta - Street FightUPDATE: Roger will not be punished by the fighting league he is currently contracted with -- Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney  tells TMZ, "Roger is in no danger at all of being removed from Bellator based on this situation."

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****ing ****** got what was coming to him.

1547 days ago


Setting aside the races and genders of all involved, the real problem is that the guy punched someone while their back was turned. And for everyone who thinks what Huerta does was wrong...if you got punched in the back of the head, wouldn't you want someone to come to your defense?

1547 days ago


Hi Im mighty mad (may I add mighty sad). I go around commenting on other posted comments. Sorry to show your ignorance. African americans make up 12 percent of the population in the united states. African americans make up forty four percent of the prison population. You do the math...On a seperate note if you think obama is not driving this country into the ground, you have your head up your a**!!!!! DOUCHE!!!!!

1547 days ago


@MightyMad: actually i have seen good video using a phone...my point was the person using the cell phone didnt follow the action stayed back and then filmed the end part didnt run to follow the action....jackass!!!!...if you run with the action you will get good video not matter what you are using.

1547 days ago


WAY TO GO, HUERTA!!! Huerta deserves a key to the city or an honorary policeman title, or a friggin' KNIGHTHOOD (call the Queen!) for taking action and knocking that coward out!!! Too often the news stories are about how "88 people walked by the mugged and dying man..." or how "a womans screams were ignored while she was being raped in an alley on a crowded street..." (most of this happens in that oh-so-sophisticated New York btw). However, Huerta stood up like a real man of honor and confronted and punished the evil-doer on the spot! The mayor should get a photo op shaking his hand!

1547 days ago


Are we supposed to know who these people are? The bar is set low for what TMZ considers "celebrities".

1547 days ago


According to TV programs, "woman beaters" should be punished. According to people who live in the real world, it's not that black and white. Of all the customers one encounters in an establishment made for the consumption of alcohol, there can be no worse drunk than a woman. Let a women put her arms around you, tickle your ear, then lift her knee into your groin causing unconsciousness, throw a beer bottle, striking you in the face leaving you 13 stitches worth of damage, a woman who runs into you screaming for help against her date, only to attack you when confronting said date. One thing is learned very quickly,when aiding a female, offer to let her use the phone to call the police, and "safety" until they arrive. 99 times out of a hundred, they will decide NOT to call the police.
If the aforementioned incident went down exactly the way TMZ reported (this is extremely unlikely) the appropriate behavior
would be to make sure the woman was safe from further abuse followed by an immediate 911 call for an ambulance and police.
From what was stated, the UFC fighter left the scene right after knocking out the other man (showing little concern for the woman's condition).

1547 days ago


To no.3, you are an F****ng idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No woman deserves to be hit...EVER!!! Roger is a hero for laying this out. Anyone who thinks differently is a coward punk and just pissed cause this guy makes people like you a pu**Y B**ch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1547 days ago


The tall guy, his friend, in the striped black and white shirt shoud have been layed out also. See him smile after the girl goes down.

1547 days ago


Roger Huerta is a thug who obviously wanted to impress somebody. LOOK at the video. First he "had" to remove his shirt. Then he had to chase after the guy to beat him up. The guy might have swung at him first, but after being chased down by some shirtless thug, wouldn't just about anybody?
Roger Huerta had no business inserting himself into the situation and could, most likely, have handeled the situation without getting violent. He's a man who's been trained to fight, who fights for a living.
I'm sure alot of people will disagree with me but LOOK AT THE VIDEO.
It seems to me that Roger Huerta ALSO BROKE THE LAW. maybe even to a farther extent.

1547 days ago


if ANYTHING happens to roger legally, i'm leaving this country because it will just not be worth squat to live here anymore. instead of the law chasing him, everyone should be THANKING him! if he gets 1 SECOND of community service, i'm moving to canada because it won't be worth living here anymore...

1547 days ago


This guy is trained and his hits could become lethal weapon. Im not to sure what the laws are about people that are boxers,fighters etc. but he better off not getting into fights on the streets because if he kills someone it could end his career and he could go to prison if he accidently killed someone. The jackass he was fighting didnt have a chance. I hope he realize its ot worth the chance.

1547 days ago


First of all that coward hit a girl and second of all he hit her from behind which makes him even a bigger P-O-S. Roger did the right thing and he gained alot of respect in y book for standing up for that poor woman. The Austin police department should charge him he was doing what was right.....BIG RESPECT TO ROGER!!!!!

1547 days ago


Roger did what no other man there would do.... Take the law into his own hands and pounding that women beater to dust!!! Give the guy a break for doing something pretty much any other man would do!!

1547 days ago


the guy was a tool for doing that, if she provoked him her too...maybe Roger shouldnt have stepped in but he's old school, he has a profound respect for women and ppl as human beings aside from those who bring dangers onto others, i love him, think he is a great role model, fighter, everything...wish him the best...**** all ya who think otherwise, his heart was in the right place even if it might have been wrong.

1547 days ago
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