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Larry King's Ex-Wife Survives Horrific Crash

8/8/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry King's 6th ex-wife -- Julia Alexander King -- is lucky to be alive after a devastating head-on collision on the 4th of July ... a collision that was so bad, rescuers needed the Jaws of Life to remove one of the passengers.

TMZ has learned Julia was driving home from an event in New Jersey when, according to the police report, witnesses say she was "all over the road" and eventually "swerved across the centerline."

King -- who was driving alone -- smashed head-on into a car containing a family of four driving home from a fireworks display. 

According to the police report, "All occupants of both vehicles sustained injuries" ... and we're told several members of the family were in very serious condition.

We're told the man in the passenger seat was trapped in the vehicle and rescuers needed the Jaws of Life to remove him. That man is currently in a wheelchair with unspecified injuries.

Law enforcement sources tell us no arrests were made on the day of the crash -- but investigators are currently looking into the incident.

Julia Alexander King had no comment on this story.


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swerving all over the road, well when she recovers she in deep ****, next shes driving alone, next
King -- who was driving alone -- smashed head-on into a car containing a family of four so were does 7 members of the family of four some into play im not good with math but thats seems odd or maybe im just reading it right please some one tell me

1484 days ago


"No arrests made on day of crash....currently looking into incident" Translation: once the blood/alcohol and drug tests results are received, she'll be charged with DUI and this family will (and should) sue her within an inch of her life. With all the frivolous lawsuits out there, damn-near killing a family through sheer irresponsibility is as legitimate a reason as you can get. Even if she was merely tired, and not drunk, she obviously shouldn't have been behind the wheel. I too hope that POS celebrity ambulance chaser Gloria Allred doesn't find a way to profit off of this.

1483 days ago


If that man is left in a wheelchair, weigh your options carefully before her lawyers try to settle, you will need medical care the rest of your life. Don't accept no token pay-out from a drunk. Hope he and his family continues to improve and justice is served, if needed.

1483 days ago


Suicide Attempt

1483 days ago


The title of this article should be "Larry King's Ex-Wife Nearly Kills Family of 4".

Instead you titled it "Larry King's Ex-Wife Survives Horrific Crash" as if it happened to her instead of the other way around.

1483 days ago


To Dan, comment#1. The article said "SEVERAL" people had been injured not "SEVEN". Totally different definition.

1483 days ago


to spikeys post at 1237pm it says several members of the family were in very serious condition. out of a family of four maybe you didnt read it carefully

1483 days ago


To Dan:

I read it, perhaps you didn't. Several people does NOT mean SEVEN.

The definition of several is: being more than two but fewer than many.

1483 days ago


Of course it's the rich bitch who was drinking and driving and won't spend a single day in jail for it who gets out fine, and the family of 4 out on an outing who ends up in the hospital and wheelchairs.

People who cannot keep their car driving straight, on their OWN lane, on the road, and cause a serious crash, are the ones who deserve to lose the ability to walk. She should have gotten paralyzed so that she can't use those nasty legs to drive and ruin someone else's life anymore.

1483 days ago


to spikey yes in this case when it says several members of the family were injured several does mean 7 perhaps you can explain to me than what exactly does several mean

1483 days ago


If she was DUI she will not get off easy. She will get the mandatory sentence of 20 minutes to 14 days just like other drunks who endanger the public.
How much money does Larry King pay in alimony? No wonder he can't retire. He's probably supporting a Harem.

1483 days ago


Dan, I'm sorry you are not able to comprehend a simple statement. In your original post you asked for someone to tell you what it meant because you perhaps were not reading it correctly. I tried to do that, I even gave you the definition of "several" out of the dictionary. You obviously do not wish to understand, but merely keep repeating your own ridiculous analysis. Good luck with that.

1483 days ago

Michelle A.    

damn. he must have some power to keep that under wraps for this long!! my prayers go out to that poor family

1483 days ago


no spikey it is you doesn't appear to comprehend that several does mean seven. as in several hours would mean seven hours/ if you can comprehend what im saying or what it says just say you cant answer dont lie and say ur trying to help and not help

1482 days ago


Hmmm, wonder if Alcohol had something to do with this.

1482 days ago
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