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Battle Over Marlon Brando's Ashes

8/9/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that a war is raging over the remains of legendary Hollywood actor Marlon Brando -- ashes that are allegedly being held hostage by a woman who used to date Marlon's son.

Marlon Brando Ashes

The ashes are currently in the possession of a woman named Donna Lopez Geon -- who was in a relationship with Marlon's son Christian Brando ... until Christian passed away in 2008.

After Christian's death, Donna took possession of several items that belonged to Christian -- including "a portion of the cremated remains of Marlon Brando."

Now, Christian's mom, Anna Kashfi -- who divorced Marlon in 1959 -- desperately wants the ashes back with the family ... and in legal papers claims Donna won't give 'em back ... even though a judge has already named Anna as the executor of Christian's estate.

In the documents, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Anna claims Donna also took Christian's "St. Christopher's medal" ... and she needs help getting all of the stuff returned.

But TMZ spoke to Donna, who tells us, "Christian wasn't close with his family and wouldn't have wanted his mother or anyone else to have his property when he died."

Donna added, "When I found out they were coming after the property, I took some of the ashes I have and spread them in Franklin Canyon [in Beverly Hills] ... Marlon loved that place."

FYI -- Marlon's remains were distributed to various people when he died -- and some of his ashes have already been spread in Tahiti and Death Valley.


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make her an offer she cant refuse

1535 days ago


I can't believe you didn't try to incorporate Michael Jackson in the story!

1535 days ago

Cam Hamon    

Wonder what Miko thinks of this?

1535 days ago

The Blog of Simple Things    

Oh, come on leave Don Corleone to rest in peace!

1535 days ago


I say put the ashes in a bowl and mix with some good weed and smoke them
I would

1535 days ago


Do any of these stars actually ever get to rest in peace?

1534 days ago


Where do these guys find these horrible women?

1534 days ago


Te salut, Don Corleone.

1534 days ago


I could clear up this problem...with a feather duster...

1534 days ago


I could clear up this problem...with a feather duster...

Posted at 7:47 AM on Aug 9, 2010 by Robert


1534 days ago


It seems like everybody has ashes of Marlin Brando. He sure must have been fat when he died.

1534 days ago


spread em on a bagel with a schmear of loks - it's what marlon would have wanted.

1534 days ago

Emma Brando    

`I'm Marlon Brando's daughter I was appointed executress of his will and wasn't notified. Kashfi was a wife of 1 year and hated Marlon (read her book) and he provided for her all her life, now she wants his ashes? Tough.... and oh by the way, my SNPS belong to me.

1534 days ago

Deborah Brando    

Poor , poor Donna Dumbex, memory faiiing you ? You sread the ashes at the memorial, idiot, remember ? By the way, did you forget the little court order to return my dear Christians posessions including his truck (grand theft) and our papers, and his clothes and his St. Christopher he was given by his mother on his thirteenth birthday by Anna. Funny, how Christian sent in info fo sign his truck over to you through DMV AFTER he died. Now how much is it a day the judge is charging you per day until you return the things you stole. A girls got to do some pretty fancy tricks to pay those fines, poor little thing... He was close to his mama. He was ashamed to let her see you, he was never fond of your heritage, nor your life as a paid , well, you know.
He never wanted her to be exposed to your kind, Miss Lopezzzzz.
He died because he chose death over marrying you in spite of your threats of blackmail, sending him back to jail
and all.
Wrongful death ???? We will deal with one of your crimes at a time.
Looking forward to seeing you in court in a couple of weeks, Miss Lopezzzzzzzzzz.
Christian was proud to introduce me to his mom.
How interesting, you never even let his mother know he was on a respirator, because you , what was your loving excuse ?? Oh yeah, you were afraid, I might get "involved." Too late Miss Pico . I am involved, and you can't do a thing about it .. Oh, well, guess intellegence is running a little short in the Lopez pool ????
Pretty high price to pay, huh ??
Time to pay the piper, Miss Lopezzzzzzz......

1534 days ago


Who the heck is Emma Brando ??

Donna Dopez, you are now the biggest fool in Hollywood ! That is what greed gets you. Oh and by the way, I too will be looking forward to the charges brought up against you. Wrongful death, stolen property, and maybe some criminal charges for killing Christian. Your gonna get burned, and you will have your own ashes to spread ! Sick slob !

1534 days ago
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