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'Real Housewives of DC'

Who'd You Rather?

8/8/2010 7:25 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

The latest batch of Bravo's wannabe celebrities Lynda Erkiletian (bottom left), Catherine Ommanney (top right), Stacie Scott Turner (bottom right) and Mary Schmidt Amons (top left) aka "The Real Housewives of Washington D.C." started their 15 minutes of fame last night.

Question is ... 


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I agree, you need a NO WAY button. I love how the Sahali's already screwed themselves on this one. They are LOSERS and POSERS!!! OC is my fave!

1501 days ago

carol cline    

lynda thinks she so above everybody with her second tear being so un-natural. I really can't stand that woman, Lynda seems so cruel and RUDE!
Mary's bestfriend got her husband on the cover. Shows what freinds will do.
Catherine husband runs around taking pictures of the gods in DC, I do like that Catherine feels free to say what she feels. when I can understand her, but it might of been a tad rude to talk about Tyra in front of her chef.
Stacie she's cute, but had to play the race card which makes me want to puke.
Micheal makes me puke.
Thank you bravo for showing what snobs, first tear, phony, and unlikable people are in DC. THEY REALLY SEEM TO THINK THEY ARE ABOVE EVERYBODY!!!

1501 days ago


TMZ - who would I rather what? That is really insulting to women.

I watched the DC housewives show the other night and was surprised that the White house party crasher gal was one of the most likable. That Lynda woman is a witch with a capital B. I don't like her at all. Mary seemed kind of nice, but has a drinking problem. Who brings alcohol to a photo shoot for the family?

1501 days ago

Erik E    

When is TMZ finally going to in include a “none of the above” option on their who’d you rather polls. These broads are all SCARY!!!!!!

1501 days ago


Zero. I have too much respect for my penis than to stick it in any of those jackals

1501 days ago


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1501 days ago


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1501 days ago


Why do they keep making these shows with old ugly women. There are young pretty housewives too.

1501 days ago


Saw the first 15 mins. Not attractive, vacuous, over the hill in some cases morons. The black women immediately went into the minority mentality which ended it for me. The gushing over Obama and the adoration of TB was idiotic. Policies and personality ARE connected you morons! TB is a hasbeen these days and a non-starter on any level. Obama is a DISASTER and a bum! The only reason they like him is BECAUSE he's black. I dislike him because he is BAD for the nation, no matter what color. I disliked Carter almost as much. I don't remember blacks being called racist when they voiced dislike of any former Presidents? Do any of you? This show should stay on the air if only to point out the differences between reality and fantasy. So evident, especially among the black participants.

1501 days ago


How did these women get to this age and still be this stuipd?

Ladies, we are suppose to get smarter, we are to be the role modles for our daughters, we are to be the high-archy of our famlies by this age. Respected. Envied even.

Not......worring about being on some irrelavant reality show that puts our famlies out there and encourages our bad manners to come out. Not to mention having the entire country judging you. {and they give us soooo much to judge as well, just the comments on here alone!}

What is wrong with them? Attention? Stars in their eyes? Bored? Because they have money we are to believe they are better? {clearly we know that isn't the case} I don't get it, and never will. This show, to me, is the most telling reality show there is. To be a young moron chickadee is one thing, but to be a mature woman and still sign on the dotted line?

Come on.....they manage to find at least 6 or so of these errr, uuummm, ladies, for lack of a better term, to do these shows in each city. Shocking.

1501 days ago

boss lady    

I enjoyed the RH of Atlanta, I was entertained by the RH of Orange County (Gretchen was my favorite) but this new one set in D.C. was about the most boring of them all.

1501 days ago


Mary is actually the prettiest. Cat is an idiot and doesn't look like this picture since she has bangs now. Anyhow, Cat said she didn't like the President cause he didn't RSVP the wedding invitation they sent him last year. It just so happens her husband is the President's personal photographer.ha! I imagine he's probably pounding the pavement looking for another job
As for Stacie....What a loser! Besides not liking the President, Cat also said she didn't like Tyra Banks because she acts all weird. You could see Stacie and Janet Jackson's black chef getting all hot and bothered. (If looks could kill.) Stacie later says that she couldn't believe that Cat didn't like both of those black people. Well case you forgot...the President is half white...and was raised by white people! So cut the crap and stop with the race sh*t!

1501 days ago

nanny of 3    

This show SUCKS.. The other Housewives shows I have enjoyed but this one SUCKS....

1500 days ago


They clearly do not embarass easily. All are pathetic.

1500 days ago


Housewives of DC is horrible - and very left-wing! Obama is a nightmare, and they are all kissing his ass! Except the Brit. She is the only one with any sense. And, stop making it a race issue! Do you hate whites if you hate Bush???

1499 days ago
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