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Fantasia -- Police Report Cites 'Suicide' Attempt

8/10/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The police who responded to Fantasia Barrino's home last night were told the "American Idol" champ had attempted to commit suicide by ingesting pills ... this according the police report obtained by TMZ.


According to the report, cops received a 911 call at 10:13 PM last night  ... and responded to Fantasia's home in North Carolina.

Once they arrived on the scene, they listed her injury as "serious" and then transported her to a local hospital.


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to the younglady sandy im gonna pray for you!you need Jesus for real!!!!

1543 days ago


I swear you people are some serious *******s. Obviously you don't have enough of a life that you are trolling on TMZ talking **** like you are the ****. Most people who call other people ugly are just trying to feel better about themselves. And pretty is not permanent. Karma is a bitch!

1543 days ago


Our prayers are with her

1543 days ago


My goodness, this is not a pretty girl.

1543 days ago

The Truth    

THere is a place in HELL for those who make fun, and for whoever put up this crazy picture. You will see. Laugh now cry later you ignorant fools.

1543 days ago

Anony Moose    

*prefers to use the ugliest pictures they can find

1543 days ago


I think that the press and all of these other shister shows have just about killed every celebrity that has ever committed suicide. How can you sleep at night. I bet if we took a probe into your lives you all are not saints. Get a life of your own. These people wish to have their privacy and frankly talking about adultery every darn day is just old as sin. She is not the first nor is she the last. While you are legalizing things that are not in the Bible you need to take heed to all of the things going on this world and know that this world will not stand forever and you, whomever is talking about this girl, Gotta see God for yourself and you will be judged with the same manner of judgement.

1543 days ago


#53 "It's because her sex tape sucks"
Perhaps it's because the wife has copies of the sex tapes or can prove they exist hm?! Just a thought lol!!

1543 days ago

katie gamez    

People are cruel. Ugly are the "Freedom of Speech" comments yall make. The reason why the Limelight kills off so many great stars is cause society tears them down. want them to be puppets. Like the late MJ and now that he's gone yall all MJ fans. Life is to short to hate or to destroy character of someone else. Those stars read these blogs and reading messages like these will make a person with low self-esteem attempt to take their own. Fantasia you are in my prayers. Love you girl you have a lot to live for.

1543 days ago


where is anna nicole's lawyer, howard stern, to help her end it right?

1543 days ago


Fantasia is the most annoying person on the planet. She deserves to lose everything she owns for being a damn homewrecker. The sad thing is she really isn't worth anything because she is too ignorant to handle her money so the poor wife probably won't get anything. Hopefully she loses all of her contracts, since she works with many churches on the side, because of her gross sex tape. She is a liar, homewrecker, pervert, ignorant human being and everytime I see her face I want to vomit.

1543 days ago


For all of the the stupid people who have made ignorant and hateful comments about Fantasia's appearance/talent, "Shame on you"...she's a human being first and foremost. Mental and emotional well being is a serious issue. When someone attempts to commit suicide due to a break down of some sort, it is not humane to belittle them as a result. Jerks! It is not healthy or plausible to end your life due to another person's behavior or actions. Men come a dime a dozen and it's obvious that A. Cook is nothing more than a shiny, worthless penny. Unfortunately, he and wifey is trying to cash in on the singer's riches by videotaping her having sex him. Dirtbag. Her brother should get a hold of him and beat that a@#! When you lay with a dog, you're bound to catch fleas.

1543 days ago


She could prob cut her lip and bleed to death. People who "attempt" suicide are full of crap and weak. You can't screw-up killing yourself. Obviously she's more interested in making people feel bad for her and being able to enjoy the attention than ending her "suffering". She's a waste of time anyways. She should start a support group with Tess Taylor, Alexis and every other dumb betch out there. I have more sympathy for LiLo than her. Oh! She could do a film with Sarah Jessica Parker about two horses trapped in girls bodies.

1543 days ago


I hope she gets the help she needs and can find the strength to ignore the idiots that treat her like she doesn't have feelings that can be hurt. Her situation as of lately must have been really stressful and I feel for her. I hope she can get better and be there for her daughter.

1543 days ago

Carolyn Davis    

Those negative comments shows how callus mankind has become. What does her looks have to do with her situation. No one chooses their birth parents and our appearance is a result of those genes, shame on you guys. May you never get to that point of desparation where ending it seems the only means of getting relief. May God renew her will to live and console her daughter and strengthen her young spirit.

1543 days ago
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